BHRR’s Cagney
December 10th, 2017

I apologise for the delay in making this truly wonderful post! More on why ASAP….

The Saint Lady of BHRR’s Cagney is now adopted! Her equally beautiful Saint sister BHRR’s Lacey was adopted on December 3rd to her own incredible forever loving home!

This is our 14th approved adoption for 2017 and for a small highly specialised Rescue, fantastic news!  This also marks our 407th approved adoption since our inception in 1996! 

I wish to thank BHRR’s Cagney’s new forever loving adoptive Mama for their understanding as I had to step away from this home-visit three times to take calls from one of the Animal Emergency Hospitals. Your compassion and patience meant a lot to Mason/myself for being so far away in Hamilton from the emergency was extremely emotionally difficult. You were really kind, so thank you! 

Thank you for also going through our detailed adoption process and in considering a BHRR dog to adopt!

To see both of our Saint Lady Sisters in caring homes for the fast approaching Holiday Season is so heart-warming!

As last week was our last approved adoption to the London, Ontario area, this weeks approved adoption is our last one to the Hamilton, Ontario area as The Boerskins continue to move forward into 2018 with the vision set forth for BHRR. 

BHRR’s Cagney, you also rocked our hotel experience and met your own police officers with two cruisers! As per your usual take in stride everything, the lights and sirens fazed you naught! It was an experience for Mason and I for these police officers were specifically looking for a masked man and we had to go under hotel confinement immediately upon arrival! ? BHRR’s Cagney would have been happy though to go with them on their manhunt as she loved them! 

Always an adventure to be found!

I dearly miss both of my Saint Ladies yet they do not need me any longer…..they will bring so much happiness and smiles and laughter and love to a lot of other people they will touch with their amazing gifts!

We are now here!

In Hamilton, Ontario in preparation for BHRR’s Cagney’s home-visit tomorrow!

This day has been so incredible in so many ways from being at Pet Valu Stittsville for their annual Santa Paws event surrounded by so many amazing people and pets! 

42 Santa Paws Photo’s were done with a truly fabu Santa! I even had 6 of The Bakers Dozen pups done! 

Between photo’s, donations and what was raised in the Raffle Basket(we added an amazing dog bed to BHRR BOD members Mary’s beautiful basket!) – $876.85 was so humbly raised to help The Bakers Dozen & their Puppymill GD Mama Gem. 

Congratulations to Hazel (Bob) for winning the basket/bed and then donating the basket back! They needed a new dog bed and now they have one!!

Thank you to Isabel for the Empties and we will take them back and add to the total.

AND $13.20 Canadian Tire money was donated!

Thank you to Bre, Rachel and the rest of the lovely staff at Pet Valu Stittsville for hosting us today!

Thank you to the wonderful Santa and his wife and his fabu helper Jack – love those costume changes as much as I did last year Jack! 

Thank you to all of the awesome people and their pets that came out today to see us, take photo’s, love on The Bakers Dozen and talk r/q Rescue etc.

Thank you to Sean, Kinsley, Serena, Isabel, Cherie, Elaine and Aaron for spending today with me and being the best of puppy wranglers and cuddlers ever!!

I was so over the moon to see BHRR’s L.T. & his sweet Mama again – he is our oldest living BHRR alumni – a GD – now 11.5 years of age. He was adopted June 1st, 2008.

What a heart-warming day today!

This is BHRR’s Cagney settling in very well on Mason bed at the hotel.  We are having our own adventures which is best saved for another Gwennie Novel Post! 

We shall post an update on her status as we can….

From us to all of our supporters, fans and supporters, good night wishes being sent!

BHRR’s Cagney – our other Saint Lady is now also moving under a Pending Adoption!

So at this time both sisters are now under pendings to homes. 

We shall update as to her status as we can.

BHRR shall be closed for the intake of adoption applications and shall not approve any adoptions from Monday October 23rd to Wednesday November 1st inclusive.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many other Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will network these requests to r/q organisations for we remain closed for intake. 

This photo is of BHRR’s Navy. 

BHRR’s Cagney – 9 month old Saint Lady! Born Dec. 3rd, 2016
Available For Adoption!
She is ready to make her own special announcement!

She is such an amazing girl! One of those extreme rare bomb proof dogs. She is fantastic with dogs of all sizes and ages. She is excellent as well with people/kids regardless of age and health – wheelchairs, crutches, strollers bother her not one bit.

BHRR will consider homes with children as young as age 5 for BHRR’s Cagney. Homes that allow children to sit or ride on dogs, please do not bother applying. This is completely unacceptable behaviour.

City life and country life are both in her elements! Busy traffic, air brakes, sirens or crickets, horses, cows nor barking dogs bother her.

She travels wonderfully in a car, is great at the Vet and is incredibly well balanced plus solid.

She is extremely reliable in her obedience – sits before eating and before the leash goes on etc.

She is eager to please me, is deeply affectionate while at the same time independent to simply also loving being around her humans and not always on top of them!

She loves her walks plus hikes and is perfect about proper inside play vs. proper outside play. She is not high energy yet as a puppy she has puppy exuberance and sometimes forgets her spacial awareness and our knees get bumped/taken out in play.

She likes to play chase with other dogs yet loves the tug and war plus wrestling the most type of play.

She is crate and house trained and has not yet proven 100% reliable in our home unsupervised yet as a baby – Giants grow up for two years, fill out in year three and then the brain by five – understandable.

No issues to bathe, do nails, clean ears etc.

She is a smaller female smooth coat Saint – ~95 pounds – and we will not see her adopted to a home that does not understand what a dog should look like and have her become obese. As so many are well aware, one of my biggest pet peeves is people getting their dogs overweight and obese. There is no excuse for this. Even our thyroid dogs are all in great weight health.

Dogs are not meant to be one straight line or to have protruding stomachs. They are to have waistlines. These Saint Ladies are lean and muscled and look amazing. To have them become obese, is more weight and tear on their hearts and joints etc. We want BHRR’s Cagney as with all of our dogs to live very long, happy and healthy lives.

We would prefer BHRR’s Cagney to be placed in a home with at least one other right match personality fit dog. This is not a ‘deal breaker’ yet our strong preference. Being such a social creature, she deserves and needs to have all of the right matched doggie friends possible. If the right match fit home does not have any other dogs in their home that are perfect for BHRR’s Cagney, they must have a thorough regular doggie social network in place.

Same with people. She will be approved to be adopted to a home that is social, outgoing and will not allow her to be a couch potatoe home body. She loves home too, that is not the point I am making. ?She also super loves people and places and new experiences and dogs and fun and going out and we want to makes sure she has a home that can do this for her!

She also does not require tons of exercise and is so satisfied with our three walks per day of about 1.5 kms each. This is in addition to her play time throughout the day!

Cats are not 100% known yet she has not had an issue with any that she has met at work nor when we have been out visiting friends and family. Integration is always key.

She is respectful and so bonded to me. I am head over heels impressed with her! She and her sister have been a positive delight to have had with us.

She can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, works from home, is semi-retired or is retired. Another great versatile BHRR dog!

She would make an outstanding certified therapy dog.

BHRR’s Cagney, as our time together comes ever closer to an end, let me tell you once again how absolutely magnificent you are. You have brought so much sunshine and stars, not to mention smiles, the best face washes and cuddles to my life!!

You are the candy, the gorgeous wrapping and beautiful bow all in one stunning package!

Another Photo!

BHRR’s Cagney(l) & BHRR’s Lacey(r)

Sneak Peek! 

One of the absolutely gorgeous photo’s Liz took of the Saint Ladies at their professional photo shoot last Tuesday! ??

I asked Liz if we could grab some pictures of the ladies together and here is one of them!

Stay tuned! 

BHRR’s Cagney(l) will be making her special announcement shortly and after BHRR’s Lacey(r) recovers from her spay – scheduled for Tuesday September 5th – then she will have her own special announcement to make! They turn 9 months old tomorrow. 

Thanks again to Gayle, Neil and Kinsley for the extra hands and love at this photo shoot. 

Happy long weekend wishes being sent from our home to all of our friends, family & supporters.

BHRR’s Cagney(l) & BHRR’s Lacey(r) – the two 8 month old Saints – had their professional photo’s taken today.

Thank you to Gayle & Neil for the extra hands to love on them and I know I sound like a broken record yet it is always so important to get the dogs into as many hands as possible to keep helping to make them as well rounded plus balanced as possible. Thank you both for giving them yet more positive and wonderful experiences.

They are great puppies and we want them to become the best dogs they can – assets to home and community.

Thanks to Liz for her time plus talent once more!

BHRR’s Cagney rocked her session and BHRR’s Lacey demonstrated further that she is still a bit of a diamond in the rough!  She was so distracted by the man banging around with recycle bins that it took a bit of time before she could settle plus focus on the task at hand.

While both pups did not like all of the rectal temperature taking they have had to have done during their recovery, BHRR’s Lacey was the most displeased and she is still is sensitive around her rump and so we have been working on lots of touching, gentle pushing on her hind end etc….she did so well today with all of that!

Both also showed that while they would walk quite well with me….listening to others with leash manners not so much….this is why our obedience clause is so important in our adoption contracts. Just because they listen to me does not mean they shall to others and having them handled by different people is important as shall be the obedience classes.

BHRR’s Lacey is scheduled to be spayed on September 5th and once I have their professional photo’s, both will be ready to make their special announcements!

Going to miss them….they will only be approved to right matched forever loving homes that are equally outgoing and publicly social for these two pups love everyone and everything!  They are not home-bodies and couch potatoes….they are happy, active, young, healthy and fit pups that are going to be such gifts to some wonderful homes.

To state again they shall NOT be adopted together. That is not in their best interests.


BHRR’s Cagney(r) & BHRR’s Lacey(l) – (8 month old Saints) are at Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg today to 4 pm!

They are here to love on and thank everyone for helping to save them!!

Thank you Kayla and Global Pet Foods Hintonburg for this unforgettable and special opportunity to be here!! What a beautiful day we are having!

We have already gotten to visit with so many wonderful people and their pets! We have even gotten to love on BHRR’s Limerick and BHRR’s Sapphire also today!!

Grand Total Raised Today:
$298.30 – this includes a most generous online donation from a home that could not make it today
$5.00 USD
$9.45 Canadian Tire Money 

We are really humbled by today and there is now less than $400 remaining owed on their Bills. So touched by all that rallied so strongly around them when they were rushed into emerge. 

I also will be making a separate post re: BHRR’s Sambuca and I did not wish to post before having the chance to talk to so many of his fans in person today…having the ability and opportunity to share him with quite a few people today face-to-face meant a lot….what an incredibly inspirational Dane that has so many of his own Comfort Angels. 

Kayla & To Your Great Team – please accept my heartfelt thanks once more in having us at your beautiful location. 

Dawn, thanks for coming out and hanging with The Boerskins today. You are such a great person to have as part of our BHRR team/family.

Thank you to all of the awesome people – we had cars stopping, people crossing the road etc… – who dropped by to visit. 

Thank you to all of the fabu animals that came by too! BHRR’s Cagney had the best play with Stan and she says she would love a play date! ?

The Saint Ladies proved/showed to so many just how bomb proof they are – air brakes, sirens, strollers, wheelchairs – two were motorised, skateboards, bikes, people of all ages and kids and dogs, screams and car tires squealing and motorcycles plus more fazed them NOT one bit. The roads plus side walks were so busy and they did not have a care in the world other than hoping for some love from folks….and a play moment with another dog or twice or three!

They are rock solid – from wee babies to the very elderly, they were kind and gentle and so calm plus quiet. 

I even asked Kayla to do their nails this time so that they continue to be in the hands of others and BHRR’s Cagney stellar and BHRR’s Lacey once I had her lay down and go on her side – she actually began dozing off! 

These two girls deserve homes that will continue to let them shine…they are extremely social beings and when they are ready to be placed up for adoption, they will only be approved to right match forever loving homes that will ensure they get to be in the public loving and being loved on by others…..they are exquisite. 

ISO: an extra set of doggie loving hands to help hold/love on the two 8 month old Saint pups – BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey for their professional photo shoot!

Date: Tuesday August 29th
Time: 2:45 pm – for about 20 minutes
Location: Nepean, Ontario

This is for their professional photo shoot and I just need a loving pair of hands to hold one girl while I get the others pictures taken and vice versa. I can guarantee that you will fall instantly in love with them!!

If you can assist at this photo session, please do email over posting here as we may miss your generous offer!

BHRR’s Lacey is doing fabu and is now scheduled for her spay for Tuesday September 5th and about two weeks after that should be ready to make her special announcement. She is already up to date on vaccines, microchipped, pre-op bloodwork is done, latest fecal is negative, de-wormed etc.

BHRR’s Cagney is not far behind BHRR’s Lacey in her own journey to complete health and she also should be ready over the next few weeks to make her own special announcement. She is already spayed plus pexied and up to date on vaccines, microchipped, de-wormed etc. We will be running a repeat fecal shortly.

Both Saint Ladies will be at Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg on Sunday August 27th from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM as part of our THANK YOU Event!

We remain truly grateful to every angel out there that has stepped up to donate, shared our urgent request for donations to assist them when they needed a helping hand and has kept them in their best wishes!

It has been 24/7 care for 1 day shy of two weeks since they were rushed from their foster home to emerge and though, I am exhausted, I am now so happy that they both are doing great…..

Donated To Date: $2,693
Bills To Date: $3,365.02

You can call Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

UPDATE: BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey – the two 8 month old Saint pups.

Donated To Date: $2,398
Bills To Date: $3,365.02

Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR email transfer to

OR PayPal to

BHRR’s Lacey:
Almost normal! 
Eating and drinking well
Stools are slightly soft yet formed
Urine is normal 
Energy level is playful and affectionate 
Remains on famotidine, sulcrate, metronidazole, S250 and will start Panacur tomorrow
Off the cerenia 
Eating 5 small meals a day of Gastro wet/dry and will be transitioning over to her regular food as of tomorrow
Still eating the Forti Flora daily

BHRR’s Cagney(in photo)
Catching up to her sister slow but sure!
Eating and drinking much better!
Some diarrhea noted yet her stools are most often soft yet formed
Urine is only slightly concentrated 
Energy level is alert, she has small bouts of playful!
She tires more easily than her sister and then likes to settle done with my own Wolfie Brogan in his custom made bed now that they are home with me. 
She is not 100% yet getting there!
Remains on Cerenia, famotidine, sulcrate, metronidazole, S250’s and will start Panacur shortly 
She is eating so well her own five smaller meals per day of gastro wet/dry plus a/d
She will remain on this food for awhile before transitioning over to her regular food

I cannot express enough thanks and warmth of appreciation to so many that have stepped up to our desperate cry for assistance to help them…..all of you are Saints…Saint Angels! 

Tanya & Frank – your foster babies are doing great.

We still have almost $1,000 to pay off in bills since August 12th and even $5.00 is huge to us if you may consider helping us with their emergency bills…

We have our already planned Vet bills of BHRR’s Ryder’s neuter/Cherry eye surgery coming up on August 31st – he saw the surgeon today and we have had to delay a bit BHRR’s Daffodils’ own spay/mass removal etc. as we get The Saint Ladies emergency bills paid off. 

From our home to all of our supporters, family and friends, we wish all a good night!


UPDATE: Look at BHRR’s Lacey(l) & BHRR’s Cagney(r)?! 
The two 8 month old Saint Pups!

Donations To Date: $1,565 
Bills To Date Between Alta Vista, Pharmacies, KAH etc.: $3,190.09

Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR email transfer to
OR PayPal to

BHRR’s Lacey
*on a great upward path
*still having some loose stool yet mostly formed now
*putting on weight 
*continues on meds like sulcrate, famotidine, metronidazole, cerenia, S250’s etc. 
*on Forti Flora
*eating small meals of Gastro wet/dry & a/d
*drinking well and urine is only slightly concentrated
*no vomiting or nausea 
*energy level almost normal and she has many periods of playful behaviour 
*bright, alert and is so happy  This lovely lady is a ‘gentleman’s girl’! She loves all humans yet the males she is drawn to even more like a magnet!

BHRR’s Cagney
*amazing turn upwards
*no vomiting or nausea 
*putting on much needed lost weight 
*still having some bouts of diarrhea yet stool is firming up
*continues on meds like sulcrate, famotidine, metronidazole, cerenia, S250’s etc.
*she is eating small frequent meals of a\d with Gastro wet/dry
*drinking well and urine is only slightly concentrated
*energy level is alert, bright and she has playful moments 
*she is so much happier and uber affectionate – so bonded to me. Loves everyone!

I have remained in constant contact with their temp foster home and The Ladies are going to remain with me at this time. I am much closer to an animal emergency hospital if needed(1 hour drive over their almost 1.5 hours) and as we do not know what they were exposed to, safest for them to stay here.

We wish to be clear that throughout this whole nightmare over the past week, their temp foster home and we have worked closely together and have had the same goal in mind, the welfare of these two Saint pups. They are wonderful people, not new to dogs or puppies and have operated their own responsible/quality rescue for 7 years now.

Casting blame or pointing fingers serves no purpose and all of us have worked wonderfully together to attempt to figure out what the Saint pups got into and why BHRR’s Cagney also had a partial obstruction.

I want to publicly thank Tanya and Frank for stepping up to temp foster them when a foster home was urgently needed for them in July to be able to assist them.

We also remain so grateful to all that have donated and/or shared to date and we still have a huge vet bill that we need to get paid off.

Any consideration to their cause would be beyond touching and we would be so incredibly filled with gratitude… 

With two already planned spays, a neuter, a mass removal and a cherry eye plus now BHRR’s Granite’s Lyme’s disease diagnosis/treatment on our upcoming schedule, any assistance with The Saint Ladies emergency bills would truly be so appreciated…..we really would be thankful for anything….

From our home to all of our family, friends & supporters AND on behalf of The Ladies, good night wishes being sent…..


UPDATE: BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey – the two 8 month old Saint Pups

Donations To Date: $1,495
Bills To Date Between Alta Vista, Pharmacies, KAH etc.: $3,012.71

Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR email transfer to
OR PayPal to

BHRR’s Lacey(in picture)
*was on a great upswing until last night and then had a big vomit at just past 11 pm
*still having diarrhea
*continues on meds like sulcrate, famotidine, metronidazole, cerenia etc.
*refuses to eat the progut, so back on Forti Flora
*after a bit of a rough night, this afternoon is back to eating small amounts of Gastro wet/dry & a/d
*drinking yet urine is still concentrated
*energy level goes from being almost normal to quiet and subdued

BHRR’s Cagney
*passed a 5″ block of stool that had bits of tree pieces like twigs – long and narrow and a small irregular shaped object that is either a stone or piece of cement/concrete.
*explosive and now slightly bloody diarrhea
*after not vomiting since Saturday at Alta Vista Animal Emergency vomited once late last night – 11:30 pm and then again just before 12:30 AM
*continues on meds like sulcrate, famotidine, metronidazole, cerenia etc.
*does not like the progut yet also did not like the Forti Flora
*as of this afternoon, she is back to eating tiny amounts of a\d with a sprinkle of Gastro dry
*IV fluids required as she is not drinking well and urine is concentrated
*energy level is flat

I have dialogued in depth and many times over with their temp foster home re: possible causes of the toxin exposure and the partial obstruction and the Vets continue to treat the pups the best that they can….

The way they wag their tails slowly when they see me, shows me both how crappy they feel yet that they are also happy to see me…

We remain so grateful to all that have donated and/or shared to date and these pups really need their BHRR village/community to rally round them….they really do…

I have had so little to no sleep for some time now and I know I will not be able to rest until they are healthy again….breaks my heart…

UPDATE: On BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey – the two 8 month Saint pups. 
URGENT NEED For Donations! 

Both have been transferred to under Kanata Animal Hospitals care this AM.
613-836-2848 for donations

OR email transfer to
OR PayPal to

Donations To Date: $1,000 – Tears of sheer gratitude being sent out!
Total Bills To Date: $2,852.73

BHRR’s Lacey – in picture 
*fecal smear done
*had fecal done last Thursday so was not repeated and was negative
*recheck exam
*remains on Famotidine, Sulcrate 
*prescription special ordered for more meds 
*will be de-worming yet again with Interceptor & Panacur once stomach/gut settles
*Progut will be started and she will be taken off of Forti Flora 
*she is eating Gastro wet and dry and doing well
*she has gained weight since Saturday – now 39.2 kgs
*her Vet @ KAH also believes a toxin exposure is the cause of her being ill
*she is being taken off the Benadryl from the allergic reaction she developed in hospital at Alta Vista Emergency 
*Vet does not want her to be on clindamycin for her mouth – the Vet has found three of these granulating wounds in her mouth – there was 2 noted by Alta Vista on Saturday – cause is not known – inflammed, some pus yet with all the stomach/gut issues, feels it is too much for her right now. Her Vet at KAH says that one is a puncture wound. Fostermom did say that one of their own puppies they own has grabbed her on the mouth. 
*has not vomited since Saturday and is drinking some. Urine is concentrated.
*still has diarrhea

BHRR’s Cagney – not doing as well as her sister
*recheck exam
*fecal smear
*had fecal done last Thursday so was not repeated – was positive for Coccidia
*remains on Famotidine and Sulcrate
*repeat x-rays done to confirm is partial obstruction and is moving and yes….deep in colon now and no longer in cecum area – will continue to be monitored and surgical measures taken if necessary 
*prescription meds special ordered 
*will be de-worming yet again with Interceptor and Panacur once stomach/gut settles
*Progut will be started and she will be taken off Forti Flora – which she has not eaten as is
*as of late last night, she has begun to nibble at some wet a\d food and now today she has eaten some wet a\d food twice and now some dry Gastro kibble has been offered around 1 pm and she ate that too.
*she has lost weight since Saturday – 37.6 kg now 
*her Vet @ KAH also believes that there has been a toxin exposure 
*she is being taken off of Benadryl from the allergic reaction she developed while in hospital at Alta Vista Emergency 
*is drinking some, urine is concentrated 
*still having diarrhea
*has not vomited since Saturday. Did have one small nauseous moment on Sunday late afternoon yet only a small amount of drool noted 
*subdued and quieter than her sister

We truly would be so humbled and forever filled with appreciation for any consideration to their bills…..

One other thread link is below of their story…..and I promise to update as I can.

UPDATE: BHRR’s Lacey & BHRR’s Cagney, the two 8 month old Saint Pups

Donations To Date: $880.00
Alta Vista Emergency Animal Hospital Bills To Date: $1,051.15 – Invoice Attached & Posted on FB also
Additional Bills – Special Gastro Food, Forti Flora, Pharmacy for Benadryl & Famotidine To Date: $267.14
Further Treatment & Diagnostics Estimate – 12-24 hours $1,300 – $2,000 per Pup

Donations can be made via email transfer to or via PayPal to

Picture of the girls as we wait for the Vet after our arrival at Alta Vista and the one invoice.

BHRR’s Cagney – weight 38.5 kg
*Subdued and quiet and vomited 6 times in hospital before Cerenia injection was given. 
*Has not vomited since the Cerenia and zero interest when offered a small amount of Gastro wet food about five minutes ago. ?
*x-rays cannot rule out a FB – possibility of a foreign body
*possible toxin ingestion
*no concern re: bloat at this moment
*was given Benadryl injection shortly after demonstrating that she was having an allergic reaction some time after arriving at Emerge 
*Sulcrate, Famotidine and Forti Flora also part of her treatment plan
*Given fluids 
*monitoring and not doing as well as her sister 
*urine is normal and had one soft yet well formed stool and then has been back to diarrhea again

BHRR’s Lacey – weight 38.3 kgs
*Quiet and subdued
*Vomited three times in hospital before Cerenia injection was given 
*Has now eaten a small amount of wet Gastro food with Forti Flora and doing well
*no worry at this time re: FB(foreign body)
*toxin exposure cannot be ruled out
*no concern re: bloat at this moment
*was given Benadryl injection shortly after demonstrating that she was having an allergic reaction some time after arriving at Emerge 
*Sulcrate, Famotidine and Forti Flora also part of her treatment plan
*Given fluids 
*small granulating yet inflamed with some pus wound found in her mouth – on Antirobe/Clindamycin antibiotics now
*urine is fine and no diarrhea had – has not had a bowel movement at all

Thank you on behalf of their temp foster parents – Frank & Tanya, the Saint Ladies and myself for all of the beautiful well wishes and most generous and caring donations to date.


UPDATE: BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey, the two 8 month old Saint pups are still at Alta Vista Emerge Animal Hospital 

DONATED TO DATE: $290 – Thank you… very much! 

While both were here they developed an allergic reaction while in Hospital. Both have been treated with Benadryl, Cerenia and are being given fluids. X-rays also have been done. No obvious FB yet cannot be ruled out. I have dialogued with the Vet re: toxicity as a possibility too.

Sadly, their condition has deteriorated since we first arrived – lots of retching and vomiting and then both of them are having this allergic reaction. Needless to say, Foster Parents are incredibly distressed as am I. 

We would be beyond grateful for any donation to their cause. We really would be so grateful.

Alta Vista Emergency Animal Hospital Number:


File for both of them is under our Rescue name and the phone number of 613-725-4279.

Donations can be made direct to the Hospital by credit card or via email transfer to or via PayPal

I am so sorry to be begging for funds yet we are in huge need and I promise to post an update as I learn more and also costs of their Vet visit….

Please keep them in your thoughts….

If you click on the picture you will learn more re: why we rushed in……

URGENT: we are in need of any immediate donation consideration. 

BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey, the 8 month old Saint pups are both being rushed off to Alta Vista Emergency Animal Hospital.


I received an email and vm from their temp foster home that BHRR’s Cagney was vomiting, bringing up bile, burping and was restless plus whining. Then, now I have been told BHRR’s Lacey is also doing the same…

I am now enroute to Alta Vista Emerge Hospital to meet their temp foster mom/dad there – Tanya & Frank (of Poet’s Vision Aussie Rescue) -and I have called and set up files for both of them under our Rescue name and phone number of 613-725-4279.

Donations can be made direct to the Hospital by credit card or via email transfer to or via PayPal

I am so sorry to be begging for funds yet we are in huge need and I promise to post an update as I learn more and also costs of their Vet visit….

Please keep them in your thoughts….

A couple of photo’s from their temp foster home – THANKS Tanya/Frank of Poet’s Vision Aussie Rescue for loving on them and being their emerge temp foster home!

Yesterday was a busy day!

BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey came to work with me and were vetted, loved on and admired by many! After work, I drove them to their emerge temp foster home where they shall stay until September 1st.

Thank you again to Tracey and to her incredible family for all that they did for them from Tuesday night to Sunday AM until I could get them. She would not even let me pay for her gas or reimburse her for the toys she bought them….

I only had these two beautifies less than 36 hours yet I fell in love, hook, line & sinker. Incredible Saint babies….just so sweet!

Their Vet bills came to $799.16 yesterday.

BHRR’s Cagney – 36.8 kg
BHRR’s Lacey – 36.1 kg
*Both are nice and lean and yes, small female Saints. When Tracey picked them up, they were a bit on the thin side, so we upped what they were eating in their previous home.

Both are battling ear concerns in all of their ears. Ear cytologies were done on both girls ears and both girls began treatment in their ears at KAH. BHRR’s Lacey’s right ear which was deeply inflamed will get a second treatment next Monday.

They both were given a Bravecto for fleas/ticks and also Heartworm protection via Interceptor which also has a de-worming component.

BHRR’s Cagney has a bad bacterial skin infection and is now on Cephalexin 750 mg, every 12 hours for 3 weeks.

BHRR’s Lacey had pre-op bloodwork done and was microchipped. BHRR’s Cagney had already been spayed(pexied also on July 3rd) plus microchipped prior to us getting them both. BHRR’s Lacey will be spayed when she is more age appropriate to spay a giant breed.  BHRR’s Lacey’s spay/pexy incision is mildly infected. Her previous home mentioned to their Vet Hospital and to us that they had trouble keeping her quiet/calm. 

Both had Nail Trims and thorough exams. They stole the hearts of all they met at KAH yesterday! Such wonderful pups….

I began crate training when I arrived home with them on Sunday and by the time I got to work with them yesterday, they made nary a peep in the big run they hung out in off and on during my shift.

Not one accident in my home, only one in Tracey’s and none to date in Tanya’s.

They are learning to play and obtaining more manners – Tracey you truly did an amazing job with them for they barely pulled with me. They just like to zigzag on their leashes and that is easily corrected!

They sit before their leashes go on, they sit before eating, they sit before going out – all important safety things and both are responding beautifully.

Thank you to Tanya for stepping up to love on them and continue their public socialisation and training while in your care as this is so crucial for them to remain positively balanced and well rounded. We want them to be assets to home and community.

To state again, they are NOT YET Available For Adoption. They will not be for at least five weeks and people are welcome to follow their detailed individual blogs that shall be set-up.

BHRR ONLY places per right match personality fits and we are never desperate to adopt our dogs, we do not flip dogs and we remain patient for the right homes to find our dogs.

Our goal is to do right by every dog in our care and we have 14 amazing dogs that are available for adoption right now for those seeking to adopt at this time.

HERE IS A VIDEO of these lovely ladies playing at their emerge temp foster home this AM. Thanks again Tanya!


 AND to post here as we have on facebook: No, both Saint pups will NOT be adopted together. That is not in the best interest nor is it in the best interest of most siblings unless they are not just a bonded pair yet truly are a pair that really complement each other. 

Already I can see where each one shall benefit in time from being adopted away from each other. For right now, they should have each other and as they settle in, they will make strong friendships with other dogs more suited to their own individual personalities and be worked with to build up a wonderful foundation plus where they are weak instead of depending on each other to compensate for their own weaknesses.

Got them!

BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey!

Two small yet truly lovely 7.5 month old Saint Pups.

Thank you Tracey & Kathy for everything! 


ISO: someone between Port Hope and Spencerville, Ontario who may be open to myself having a bit of a pit stop tomorrow afternoon with two lovely 7 month old Saint Pups for about 30-45 minutes.

They are doing a lot of travelling tomorrow and would love to give them a special adventure break after I meet the transport to pick them up in Port Hope.

Please email if you may be open to myself crashing for a 30-45 minute visit tomorrow afternoon with two gorgeous Saints.

*Fenced in yard a MUST*

Thanks in advance for any consideration!

Finally! A ‘still’ moment for Miss Y!  Miss X – BHRR’s Lacey is also in the photo.

So, tonight’s good night wishes are from Miss Y – BHRR’s Cagney, the 7 month old Saint Pup.

Sean has not yet decided on their names…I think he is waiting until I pick them up on Sunday. 

Thanks Tracey for the great photo yet again and for today’s adventure update!

You have doing an amazing job with them to keep them social and interacting with humans plus other animals. Thank you! They remain in a maturing crucial social development stage plus pre-stranger danger age and you are giving them such a solid foundation!

‘They had a good day today. Took a trip to PetsMart and they picked out a Dino bone each. Left lots of goober on many staff and customers 
I tried to get a pic of them each chewing on an end of this toy but of course as soon as the camera comes out they stop! At least they are playing with it. Also finally a pic of Miss Y sitting still.’

Cutie #1 & Cutie #2! The 7 month old Saint Pups. 

Per Tracey:

‘So for their morning adventure the girls and I went downtown to visit my coworkers. They all fell in love of course. We left behind lots of drool and hair for them to be remembered by 
We then went for a walk around the park which is overrun with squirrels! My arms are now a few inches longer but at least they are even LOL! They want to greet everyone who passes but were good about sitting for the meeting. Once they are tired they walk like a dream!’

They were also have some loose/softer stools this AM yet per Tracey that seems to be resolving. Excitement and some stress over the past 24 hours for these two girls.

Both are booked in at KAH to see our Vets on Monday and from there shall be heading off to their emerge temp foster home until September 1st.

Still nameless… in picture) is super sassy, spicy, on the go, places to go, people to see, busy be, fearless, keeps you on your toes and the other(right in picture) is calmer, more chill, content to smell the roses, takes life in stride, does not sweat the small stuff or even the big stuff….

Need a ‘match set’ pair of names to fit their very distinct great personalities! Awesome suggestions made to date on the other thread and nothing is counted out as of yet!

Thanks Tracey for this great photo!


Another busy day for us at BHRR with another good night story….

Thanks to Tracey & Kathy being ready to mobilise so fast, we were able to pick up both female Saint puppies tonight.

They are actually 7.5 months of age – Born December 3rd, 2016 and will be in safe hands until I can make the drive to pick them up on Sunday, then begin to Vet them on Monday and from there drop off to their emerge temp foster home which they shall stay with until September 1st.

As always, it takes a village and the BHRR village came together fast and strong for these two wee beauties. Thank you again Tracey, Kathy and also to Tanya! 

We will be giving them new names for a number of reasons including that a dog in their current safe haven spot has the same name as one of them.

We like names that ‘go together’ and in the past we have named Saint litter-mates:

Frank and Bean
Rain and Beau

And other pairs we have named at BHRR:
Bilbo and Baggins
Timon and Pumbaa
Rose and Petal
Sugar and Spice
Coco Chanel and Coach etc..

So, name guru’s looking for a ‘match set’ pair of names for these two smooth coat Saint Babies.

Kathy and Tracey have suggested ‘Thelma’ and ‘Louise’. As always, Sean has the final say and bring on the suggestions!

Thanks Kathy for the pics!


Tomorrow night I shall also be sending out the next round of availability for the special auction dates. Only 10 more to book!

AND on that wonderful note, from our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, we wish all a good night….

UPDATE: FILLED! thanks again Tanya!

ISO: Emegency BHRR Approved Temp Fosters – we have an urgent request for not 1 but 2 Saint puppies. 6 months of age.

I cannot bring direct into my own home right now as I just took in BHRR’s Ryder & BHRR’s Gus plus BHRR’s Daffodil is having surgery next week and my own Wolfie, Brogan is being neutered plus pexied next week.

I would be seeking 4-6 weeks for emergency temp fostering. BHRR provides everything – crates, bowls, food, collar, leash, vetting etc.

Location: Kingston to Montreal area

If any of our of our approved BHRR volunteer homes can assist, please do email me for more details…

NOTE: if you are an approved adoptive home, you are also an approved temp foster home if your circumstances allow for it!

Thanks in advance….