BHRR’s Pearl is ready to make her own special announcement….she is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

She did it! She did it! She did it!

She will never be that huge crowd social butterfly gal. She is meant for a home with small intimate gatherings, quiet evenings, visiting doggie friends’ homes and vice versa, small outings to pet stores, socializing even at the Vet for good experiences and BHRR’s Pearl….you have come a LONG way baby!

No young children, for as much as she adores them, they can make her a bit worried with the unpredictable spastic movements they can make. Older children 10+ as long as they are responsible is fine.

She is good with other dogs, loves all the humans that are part of her set-up circle for success of trust and, she makes my heart almost burst from my chest with how absolutely delightful she is and how far she has come….

She is one that we will also do a transitional adoption with…we have done it for quite a few dogs over the past almost 20 years including BHRR’s Reese, Freedom Dane BHRR’s Adele, and BHRR’s Angel Noelle.

For that right matched forever loving home, their patience will pay of hugely….for this girl is loyal, affectionate, playful and will give you all of her heart plus soul once you earn her trust and respect……

She is so beautiful, inside and out and, crawling on her belly is a thing of her past….she raises her head up high, is curious and is almost excited these days to get into the car and see ‘what is around the corner’ to greet her with helping hands and caring hearts!

100% housebroken, crate trained yet has now proven 100% trustworthy in our home, excellent with dogs of all sizes and a heart that is so kind and loving……

Look how she holds her head up now, her body is relaxed, she is happy! Happy and comfortable and she has learned to like herself!!

I do not want her hidden away from the world yet, as so many know, I am NOT a fan of busy dog parks and she is not meant for big crowds. Just as not every human feels comfortable or safe in a huge crowd, she does not either. Yet, in her element of small groups, she is a real ham!! 🙂

She can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired or retired. Another very versatile BHRR dog!

HUGE thanks extended to Liz Bradley for these gorgeous Rescue Pawtraits!!! Thank you!

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