BHRR’s Pearl!

She is ready to make her own special announcement!


She can go to a home with or without another dog as what is most important is for her to have a strong network in the community of doggie friends to hang with!

She needs to be reminded now and again about ‘sharing’ as she did not want to share water bowls upon arrival for example. She has zero issues now!

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, sermi-retired or retired as she is another versatile BHRR Dog!

She is excellent with dogs and cats and people of all ages!

She is proof that age is truly only a number. She is fit, active, lean, healthy and uber affectionate! One lovely soul at our Community Education Event at PV Stittsville yesterday even thought she was a young pup! 😀

She is crate trained and has also proven trustworthy unsupervised.

She is fabu to do nails and to bathe and is an excellent passenger in a car.

She can take a few moments to warm up to strangers yet she is no longer painfully shy, or scared and if just offered a treat or passively ignored, she is quite the social bee! She is a quiet girl who has the most endearing ‘paw’ shake…she turns a bit sideways to do it. 🙂

She did fabu at our February 5th BHRR “EXPERIENCE” mini open house and also attended our February 11th Community Education event at PV Stittsivlle and ROCKED it!

At first, she derived confidence from BHRR’s Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson at our PV Sttittsville event and once she felt in her element, she was content to meet and greet people and be spoiled with treats plus loving. 🙂

To think that when she first arrived to BHRR she was so terrified that she could not be touched and was scared of her own shadow is still distressing yet to see her now….amazing!

WTG BHRR’s Pearl! WTG Pretty Pearl!

You are such a love and I am so proud of all that you represent!

BHRR is here for the Danes/Giants with a strong focus on the special needs that others cannot or will not assist and we are honoured to help!