My last post for tonight…..AND, as so many are wrapped up on BHRR’s Pearl’s story/journey, I will make this one about her also. smile emoticon This is a Gwennie novel bedtime story post though… may make you very sleepy!

Today, as I left to take BHRR’s Gretta to her next CWW hydrotherapy session, Sean the, wonderful man he is, worked form home to have quality ‘alone’ time with BHRR’s Pearl to work on the next infant steps of their own relationship building of trust and, kindness. Sean was able to take her outside and, bring her back in – she did not do anything for him – yet, that was huge to be able to take her out and in. She lets him take her collar now.

When I came home, I went outside with her and Sean and, I watched her closely. She was following us both and, we had BHRR’s Herbie-licious The Love Bug, BHRR’s Salem and my Drift with us to see if it helped a bit with her confidence and, truly, she was mostly indifferent to them. We will see how things go moving forward. Everything is new, confusing and strange and, most likely a bit overwhelming. She neither seemed to enjoy them, was not afraid of them nor was she reactive in any manner. She simply ‘existed’ with them.

She is likely seeing more dogs at my home than she has in her whole life being kept so sheltered at her previous home and, only going out for any Vet visits. We were told she was dominant over the other Dane she used to live with and, in the relative’s home that also took her, to their own dog, yet, absolutely nothing to date that demonstrates that but , the days are early!

When she was done exploring, she had a good pee outside(YAY!) and, from the colour and, how she peed/stopped/peed/stopped and looked uncomfortable, moved a step or two and strained to urinate again she has a clear UTI. The smell was not pretty either. AND, when she strained to pee, she would have bits of diarrhea also. Her poop last night was very gross. As she is eating well fairly well now(would not eat breakfast this AM), drinking and snorkeling without any issues now, we have begun to de-worm her. She has not pooped today yet, what came out of her last night was substantial. TOO much info. I know!

At one point, I sat down outside again and, watched Sean and her together. She would stop and listen to him and start to come back to him(he is using that ‘doggie’ voice used by men with dogs and babies! LOL) and, then she would turn and, go back to the house and, when he called her again, she would start to come to him again.

The Video below was taken after being outside for almost an hour…..saying little, just being there….now, Sean was using his voice and talking to her…..maybe, a wee bit too much yet, that is ok… rush…she is not ready….. She is responding, which is wonderful….yet, she is not ready to come all the way….and, that is fine…..she feels safe in the house now and, in her crate or in the sizeable kitchen area – that we have both sides of the hutch blocked off to give her, her own space – MUCH to BHRR’s Riot’s chagrin for his is SOOOOOOOOO smitten with her!

He had a brief moment outside with her tonight and, gosh, if he could, he would be bringing her flowers and, chocolates(if she was a human!) and, taking her to dinner and a movie or out dancing! Even now, he is whining on the other side of the xpens, imparting his undying love to her.

She on the other hand, would rather keep her head by my elbow, watching me type and, every so often, I stop typing and, gently reach out to pet her. Sometimes she stays, other times she walks away but she, always comes back to be near or around me. So much progress in such a short time and, so much further to go yet, she will get there……she is ok with Kinsley yet, my son still scares her and, he is one of the biggest animal lovers out there. At 14, he is 6 feet and, no small pumpkin. It is intimidating to her and, he remains patient and understanding.

She still even runs extremely hot and cold with Sean but, compared to the fear growling when she first arrived, to him being able to take her collar and, she is ok/calm with it, is huge. Her tail positioning has gone from tucked up tight to the belly to laying flat with me. That is also a big step.

The way that she looks at me is different also. No longer in confused terror…..she is most certainly still scared, she is still confused, she is still worried, she is still stressed but, she is no longer as tense and, even now is exploring the rubbermaids sniffing out the one with the kibble in the kitchen. smile emoticon

So, ends another wonderful day with her……….. From our home to all of yours, may you have a most wonderful night!