BHRR shall be closed for the intake of adoption applications and shall not approve any adoptions from Monday October 23rd to Wednesday November 1st inclusive.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many other Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will network these requests to r/q organisations for we remain closed for intake. 

This photo is of BHRR’s Navy. 

This last week has truly been a nightmare in several ways yet I wanted to take a moment to share a warm photo…..does not take the stress, worry for the Saint pups nor the painful heartache of a personal loss away yet just seeing this photo gives me a moment to experience something happy during a horrendous time.

Mason fell asleep watching TV and when he woke up, this was the scene he faced….a no couch rule all the way here and they are listening so well aren’t they?!!! 

Thanks Mason for the photo….. 

Sunday July 9th @ Pet Valu Stittsville – Our 10th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser AND So Much More!
*No appointments necessary

2017 marks our 10th year of hosting this exciting event!

BHRR has been precedent setting in the community in seeing more cats & dogs microchipped to give them the best chance possible to get home should they be lost or stolen.

More information in link above and in poster!

It happened for BHRR’s Abby today!

It finally happened!!

This stunning BBBBB was ADOPTED!

Yes, I had tears in my eyes yet, as mentioned to the home, they are the best kind of tears!

BHRR’s Pearl would have done equally well in this home yet BHRR’s Abby edged her out and BHRR’s Pearl, your own time shall come. Adding this also to BHRR’s Pearl’s blog so people can see the update on this home-visit that both dogs attended.

Thank you to this amazing home in having such kind understanding and patience as we went through our thorough adoption process. Thank you for being so open in your hearts to wanting a senior Dane to adopt.

Thank you for seeing BHRR’s Abby when so many others did not. So many looked past her and we kept saying that we were patient as was she and we took some criticism over the years as we refused to have her be adopted to a wrong home.

She needed that right matched forever loving home, one that did not care that she was a smaller female, one that did not care that she was black – full of beautiful frosting now!, one that did not care that she was older, one that did not have cats and felt they could ‘train’ the prey drive out of her….AND that home finally came along! 

My dear sweet Abbies….how proud I am of you, how much love I have for you, how happy I am for you, how just so incredibly you have touched my heart plus soul…..

We never gave up, you never gave up and to all of our friends, families plus supporters, thank you also in not giving up on her or the work that we do at BHRR!

You survived being dumped in big bear and coyote country, you survived bloat, you survived so many walking past you at BHRR Events and ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open houses and every time this happened, I said to myself, those people do not deserve you…yet, one home out there will…they shall see you for the gem and precious jewel you truly are!

AND it finally happened….

BHRR’s Abby, we walked many a mile together yet now even though our paths shall change course, you shall forever have your paws entrenched upon my heart and soul.

Congrats BHRR’s Abby! Congrats to a truly lovely home as well! Your adoptive family is really awesome!

This is adoption #399 for BHRR!

What a really great ending to my weekend!


Another photo of this beautiful girl from her date on June 23rd. 

Someone had a great date yesterday!

BHRR’s Pearl!

Thanks VERY much Heather in bidding on this date with her and giving her this very special spoiling time!

I heard that there was lots of cuddling and even a snooze together. 

AND thank you for all of the truly gorgeous pictures.

ISO: A BHRR Approved Volunteer for Sunday July 2nd to assist in doing a home-visit with me.

I understand it is a long weekend for many and know this may be a hard request to fill. At BHRR, we operate 24/7, 365 days a year! No weekends at all for us.

Time: 11:00 AM
Location: Gatineau, Quebec

This is for a possible approved adoption of either BHRR’s Pearl or BHRR’s Abby.

Please email gwen@birchhaven.org

Please do not post here, as we may miss your offer!


AND BHRR’s Pearl is now having her own special play date!

This is Date Auction #8!

We have a total of four special picnic play dates scheduled for this weekend! Yay!

This picture is as I drive slowly down our laneway as she loves the sights and smells of the country. ?
*Yes, those are some of our horses in the background!

BHRR Winter Wonderland – 40+ cms of snow!
March 14th, 2017
*They are looking for the kids?! No one told the doggies that it is the March Break!

They love their routine!


It is a wild Winter Wonderland Day here! 30+ cms on its way!

Yet trying to take photo’s or video is proving to be an exercise in futility!

None of the doggies want to get more than a few inches away from me!! None of my photo’s are anything special! Lots of photo-bombing going on!

BHRR’s Pearl with BHRR’s Latte!

BHRR’s Pearl!

She is ready to make her own special announcement!


She can go to a home with or without another dog as what is most important is for her to have a strong network in the community of doggie friends to hang with!

She needs to be reminded now and again about ‘sharing’ as she did not want to share water bowls upon arrival for example. She has zero issues now!

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, sermi-retired or retired as she is another versatile BHRR Dog!

She is excellent with dogs and cats and people of all ages!

She is proof that age is truly only a number. She is fit, active, lean, healthy and uber affectionate! One lovely soul at our Community Education Event at PV Stittsville yesterday even thought she was a young pup! 😀

She is crate trained and has also proven trustworthy unsupervised.

She is fabu to do nails and to bathe and is an excellent passenger in a car.

She can take a few moments to warm up to strangers yet she is no longer painfully shy, or scared and if just offered a treat or passively ignored, she is quite the social bee! She is a quiet girl who has the most endearing ‘paw’ shake…she turns a bit sideways to do it. 🙂

She did fabu at our February 5th BHRR “EXPERIENCE” mini open house and also attended our February 11th Community Education event at PV Stittsivlle and ROCKED it!

At first, she derived confidence from BHRR’s Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson at our PV Sttittsville event and once she felt in her element, she was content to meet and greet people and be spoiled with treats plus loving. 🙂

To think that when she first arrived to BHRR she was so terrified that she could not be touched and was scared of her own shadow is still distressing yet to see her now….amazing!

WTG BHRR’s Pearl! WTG Pretty Pearl!

You are such a love and I am so proud of all that you represent!

BHRR is here for the Danes/Giants with a strong focus on the special needs that others cannot or will not assist and we are honoured to help!

We are at Pet Valu Stittsville today to 4 pm!

Doing nails, ear cleaning and dog baths!

We have some merchandise for sale and Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson has been giving away roses!

This is BHRR’s Pearl looking out for our next guests!!

Thanks PV Stittsville for this amazing opportunity!!



This is BHRR’s Pearl. She sadly came back to BHRR tonight.
She was adopted February 12th, 2016 and due to medical reasons for her Owner, she sadly had to come back to BHRR.
She will remain in our rehab program for at least the next 5 weeks per our protocols, allowing her to settle back in and for us to determine if she will be able to be placed back up for adoption or be a Haven Dog.
This is one of several professional photo’s that we had taken of BHRR’s Pearl during her time at BHRR prior to her adoption.
It is never easy seeing an Owner part with a dog that they truly love and please join me in keeping BHRR’s Pearl”s lovely Adoptive Owner in our thoughts and hearts……
This was a tough and rough night for all of us. 🙁

BHRR’s Pearl went to her new forever loving adoptive home tonight!
February 12th, 2016

This photo is of a moment between BHRR’s Pearl and her new adoptive mom when we did the home-visit for her possible adoption. Peanut butter makes the world an awesome one!

It always brings me so much happiness and some tears in seeing one of BHRR doggies leave…

This girl sure went on an amazing journey of rehab at BHRR and I am the better person in having been touched by such a ‘gift’ of a Dane.

From a dog that lacked so much in confidence, did not even know how to like herself, was terrified of the simplest of kindness and touch, she is now a hyper social harle which so many can once again attest to at our latest BHRR “EXPERIENCE” mini open house (January 31st).

What a far cry from the ‘shadow’ of the dog she once was. BHRR’s Pearl more than lives life now, she brings life to the hearts of all those that are blessed to be touched by her…..

Parting with her tonight was truly a ‘sweet sorrow’ as they say….yet, this is what we must do, adopt out those we can, so we can help the next in need. For a Dane that we once wondered if she could even be placed up for adoption and may have remained a treasured BHRR Haven dog, this is an incredible reward to see her be adopted…..

Thinking of her new home and her and all that life will bring them with so many amazing experiences……time, patience, consistency, obedience plus a big measure of love are going to keep this fabu Harlie building upon the strong foundation built at BHRR.

I will miss you…..so much beautiful Pearl.


BHRR did their first approved adoption for 2016 tonight!

BHRR’s Pearl! She was the best right matched fit for the home and it has to be about set up for success for home and dog. Always….

Not the best photo yet we will try again at our BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house.

BHRR’s Pearl will remain with us to around February 12th as the home readies itself for her arrival.

Congrats to this most wonderful of homes and also thanks to Aaron for helping at this home-visit. Invaluable you are!!

BHRR’s Pearl your journey from catatonic terrified skinny, SA lacking in confidence mush to a happy, healthy hyper social Harlie has been a most beautiful transformation. I have the best of tears for you….

BHRR’s Raven – you were so loved by this home that was so apparent to see and you loved them in turn and if the home had more dog experience and/or you had had more obedience and manners under your belt, it would have been a much harder choice for the best matched fit AND your time shall come……….AND, you will only get better and better with your manners and training in the mean-time! YOU are a hoot! 😀

BHRR’s Raven, your own right matched forever loving home is out there and you gave everyone many laughs tonight!! You are honest and true….and all of us love you!


AND we are on our way!

This is the home-visit for a possible Great Dane adoption for either BHRR’s Raven or BHRR’s Pearl.

We will update as we can.


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for so many years.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Thursday December 17th, 2015 to Tuesday January 5th, 2016 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed on Wednesday January 6th, 2016!

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will do intake.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

BHRR’s 8th ANNUAL ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction has now begun!

Runs through to Thursday December 3rd @ 8 PM EST!

Over 50 items listed to date and some more to come!

Please consider helping us help BHRR’s Mavie!

If anyone has any items that they would like to donate, please do email gwen@birchhaven.org FOR we would be so appreciative. We only host 5 planned Fundraisers a year and BHRR’s Mavie is going to deeply benefit from all money raised in this auction.

He has his surgery scheduled to remove that left front leg implant on Tuesday November 24th with his wonderful ortho specialist. He had a sudden rejection/infection to that left implant recently and now that the Baytril(almost $600 for 16 days worth of treatment) has worked its magic on the infection, he is ‘good to go’ for surgery!

It SOON shall be time! You have been asking and patiently waiting…..get your thinking caps on! 

It shall soon be time to sign-up for our 4th(FOURTH) ANNUAL GIVE it ‘UP’ 4 Autumn Event!

The deserving BHRR doggie in 2015 to benefit from this one-of-a-kind unique Fundraiser is BHRR’s Baby Kaos. Past years have seen BHRR’s Lord Stafford, BHRR’s Breen and of course, BHRR’s Autumn benefit from the kindness of others!

This Fundraiser shall run from Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 @ 12:01 AM to Tuesday November 17th, 2015 @ 11:59 PM.

WHAT will you consider to ‘give up’ for 14 days to help BHRR’s Baby Kaos?’

Please do EMAIL us contactbhrr@gmail.com with what you are ‘giving up’ to participate! We hope you may join us in ‘giving something up’ to help raise monies for BHRR’s Baby Kaos!

In the past some have given up treats or coffee and put that money away to donate, others are giving up what the money they would have spent on lessons such as riding or tennis(or putting the equivalent in a jar to donate!) AND, others have put in their jar, donations for cravings that they have – chocolate, cigarettes etc. Feel free to be creative!

More information to be found on the poster below and here is the link with all the details!

Thank you Barry for this outstanding poster!

give it up for autumn - 2015 (Medium)

Come VISIT us at PV Stittsville(1250 Main Street, Stittsville) for some HOWL-O-Ween Fun!

Saturday October 24th 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM & 
Sunday October 25th 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Dog Baths $15, 
Nails $10, 
Ear Cleaning $10, 
Microchips $40 including registration – Cats/Dogs must be minimally 8 weeks of age
Merchandise for Sale! 
Visit some of the ‘big dawgs’ of BHRR! Dogs TBA
*No Appointments necessary! 

**BHRR is still in search of a few approved Volunteers to lend a hand Saturday and/or Sunday! Please email contactbhrr@gmail.com if you can help!**

All monies raised shall go towards paying off our current accumulated Vet Bills for amazing deserving dogs like BHRR’s Kaos, BHRR’s Raven and just this past week BHRR’s Porridge.

howlween (Medium)


From Monday October 19th to Monday November 2nd, 2015 inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.


We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

NOTICE: BHRR shall be closed from today to Wednesday September 23rd, inclusive. Our facebook page shall also be unpublished during that time for thanks to an incredible angel dream team network of our solid top notch beautiful strong village and community, we are making a dream come true for an extremely special young lady.

Any adoption applications that come in during this time shall be processed in the order they arrive upon the re-opening of BHRR.

ONLY urgent requests for assistance shall be replied to as we are here 24/7 to help the Danes and other Giants in need! All non urgent matters will be addressed upon the re-opening of BHRR.

Requests can be emailed to gwen@birchhaven.org or contactbhrr@gmail.com or text to 613-725-4279 or calls can be made to the same number.

For any offers of items for our September 26th Annual Dine With THE BHRR DOGGIES Event, – looking for brochures, pens, pencils, key chains, promo materials for 40 Loot bags – AND more auction items, please do email gwen@birchhaven.org We would be beyond grateful for any consideration to our cause.

We are a small group and host very few planned fundraisers a year and would embrace any gift certificates or other items for human, animal – cat, dog, horse, bird etc. – with such sincere gratitude plus appreciation. Thank you from our hearts in advance!

We are also going to stop our unique 2016 BHRR calendar sales at this time. If you have not yet ordered yours, we shall see if we have any left when we re-open to be purchased.

I leave all with this great photo of BHRR’s Salem below from her special picnic play date with the Maracle family! Thank you for the photo!


BHRR’s Pearl is ready to make her own special announcement….she is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

She did it! She did it! She did it!

She will never be that huge crowd social butterfly gal. She is meant for a home with small intimate gatherings, quiet evenings, visiting doggie friends’ homes and vice versa, small outings to pet stores, socializing even at the Vet for good experiences and BHRR’s Pearl….you have come a LONG way baby!

No young children, for as much as she adores them, they can make her a bit worried with the unpredictable spastic movements they can make. Older children 10+ as long as they are responsible is fine.

She is good with other dogs, loves all the humans that are part of her set-up circle for success of trust and, she makes my heart almost burst from my chest with how absolutely delightful she is and how far she has come….

She is one that we will also do a transitional adoption with…we have done it for quite a few dogs over the past almost 20 years including BHRR’s Reese, Freedom Dane BHRR’s Adele, and BHRR’s Angel Noelle.

For that right matched forever loving home, their patience will pay of hugely….for this girl is loyal, affectionate, playful and will give you all of her heart plus soul once you earn her trust and respect……

She is so beautiful, inside and out and, crawling on her belly is a thing of her past….she raises her head up high, is curious and is almost excited these days to get into the car and see ‘what is around the corner’ to greet her with helping hands and caring hearts!

100% housebroken, crate trained yet has now proven 100% trustworthy in our home, excellent with dogs of all sizes and a heart that is so kind and loving……

Look how she holds her head up now, her body is relaxed, she is happy! Happy and comfortable and she has learned to like herself!!

I do not want her hidden away from the world yet, as so many know, I am NOT a fan of busy dog parks and she is not meant for big crowds. Just as not every human feels comfortable or safe in a huge crowd, she does not either. Yet, in her element of small groups, she is a real ham!! 🙂

She can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired or retired. Another very versatile BHRR dog!

HUGE thanks extended to Liz Bradley for these gorgeous Rescue Pawtraits!!! Thank you!

1  |3



This Saturday!

Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg very kindly asked if we would do one of our popular mini microchip clinics at their location and we shall be at their lovely location

Saturday August 22nd from 10 am – 4 pm!
*No appointments necessary

*Microchips $40 includes registration
*Nails $10
*Ear Cleaning $10
*Face Painting and Feathers by the ever talented and kind Dee Dick
*Famous Pooch Smooch Red Carpet Sessions $5
*Merchandise from sale
*Some baked goodies

We are still ISO: Three approved BHRR Volunteers to help out this day! Please email contactbhrr@gmail.com if interested!

THANK you Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg for this great opportunity to see more cats/dogs(minimum 8 weeks of age) microchipped!

All monies raised shall go to BHRR’s Kaos’ mounting Vet Bills. He is the 6 week old Great Dane puppy that we were asked to assist that has a growth plate fracture and a knee concern.

AND here is the event page to join!


AND we are on our way! Secret mission time!
BHRR’s Pearl and BHRR’s Bell(Deaf/Visually Impaired) are waiting to go!
What a glorious weather day to be out for a drive and other great stuff!
Both of these beautiful Danes are not yet Available for Adoption!
*BHRR’s Bell looks quite small next to BHRR’s Pearl yet she is not. She has her head down lower.


HERE is the poster! To our 8th Annual KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being hosted at Kanata Animal Hospital on Sunday July 12th from 8 AM – 4 PM.
*No Appointments necessary
*Dogs/Cats need to be minimally 8 weeks to be microchipped
*Bake table
*Silent Auction
*Face-Painting & MORE!

microchop2015 (Medium)


BHRR’s Pearl learning to enjoy the simple pleasures in life! Like the wind in her hair!
July 5th, 2015
*NOT yet available for adoption
*She had a good experience today at the home-visit for BHRR’s Jersey’s adoption and one day BHRR’S Pearl shall be where BHRR’s Jersey is now. BHRR’s Pearl did so well coming out and having more helping hands show her love and care plus kindness….in time, when she is ready, she will make her own special announcement. For now, her rehab is coming along nicely!
Both Danes came to BHRR crawling on their bellies. BHRR’s Jersey is now confident, has learned to love herself, happy, bouncy, affectionate, curious, social and such a fabu special BBBBB!
BHRR’s Pearl, one day, your own inner beauty will shine to the surface and burst forth and that right matched special home shall also find you!
You are doing so well with your rehabilitation!
Proud of both BHRR beauties today!


AND big stretch…..
We are on our way!!! BHRR’s Jersey’s home-visit for her possible approved adoption is today.
Will post an update as we can!


Cute photo of the day!
BHRR’s Pearl does not look too impressed to be disturbed by a foot in the face by Salt(Deaf/Visually Impaired GD)!


Someone is being so brave at Kanata AH today! BHRR’s Pearl!

She is a bit lighter in weight than I would like to see, yet, nothing awful. Very lean plus muscled.

I may go back to feeding her three times a day. She was 100.1 pounds today. 

She was amazing for her Heartworm/Tickborne bloodwork. She rocked her nails also!

She is having an exam later tonight with the Vet and, then she will be up to date on everything.

Once she is more comfortable plus confident, she will be ready to make her special announcement.

There was no way when she first arrived that she would have been ok having this visit and, it shows how far she has come!!

She even was sitting plus taking treats from the staff once she settled in.

Very proud of you BHRR’s Pearl! This rehab journey with you has touched my heart deeply…….


BHRR’s Pearl wishes all a good night!
All of these renovations at BHRR are making her sooooooooooo sleepy!


My last post for my night, is about BHRR’s Pretty Pearl! I know people have been waiting with bated breath to see her next rehab journey instalment….
Well, it is WORTH the wait…..
Here is a video of her three weeks to the day that she arrived to BHRR!
Look who is not ONLY up on my bed yet, playing with me! First time! 
She has come light years from when she first arrived and, though she still has a long journey ahead, this was a huge leap. 
Still flighty, nervous, head will come down, tail tucked up to the belly at times, hand-shy and, startles at quite a few things yet, those bricks of a strong foundation are being laid with her comfort, confidence and being able to begin to like herself and her own company!

BHRR’S Pearl VIDEO MAY 17th, 2015

So, as I went to lay down for a bit – hard day on the heart – I am just answering some emails and, I see this pretty Harlie head and, then, a front foot, another front foot and, then I began holding my breath…..

Up came a body and, then, tentatively, a back leg and, by now, I am just staring at my phone, trying to be casual, acting normal while inside, I am like ‘OMG! OMG! WOW!’

Sean has said over the last two nights I worked that BHRR’s Pretty Pearl has been pining for me and, looking for me…..and, has been sad.

It is so good for her to be with other people without me and, when I come home, while I have been getting those low tail wags, she still keeps hovering and, floats around me for the most part, which is fine. She has only been with me less than two weeks. Rome was not built in a day!

Well, today she decided that as long as I made no big deal and, pretty much ignored her, she was climbing up on the bed to be near me.

Holy! What a gift!!

After she settled……I waited a few more minutes and, then very nonchalantly reached out a hand…..and, though, she tensed a bit, she did not fly away in fear…..

For the next few moments, though, she was not confident or comfortable to look at me, she kept an eye on me out of the corner of her eye, I stroked her soft fur……said a couple soft words of calm and, then, soaked up the moment!

I then took my hand away and just let her be……

We sat l, both almost holding our breath – for different reasons – for several seconds – and, like a flitting butterfly she was gone….

BUT, I did manage to snag a photo at one point during this extremely private leap of trust and, connection…..

Though, my heart is heavy from today, it is almost like this beautiful creature ‘knew’ and, gave me comfort this time……

All I can say is that, even after almost 28 years, interactions had with animals keep inspiring me and make me feel that something deeply special and magical happens when, there is a break through…..no matter how small….

Thanks for a moment in time I shall always cherish, BHRR’s Pearl!

Looking forward to the next life lesson and/or gift she graces me with!


Someone got me up WAY too early yet, it was so worth it!
Look at her tail and body plus head position now. Yes!!!!! It does not happen often, yet, to see her head no longer inches from the ground, tail no longer tucked right up to her belly, body posed in tenseness ready for flight, is lovely.
We will have more and more moments like these as time passes…..
As of this afternoon, it shall be one week since this beautiful special creature came into our lives……her progress has been absolutely heart-warming!
BHRR’s Pearl, when you look at me now, it is not with the same level of terror, confusion and fear…..you look at me with hope and, traces of the budding humbling beginnings of trust…..thank you for those gifts….
She now looks around my face area instead of complete avoidance and, I keep encouraging her, calmly, quietly and patiently……
She lacks so much in self-confidence and, has no clue how to like herself or her own company……yet, we will get there, brick by brick.
She will now put a paw on me when she feels I have been on the computer long enough and, as long as I remain casual, do not look at her, I can drop a hand down and rub her chest gently for a few seconds…..then, like a flitting butterfly she flutters away to hover around me…..
Yup, she has forged so fast her own well entrenched wonderful spot in my heart…
Happy Sunday to all!!


My last post for today!
I got my very first tail wag from BHRR’s Pearl when I arrived home tonight from the home-visit and, that was like winning the lottery….it was not a big wag, yet, a wag nonetheless and, more than once.
Here is a BHRR’s Pearl VIDEO taken from earlier today!
Another really good day had at BHRR and, as always, from my home to yours, may all have a wonderful good night……

BHRR’s Pearl – April 29th, 2015

She is doing well….still pacing, checking that fence line closely yet, her tail is now in a more relaxed position, less tense in the body………

She will still approach me when she comes near me with head down and, still body shakes yet, less than Sunday….
No pressure being given to her, just being patient, letting her know that I am around and, encouraging her.

She remains completely indifferent to the dogs – today, she met HQD who wanted to mother her(no surprise there!), and BHRR’s Bloom who wanted BHRR’s Pearl to run with her(HOW unusual of BHRR’s Bloom!!!)

We just spent a glorious hour outside in the sun and shade and, I know BHRR’s Herbie-icious the Lovebug and BHRR’s Salem really loved the outdoor.time also! .
So peaceful and almost a magical moment spent!

AND, for anyone that might be wondering, Sean and I cut off the red stiff and quite snug vinyl collar she was wearing and, she is safely wearing a material martingale that has a small chain loop. Much safer as she is a massive flight risk.

She is NOT wearing a choke or a prong collar. We do not believe in using those types of collars in our Behavioural, Training and Rehabilitation Programs.


My last post for tonight…..AND, as so many are wrapped up on BHRR’s Pearl’s story/journey, I will make this one about her also. smile emoticon This is a Gwennie novel bedtime story post though…..it may make you very sleepy!

Today, as I left to take BHRR’s Gretta to her next CWW hydrotherapy session, Sean the, wonderful man he is, worked form home to have quality ‘alone’ time with BHRR’s Pearl to work on the next infant steps of their own relationship building of trust and, kindness. Sean was able to take her outside and, bring her back in – she did not do anything for him – yet, that was huge to be able to take her out and in. She lets him take her collar now.

When I came home, I went outside with her and Sean and, I watched her closely. She was following us both and, we had BHRR’s Herbie-licious The Love Bug, BHRR’s Salem and my Drift with us to see if it helped a bit with her confidence and, truly, she was mostly indifferent to them. We will see how things go moving forward. Everything is new, confusing and strange and, most likely a bit overwhelming. She neither seemed to enjoy them, was not afraid of them nor was she reactive in any manner. She simply ‘existed’ with them.

She is likely seeing more dogs at my home than she has in her whole life being kept so sheltered at her previous home and, only going out for any Vet visits. We were told she was dominant over the other Dane she used to live with and, in the relative’s home that also took her, to their own dog, yet, absolutely nothing to date that demonstrates that but , the days are early!

When she was done exploring, she had a good pee outside(YAY!) and, from the colour and, how she peed/stopped/peed/stopped and looked uncomfortable, moved a step or two and strained to urinate again she has a clear UTI. The smell was not pretty either. AND, when she strained to pee, she would have bits of diarrhea also. Her poop last night was very gross. As she is eating well fairly well now(would not eat breakfast this AM), drinking and snorkeling without any issues now, we have begun to de-worm her. She has not pooped today yet, what came out of her last night was substantial. TOO much info. I know!

At one point, I sat down outside again and, watched Sean and her together. She would stop and listen to him and start to come back to him(he is using that ‘doggie’ voice used by men with dogs and babies! LOL) and, then she would turn and, go back to the house and, when he called her again, she would start to come to him again.

The Video below was taken after being outside for almost an hour…..saying little, just being there….now, Sean was using his voice and talking to her…..maybe, a wee bit too much yet, that is ok…..no rush…she is not ready….. She is responding, which is wonderful….yet, she is not ready to come all the way….and, that is fine…..she feels safe in the house now and, in her crate or in the sizeable kitchen area – that we have both sides of the hutch blocked off to give her, her own space – MUCH to BHRR’s Riot’s chagrin for his is SOOOOOOOOO smitten with her!

He had a brief moment outside with her tonight and, gosh, if he could, he would be bringing her flowers and, chocolates(if she was a human!) and, taking her to dinner and a movie or out dancing! Even now, he is whining on the other side of the xpens, imparting his undying love to her.

She on the other hand, would rather keep her head by my elbow, watching me type and, every so often, I stop typing and, gently reach out to pet her. Sometimes she stays, other times she walks away but she, always comes back to be near or around me. So much progress in such a short time and, so much further to go yet, she will get there……she is ok with Kinsley yet, my son still scares her and, he is one of the biggest animal lovers out there. At 14, he is 6 feet and, no small pumpkin. It is intimidating to her and, he remains patient and understanding.

She still even runs extremely hot and cold with Sean but, compared to the fear growling when she first arrived, to him being able to take her collar and, she is ok/calm with it, is huge. Her tail positioning has gone from tucked up tight to the belly to laying flat with me. That is also a big step.

The way that she looks at me is different also. No longer in confused terror…..she is most certainly still scared, she is still confused, she is still worried, she is still stressed but, she is no longer as tense and, even now is exploring the rubbermaids sniffing out the one with the kibble in the kitchen. smile emoticon

So, ends another wonderful day with her……….. From our home to all of yours, may you have a most wonderful night!


AND, we have now cleaned up our bowl……she was given a 1/3 ration of kibble as she has not eaten since she came to BHRR yesterday afternoon.
So happy…….these are the break-throughs that we love to see. 🙂

OOOOH! We have just had a few bites of food eaten now! WAHOOOOO!!!
Just a few yet, YAY! 🙂

My last post of tonight……
BHRR’s Pearl has peed, pooped and drank finally!
AND, the eating shall come…….she is interested….first step.
All in the house BUT she did it!
Per her o/s form, she was said to have accidents in the house….we will work on ‘outside’ good, ‘inside’ not so good!
Good night wishes from our home to all of yours!

So, I am sitting patiently in our fenced in three acres and, look who has decided to come and be right beside me?! BHRR’s Pearl.
Yesterday, she was terrified in the yard and, even ran into the fence at one point. I sat down and, eventually she came to me, bent her head and leaned it into my lap and, we went inside after just sitting for a bit.
Today, she is following me more, still scared of things from leaves blowing, birds chirping the frogs and turtles in the spring fed pond and, even my daughters bike as she came home from school – was not even close to her. 
We are now just chilling on one of the sand hills, watching the wind blow rustling our Canadian flag and, making noises in the trees…..
While not exactly 100% comfortable, she is giving me some trust, you can see that she wants to trust and love and, as we now know that she lacked socialization, living the life she had being ‘sheltered'(the words of her previous home – other than going to the Vet, home was where she was) her rehab program is going to be one of so much discovery and learning in infant steps and, as she is ready for it.
We have to teach her to like herself and, that she is ok and build up her confidence slowly.
She is completely wrapping herself in my heart and, I know she is full of so many gifts to share my way!! Lessons also to teach me……
She had a good night and day and, she will even slowly approach Sean if he is sitting, and, as we do to not appear threatening, turned slightly sideways. 
Even now, she will get up from near me, explore a bit and, then come back when she feels she has gone too far from me. 
She still shakes yet, is calming a bit more easily for me.
She has an extremely nervous disposition. We know that should she ever be ready to be adopted, that she will not go to a home with children or young teenagers.
We also know that should the time come that she is ready to be adopted, that we would like to see her in a home with a dog that is a right matched personality fit for her.
Now, we have to get her to eat and drink. She is showing some interest in water and, we will get there….. 🙂

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You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via PayPal(please use the ‘gift’ option OR the ‘friends and family’ option) OR we shall have to pay service charge fees.

OR you can call Kanata Animal Hospitals’ office directly to make a donation via credit card over the phone (613) 836-2848 OR in person with cash, debit or credit card to her account: She is under Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR)
440 Hazeldean Road
Kanata, ON

**IF I am forgetting any of her ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**

Her Great Angels:  $50.00* donated to date & Current Vet Bills are: $o.oo
*Before PayPal fees
Lianne & Cliff – Costco Dog Bed
Previous Home – $50


I have BHRR’s Pearl!
She was surrendered with halti(we will remove as it is ill fitting), collar, leash, dog bed, bowl, dog food and, the home gave BHRR a $50 kind donation for gas. We will use it for ‘Pearl’. 
For those that still feel in their hearts to judge, do remember that instead of surrendering her to a high kill pound or shelter, putting her to sleep, putting her up on kijiji, giving her to someone without screening etc., the home made the right decision in contacting experts with the Dane breed and, a r/q experienced plus knowledgeable group that is educated in rehabilitation of behavioural issues(she has resource guarding) and, is an organization that has a very thorough adoption screening process.
This Dane is also extremely nervous, lacks confidence and, in the wrong hands, a clear set-up for failure would happen. 
She is a victim to divorce and, the home has tried for the past year to make things work, even having a family member take ‘Pearl’, which in the end was not successful.
Unless we walk in the shoes of others, we truly do not know the whole story and, I bore witness today as to how hard it was for this home to say good-bye to her.
‘Pearl’ is sad, confused, scared and, this was a hard owner surrender……
I had offered up my behavioural services to assist also to try and help the home keep her yet, they felt it was in the best interest of this Great Dane to surrender her.
It has been a sad drive towards home over the last couple of hours and, I want to thank Lianne and Cliff again for the donation of a Costco Dog Bed for her and, for bringing it to KAH yesterday! Rescue Angels!!
Welcome to BHRR, ‘Pearl’…….

We will do Heartworm testing, put her on heartworm preventative, de-worm her, do a fecal and, per her previous Vet records, she has a heart arrhythmia that shall require further investigation. She did see a cardiologist in 2012 – her birthday is in September and, I will make copies to post in from her file sent my way.

We are home and, in almost 28 years doing Great Dane Rescue, I have never had a GD actually poop in fear, she was so scared when she saw Sean and Mason and Kinsley. They were not even near her.
AND, BHRR deals with fear and terror on levels
most groups will not and/or cannot.
She is that scared…..and, worried….
Temperament is not just environment, it is genetic and, the ‘shyness’ gene is a trait that cannot be changed. Behaviour is not changed, it is modified to be made the best that it can be……
She will be with us for a long time….yet, we are not ever in a rush……patience is one of my middle names!
So, starts our journey together and, this shall be one I know that will make me feel many emotions……she is that terrified and confused….
Baby steps…..something we know a lot about……

(You do not need a PayPal account either)

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via PayPal(please use the ‘gift’ option OR the ‘friends and family’ option) OR we shall have to pay service charge fees.

OR you can call Kanata Animal Hospitals’ office directly to make a donation via credit card over the phone (613) 836-2848 OR in person with cash, debit or credit card to her account: She is under Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR)
440 Hazeldean Road
Kanata, ON

**IF I am forgetting any of her ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**

Her Great Angels:  $50.00* donated to date & Current Vet Bills are: $o.oo
*Before PayPal fees
Lianne & Cliff – Costco Dog Bed
Previous Home – $50


On April 6th, I received the following email and, we committed to bringing her into BHRR and, to work on her resource issues yet, around any high value item, animals get get protective.

“Hello there,

 A relative of mine has a 4 yr old FS Great Dane named Pearl. The owner is going through a tough divorce, and while she is now on her own, has found herself physically unable to care for Pearl anymore and was hoping to find a placement for her. Pearl is fully vetted, healthy and has lived with another female Great Dane her whole life. Pearl spent some time with another family member last week. In this home there are 2 – 4-6yr old kids and some toys around the house as well as another dog visiting. There was a small altercation between the 2 dogs over a toy and the other dog’s ( a lab) ear was bitten – one puncture- as a result. So probably best in a placement with no young kids or dogs.. She has never bitten a person.

The owner has never surrendered a dog before and does love Pearl very much. Just wondered what your thoughts were on this situation , and if you might have some advice or consider a placement for her.

Thank you

Kind Regards”