Another photo!

BHRR’s Capone!
October 22nd, 2017

This is approved adoption #401 for BHRR! 

I am so sorry that I did not get this posted last night as I am usually so prompt and immediate with my postings!

With having to get Kinsley, my home-visit partner home and then to feed kids plus Sean as he is sporting his own broken arm, and I needed to get back to The Bakers Dozen for their next feeding etc., I truly did not have the amount of time last night that this great post is incredibly deserving to have in making!

Thank you to this lovely home for going through our detailed adoption process and opening up their beautiful home to us last night.

It was such an easy and wonderful experience for us and we are so thrilled that we were correct in choosing that right match dog meant for their home. They loved BHRR’s Rubble and BHRR’s Flynn which are amazing Danes themselves yet I knew that BHRR’s Capone was the much better fit for their home and they agreed as did BHRR’s Capone. 

We shall never approve an adoption on one of our dogs that we know is not meant for a home and we will never force a home to take on a dog that while we know is that right match personality fit, yet the home may not see the same. AND that is ok! It is about building up strong relationships throughout the detailed adoption process and at the end of it, hopefully having a great BHRR dog adopted to a great home.

Our adoption success rates are second to none for the very reason that we work hard to only adopt per right match personality fit each and every time. BHRR was also founded on the mission statement that we are here to help the next one in need of us, not to adopt as our focus. If we have a dog that turns out to be adoptable, wonderful yet that is not what our programs are about. They are always about helping the next in need of us. We also have our Haven and Perma-Foster programs where many of the dogs that come our way, especially as a special needs focused Dane/Giant Breed Rescue reside and live quality filled amazing lives!

BHRR’s Capone, you came to us seriously obese and out of shape, barely able to walk 2 minutes and by the time you were adopted you were fit, fab and happy plus healthy! 

You are so well balanced plus solid and while still a huge Dane at 165 pounds, you are just a lap loving mush boy at the end of the day!

We are positively delighted to bear witness to the beginning of what shall be a most magnificent future for you and while I shall miss you dearly – so much to miss! – you have not needed me for some time and to see a home open up their own hearts plus home to a stunning big black beauty makes me like them all that much more!

They did not care about your colour or your ‘butt high’ conformation, they only saw and cared about you and it was love at first sight! You walked into their home already at ease and yes, I know you have missed us since we left – your new home has told us this also – yet you shall be more than ok! I promise you that! 

Thank you again to Christine for offering to emerge temp foster him until we had a spot in our own home so we could save him! I am truly forever indebted….

BHRR’s Capone, I love you in a million plus ways and thank you so much for touching my family and carving your own special place in my heart!

AND we are on our way!

Road trip to Kingston to do the home-visit for BHRR’s Capone’s possible approved adoption.

We will post an update as we can!

BHRR’s Capone is moving under a Pending Adoption!

We will update as we can…


BHRR’s Capone has his special announcement to make!

He is Available For Adoption!

This boy is da bomb!

He is a total whole awesome special package deal all wrapped up with a gorgeous ribbon!

Having arrived to BHRR seriously overweight and out of shape, he is now fit, lean handsome hanging around 165 pounds. He still does some back leg trembling yet none of his Vets are concerned and it has greatly decreased the stronger he has become.

A tall boy, about 37-38″ at the whithers and a real gentleman.

He is good with cats, dogs, people and kids. He came from a home with kids & cats and was emerge temp fostered in a home with an under 10 year old and is in my home with my own two now teenagers.

He can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, works from home, semi-retired or is retired. Another amazing versatile BHRR dog!

We did a lot of investigation into his hind end, with exams/visits with two Vets, x-rays and also consulting an ortho specialist. He does have mild HD, extremely common and per Dr. P.:

‘Per Dr. Philibert, nothing surgical needs or can be done. Capone has some arthritis in his knees. It is unknown if at any given point in his future he may need his cruciates addressed due to any arthritis changes that may occur in his knees. No crystal ball.

Capone’s issues are conformation based(genetics) – high in the back end, straight angled back legs and surgery is not a feasible option for Capone.

Dr. Philibert said that physio or hydro rehab in his future could help manage any arthritic changes and continue to aid his muscle mass/tone build-up and then maintenance.

At this time, Capone is not a surgical candidate and is considered healthy to be placed up for adoption!’

BHRR’s Capone can go to a home as an only dog or be placed in a home that already has a right matched fit dog.

He travels great in a car and while we have never had an issue getting him in, others have for he will demonstrate his ‘monkey side’, lay down on the ground and look at them to say ‘now what?!’ He is a quiet and calm car traveller.

Great to bathe, do nails and super social plus friendly.

He has come a long way with leash manners yet can and does pull at times when distracted but no longer the freight train he once was!

He loves his walks….he is now strong and healthy to walk up to 20-25 minutes each walk and doing that 3 times a day. To think that once he could not even do 2-3 minutes before chuffing and puffing as he was so obese and out of shape is sad. He truly loves his walks.

Due to his conformation of being butt high, and his calm easy going temperament, he is not a dog that runs much. He trots and to him that is him going at full speed.  He is never in a rush to go anywhere and is a ‘don’t worry, he happy’ kinda of boy.

He has been such a true pleasure to have had in our programs and to that right matched forever loving home, that fact that is is black, will not matter. To us, his shiny, healthy, stunning black fur is a bonus yet for many, that BBDS – Big Black Dog Syndrome – lives strong.  That just means my kind and handsome man that those people which think that way do not deserve you!

BHRR’s Capone – you really are da bomb! All sugar with a bit of dicey spice mixed in! Love you… 

Thank you so much again to his emerge temp foster home for loving on him until I could get him to me….you literally saved his life….forever grateful Christine.

Sunday July 9th @ Pet Valu Stittsville – Our 10th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser AND So Much More!
*No appointments necessary

2017 marks our 10th year of hosting this exciting event!

BHRR has been precedent setting in the community in seeing more cats & dogs microchipped to give them the best chance possible to get home should they be lost or stolen.

More information in link above and in poster!

Dr. Philibert called re: Ortho Specialist Opinion

Per Dr. Philibert, nothing surgical needs or can be done. Capone has some arthritis in his knees. It is unknown if at any given point in his future he may need his cruciates addressed due to any arthritis changes that may occur in his knees. No crystal ball.

Capone’s issues are conformation based(genetics) – high in the back end, straight angled back legs and surgery is not a feasible option for Capone.

Dr. Philibert said that physio or hydro rehab in his future could help manage any arthritic changes and continue to aid his muscle mass/tone build-up and then maintenance.

At this time, Capone is not a surgical candidate and is considered healthy to be placed up for adoption!

Stay tuned!

This stunning BBBBB – BHRR’s Capone – will have a special announcement to make shortly!

This is a sneak peek at his professional photo shoot thanks to Liz giving of her time and talent once again to help capture an amazing dog.

I also had BHRR’s Daffodil’s photo’s done the same day and once she is spayed after losing more weight and also developing more muscle mass plus tone, she will have her own special announcement to make!

BHRR’s Daffodil & BHRR’s Capone both had their professional photo’s today and not the best pics of them from in the car ride in….yet sharing all the same! ?

Yes, that is dried doggie drool that now needs to be cleaned up on the seat! 

BHRR’s Daffodil needs to lose more weight and then she will be spayed and from there, once she heals, she will make her special announcement.

BHRR’s Capone is just waiting for the ‘all clear’ word from the ortho specialists and if all confirms what his Vet Team found last Friday at his x-rays, he will then make his own special announcement once I have his prof photo’s.

Both are such solid, amazing great dogs!

BHRR’s Capone was in today for his x-rays of hips & hocks plus to have his stifles thoroughly examined while he was sedated. 

Great news overall! – he does have quite mild HD which HD is very common in his breed(unfortunate that it is this way with poorly bred danes), his stifles are normal and his hocks look equally wonderful! Everything will be sent over to one of our ortho specialists to put their own expert input on the x-rays also. 

So, it appears that as he is conformationally built poorly – straight black legs – lack of angulation, butt high – he is just who he is based upon his body structure. So, for him, his normal is a slightly ‘off’ back end gait. There is no crystal ball to say if / when his HD may worsen and as with any dog and human as they age, having the right supplements will be important to keep promoting good health. 

With the continued loss of weight and building up of muscle tone/mass, he is stronger, healthier, has more endurance, is happier, and looks fabu! 

So, unless something majorly differently comes back from the ortho specialist, after he has his professional photo shoot, he will be making his own special announcement.

While he was under sedation, he had a wonderful nail time plus was also microchipped. 

He was fawned over by all the lovelies at work and so many remarks about what an WOW & tall dog he is. AND he is! 

This handsome BBBBB was at the Vet tonight for a recheck and to have his booster.

BHRR’s Capone!

He hanging around 170 pounds right now and with the wonderful much needed development of muscle tone/mass combined with the loss of fat, he is looking quite good.   Some more weight loss needed yet WTG Capone!

He was such a good boy at the Vet….he is always a good boy! Solid on the scale, calm and charming in the exam room and was a rock during his thorough exam.

Thumbs up on his heart and lungs and his coat is coming in so black and shiny! All of that old dull brown/auburn hair is disappearing with him being on a proper food regime and becoming healthier.

Now that he is fitter, leaner and stronger plus healthier, he is scheduled for x-rays of his hips and hocks this Friday June 2nd and while he is sedated a much better exam – all three of his Vet visits to date have not been easy as he is a Giant dog to effectively assess the drawer movement in his stifles nor adequately evaluate his hips – can be done re: also determining any possible cruciate concerns.

He is a gorgeous rescue boy and not conformed to proper GD standard and is so high in the back end, heavy on the forehand and he is extremely straight in his back legs lacking any rear angulatuion at all. With his conformation it is hard to tell by exam alone what is and may not be his ‘natural’ backyard bred make-up and it is what it is and what may or may not need or even be possible to have surgical intervention to improve his current conformation.

His Vet suspects it is his hocks that may be the ‘problem’ and there is nothing surgical that can be done for that.

All of this to say it is not that he does not have a current high standard of quality of health or life. What we always want to do is address everything necessary to ensure that a dogs quality of life is as it should be and anything that should and needs to be surgically addressed shall be.

We want to do these x-rays and planned for it since we first saw a video of him after we were approached & happily agreed to bring him into our rescue.

They will then be sent off for interpretation to one of our ortho specialists.

While he is under sedation on Friday, we will Microchip him and do his nails.

He is truly a magnificent boy!

HRR’s Capone is on a special picnic DAY Date himself today – #6 Date Auction in lieu of BHRR’s Raven. 
*NOT Yet Available For Adoption*

AND tomorrow the home-visit for BHRR’s Latte’s possible approved adoption shall be happening!

For those who actually have weekends, enjoy this one for me!! Wonderful busy times as always for us here! 

Some more pictures of this ever so handsome dude!

BBBBB’s Capone!
NOT YET Available For Adoption!

He has settled in so beautifully!

Thank you again to his emerge temp foster home for loving on him for three weeks until we we could get him here.  I picked him up May 18th from Christine, Gavin & Murphy. Forever grateful to them for taking such great care of him.

He shall be having his next recheck plus booster apt. on May 30th. We will be re-assessing his hips plus cruciates and getting a re-weigh on him as he has been on a weight loss program. We have been working on building up his muscle mass/tone also. Last weight was just over 171 pounds, which is wonderfully down from the 178+ pounds he arrived at.

Isn’t he so handsome?!!

BHRR’s Capone! You lovable goof that you are!

Thank you to his truly lovely temp foster home in taking such great care of him!

His last weight when I brought him to the Vet was down to 77.7 kgs from the 80.1 kgs that I first had him weighed at when he arrived….so all steps in the right direction on him losing some much needed weight. He is now 170.94 pounds.

See you again soon you big lug of love!!

AND some words from his approved temp foster home:

“He is a hoot. Someone is going to be really lucky to adopt this big goof

This handsome man was back at the Vet today, this time for diarrhea. BHRR’s Capone.

Thank you to Kanata Animal Hospital in being so accommodating in getting us in! Thank you to Sean for coming with me to take him in and his amazing Vet agrees that it is him settling in plus the normal stress that comes with that….causing his diarrhea.

Always so better to be safe than sorry, so he was seen by KAH and he is now on metronidazole 5 tablets twice daily for ten days, Forti Flora and put on a bland diet to help make his gut feel better. His poor rump is so red from the diarrhea.

His temp was high normal and so important for him to keep drinking.

He weighed 77.7 Kgs today.

Always a big love and hit at Kanata Animal Hospital. I enjoyed seeing him again as I have not seen him since I dropped him off at his temp foster home last Thursday – April 27th, after having him thoroughly vetted at KAH.

Thanks to his wonderful temp foster for keeping me posted on him and doing her very best by him! He just has your ‘number’ and does not want to go in your car!

She takes him on several ten minute walks per day and he loves them….squirrels too! He is building up muscle tone and mass and endurance plus losing some of that much needed weight! The obese dog that once could only walk two minutes is up to several ten minute walks daily! Yay!!

This picture is of him from his previous home prior to coming into rescue.

I think someone is settling in very well at his foster home!! Danes and couches…..make the perfect Dane bed in his mind LOL

Though his foster mom said that after she came back from a meeting today, he had been a good boy and was laying on his dog bed….. She did put chairs on the couch to help deter him.

Things are going really well per his fabu foster mom! We are working on getting him to eat more than a few nibbles but he has not even been there 24 hours and has had a lot of change happen since Monday.

His bloodwork came back negative for Tickborne diseases and Heartworm – YAY!

AND his T4 for thyroid is normal so he is just obese due to improper diet and inappropriate level of exercise and he will be monitored not to overdue things for those hips right now. I was told he had a great short 10 minute walk this AM and then flaked out on the floor afterwards. He has now had another 10 minute walk and is loving them.

His fostermom says the same thing his Vet did yesterday, that he is one friendly boy. I know I found him to be a real love too.

So happy for him and he is in really wonderful hands.


AND someone is now safely dropped off at his emerge temp foster home!

StIll nameless!

He weighed 80.1 kgs(176.22 pounds) and needs to lose significant weight. Tall boy and super handsome!

At KAH today, we did Heartworm/Tickborne disease testing, and he is now on Heartworm meds and will start flea/tick meds plus de-worming tomorrow as he is not eating right now. Understandable.

We are also testing his thyroid to determine if he is grossly overweight due to his thyroid and/or is it just too many treats/wrong food etc. and not the appropriate level of exercise. We were told they did not walk him very far as he tired out and panted heavily.

Drinking well and his heart plus lungs sound good! He is lacking serious muscle tone/mass and is now on a weight reduction program. Both his back legs shake as he has so little muscle/strength.

Per his Vet re: hips – it is observed that his right side is worse than his left and once he loses much needed weight, develops better muscle tone/mass they can better assess at that time. Being stronger may eliminate the appearance of his hips, especially the right side appearing to be this way.

Being healthier shall also make it easier to sedate for possible x-rays. His Vet was not overly concerned with his cruciates at this time and I also showed them the video that had been sent my way and at his next vet visit shall be re-assessed for hips/cruciates. His Vet does not believe he has cruciate issues yet will re-assess when he comes back and is more relaxed/settled in. He is extremely straight angled in the hind end plus butt high so, perhaps the video made it seem like things were worse than they are.

His teeth were in great shape and the Vet did feel that he is easily only 3 years of age. Just out of shape.

The vet noted that he was a really nice dog! Would give one paw and then another when asked and responds so well to commands in French. He was excellent in the run at KAH today and so well behaved.

Thanks again Christine for temp fostering him.

UPDATE: BHRR’s ??? has now been picked up and will be in safe hands until transport to us happens on Thursday.

I have a Vet appointment set up on Thursday for a thorough exam, blood-work including Heartworm, Tickborne diseases plus T4. He will be weighed for flea/tick meds plus to begin de-worming etc.

I saw a video and his hips are bad, especially his back right and I suspect he is also quite possibly bilaterally affected with cruciate issues. We will begin a pain management program, proper diet will be implemented and if the Vet deems him healthy enough for vaccines – for he has no paperwork surrendered with him to prove any current utd Vaccine status.

He will have to lose significant weight prior to any necessary/required surgery and thanks to Christine again for emerge temp fostering him until May 18th for BHRR.

Yet, one step at a time!

UPDATE: Request Filled! Thanks Christine!

ISO: BHRR Approved Volunteer For EMERGENCY Temp Foster for 3 weeks

Owner Surrender: Home is splitting up.

Starting April 27th to May 18th for a 3 year old Male neutered Great Dane, good with cats, good with dogs, good with people. Affectionate, house-broken. Said to be up to date on vaccines and we shall ensure that he is plus that he is properly de-wormed with all proactive/preventative vetting.

He is severely obese and can barely walk.

BHRR provides all of the food, bowls, dog beds, collar, leash etc., and we shall pay for all the Vet Bills while in this emerge temp foster.

Location: Ottawa and immediate surrounding area.

If we have any of our BHRR approved Volunteers able to assist – remember if you are an approved BHRR adoptive home, you are also an approved BHRR Volunteer and can temp foster if your circumstances allow for it – please do email

ETA: April 27th to BHRR’s Care. He shall be #7 that we have been able to assist to date in 2017.