On April 6th, I received the following email and, we committed to bringing her into BHRR and, to work on her resource issues yet, around any high value item, animals get get protective.

“Hello there,

 A relative of mine has a 4 yr old FS Great Dane named Pearl. The owner is going through a tough divorce, and while she is now on her own, has found herself physically unable to care for Pearl anymore and was hoping to find a placement for her. Pearl is fully vetted, healthy and has lived with another female Great Dane her whole life. Pearl spent some time with another family member last week. In this home there are 2 – 4-6yr old kids and some toys around the house as well as another dog visiting. There was a small altercation between the 2 dogs over a toy and the other dog’s ( a lab) ear was bitten – one puncture- as a result. So probably best in a placement with no young kids or dogs.. She has never bitten a person.

The owner has never surrendered a dog before and does love Pearl very much. Just wondered what your thoughts were on this situation , and if you might have some advice or consider a placement for her.

Thank you

Kind Regards”