BHRR shall be closed for the intake of adoption applications and shall not approve any adoptions from Monday October 23rd to Wednesday November 1st inclusive.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many other Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will network these requests to r/q organisations for we remain closed for intake. 

This photo is of BHRR’s Navy. 

This is how special Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson is….

The BBBBB that is with him was once known a D211 – Dane #211. Yup…just a number to track how much money was made off the babiesthey forced her to pump out. 

She is safe now and while D211 was her identity to her horrific puppymillers, to us we have called her *BHRR’s Gem*. For she is one…precious and valuable.

Terrified, not even 100 pounds, covered in wounds – you can even see some of them along her side, chest and neck, oozing infection, horrible overgrown nails plus riddled with parasites (we will post more on her story on our Facebook page shortly). We will share with everyone just how special this girl is and that Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson knew instantly how special she was….for he is super special himself!

Terrified and ranging from catatonic to major flight mode, Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson has not left her side since I made the 20 hour round trip toassist in this bust and then took her home with me as she needs us so badly right now….AND after two days, she finally rested. He is her GuardianDane and he is going to help her heal a lot…..

Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson wishes all a good night…..he is so fabu!

Special picnic snack auction Date #18 is now happening! 

I am told the ‘no couch rule is going strong’ – same home having this date as they did with BHRR’s Granite yesterday and my response was ‘I can see that!’ 

Thanks for the evidence….I mean photo Elizabeth White! 

I think Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson(he is blind and can only hear 11% between both ears) believes that if he makes himself as small as possible, no one shall notice!  

He is doing really well and has learned the touch and also louder verbal signals for right/left/straight and I have been teaching him sensitivity training via a long leash and we are now up to two long leashes connected. He is a rock star!! 

He also knows ‘car’ & ‘stairs’ & ‘door’ and of course he knows his name and ‘no’ and ‘good’ and ‘boy’ and so many other wonderful words!!! He also knows ‘final pee’ before bed and is proud of himself!! AND we are so proud of him! 

So many Brazilian Angels came together to help save him and try to save his two remaining litter-mates – all special needs and dumped on the streets. 

Here is the group link detailing his journey/story and our continued efforts in now working to try and save another special needs there.


Sunday July 9th @ Pet Valu Stittsville – Our 10th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser AND So Much More!
*No appointments necessary

2017 marks our 10th year of hosting this exciting event!

BHRR has been precedent setting in the community in seeing more cats & dogs microchipped to give them the best chance possible to get home should they be lost or stolen.

More information in link above and in poster!

Our 6th Annual 1 of a kind, unique and creative Date Auction is NOW Closed!

What a finish!

I will be in touch by end of night Sunday to ALL winners via email to confirm their wins with the Master log made by wp.

Please bear with me and be patient as I have 24 Dates plus the Dine Tickets to reach the Winners about!

Do not send money until I have contacted you. Thanks!

Thanks everyone for sharing, and/or participating and I look forward to scheduling these dates with the winners.

NOTE: BHRR reserves the right to decline any winner(s) on a date bid

Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson says after this exciting finish, he needs to go to bed!!


Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson!
8 months of age – Deaf/Blind
6 days post right eye enucleation and nothing is holding him back!

He has been rocking his scent plus touch training and look at him go with such confidence!

Winter Wonderland Day February 12th, 2017

For Jackson, he knows no limits as we have not set any for him! He is happy, healthy and living a wonderful life thanks to so many Brazilian Rescue Angels standing by his and our side!

If you know of a Great Dane in need, please do not hesitate to contact us at contactbhrr@gmail.com

We are a federally registered NPO that has been operating for over 21 years! We have a strong focus on the special needs Danes/Giants.

We also provide a safe haven for life for those that are deemed non adoptable due to medical and/or behavioural reasons.

What a truly special day today @ Pet Valu Stittsville for our 3rd Annual Grooming For Gretta Event!!

Thank you to Bre and her really amazing staff yet again for being the perfect hosts!! No matter how many times I asked, they would not allow me to clean up after ourselves upon leaving either!!

Thank you to Manon of Groomingdale’s for helping to do nails plus ear cleanings! We did nails ranging from 8 week old Ranger, the lab to almost 9 year old Scotty the Saint Bernard! What a delight meeting so many great pets!!

Thank you to the Maracle Family x 4, The Boerskins x 3 & also to you dear Gracie for lending a hand today to talk to our lovely visitors, to wash doggies and to help handle the beautiful BHRR’s Pearl(she has an announcement to make soon!) & Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson! Each of you continue to inspire me with your caring hearts with all that you do for BHRR!!

Thank you to each kind and generous visitor that stopped by to spend some time with us! I apologise again as I was not feeling my best and had a cracking voice.

Thank you to PV for the donations, and to each loving soul that donated. It was extremely generous! Be it food, treats, a toy for Jackson and/or monies to our cause, items to auction off and even for the couple of beautiful gifts for us….we remain humbled and honoured by your belief and support in our Rescue work! Thank you for giving our Danes such a great experience!

Thank you Jan and Jenny for the Timmie’s treats too!

This photo is of Brenna, one of Jacksons’ Brazilian Rescue Angels. In December she bought him his very own Costco Dog Bed for him to have upon his arrival to BHRR… which was January 7th. She is holding her rose of thanks from him!!

The animals’ of BHRR are blessed and all of you helped raise $614 to help pay for Vet Bills of BHRR’s Maple & The Brazilian Dane Baby!

Despite it being a cold winter day, my heart is deeply warmed thanks to so many!!!

Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson says ‘I am home…..took my pain meds and antibiotics like a champ, drank a bit, ate a bit and had tons of reassuring cuddles.’

He is now snoozing…..his eye area is naturally bruised plus swollen yet he is as handsome as ever!

So happy he is now home!!!

Thank you Brazilian Rescue Angels!

oday, this handsome young man met several of his amazing Brazilian Rescue Angels, and he and I met Maira for the first time…..

Another almost surreal moment that Jackson and Maira finally were able to meet!

Thank you Maira for coming today from Montreal and meeting us and other dogs in our program in need of us plus meeting other people who believed in what you and I plus Andrea were trying so hard to do and supported our rescue efforts for these Brazilian Dane Babies….

This was one of the beautiful moments caught today at our first BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open house of 2017!

Maira, I hope you found him to be well and happy plus healthy!

$352 was raised today to help him with his eye removal surgery tomorrow!



Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson(Deaf/Blind)

Every night before bed (AND we continue to work on the no couch & bed rules!) he ducks his head down and thinks that if we cannot see him, so that must mean….not yet time for bed!

He is partly on the futon bed and partly on the couch in this picture and has easily corrupted one of my own Danes to join him on the futon bed!!

What an adorable ham!

He thanks all of his new friends, fans plus supporters for helping us and working to raise the much needed funds to remove that one eye of his on February 6th that is causing him chronic pain…..

He is so touched to be told that the special picnic date with him offered on our 4th Annual ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Auction is up to a $120 bid!! He is feeling so much love and for those that have already had the joy of meeting this sole survivor of his litter, you shall agree that he is such a special soul deserving of all the great things the world has to offer!!

As the night comes upon us even deeper, this is my last post of my night….

It is one filled with such warmth(as always after an event!) and incredible thanks plus hope!

Warmth due to the wonderful hospitality of Pet Valu Kemptville who hosted us today at their location. Helpful, supportive and truly lovely to converse with.

Warmth due to the Maracle family for once again giving up a precious Saturday to hang with The Boerskins, my dear Brogan and also Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson plus BHRR’s Steam!

Warmth due to so many that came to visit with us…we had a truly special couple drive all the way from Woodstock, Ontario to come meet us and talk…..thank you….

Warmth due to the wonderful dogs, cats and even Timothy, the bunny who was like NO bunny ever….I wanted to steal him!

Incredible thanks due to the above and to all of our supporters, believers and friends/family that stand by us daily helping us to keep assisting those in need of our programs….you have no idea what each of you do has meant and does continue to mean to us….21 years we have now been in operation and that is THANKS to each and every strong link on that BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’!

AND I am filled with hope that we are going to raise what we need to help Jackson live the life he should have always had(and we remain filled with deepest sorrow that we could not get to *Safira* in time nor save *Nala*, two of his litter-mates nor the litter-mate that had been killed by dogs in Brazil prior to our knowledge of these deaf/blind puppies).

Today’s very touching total raised to help us with bills – BHRR’s Maple is having her mass removed January 25th and Jackson’s eye is being removed February 6th AND we have BHRR’s Rickards’ bills also to take care of – he is now on antibiotics for an infection as his blood-work revealed an elevated WBC.

This is a photo that Aaron took today of my Wolfie Brogan(who ended up at KAH on an emergency basis himself yesterday) and Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson – bff’s from the moment they met after Jackson miraculous arrival finally on January 7th! Snuggled up to each other and my feet.

I truly well up thinking of what also would have happened to Jackson should he not have been saved in time….that we managed to save one, while it was not the whole litter, that we were able to save one we have to hold dear to our hearts that can give him all that he deserves and needs for the best of futures……

AND all of that is thanks again to ALL of you….thank you! Thank you for understanding that we are here to always help the next in need of us and that sometimes means not in our back yard…Jackson does not know boundaries or borders and neither did Maira, Andrea or I….we stood together with our Brazilian Dane Angel Army and he is here safe/sound and happy plus healthy….he needed us, they all did….so badly….

THANK you to Jackson for showing so many today how normal a deaf/blind dog is and can be and that he is a gift! He taught and shall continue to teach a lot of people some fabu life lessons…

BHRR’s Steam….what can I say! LOL You are a flirt and we all remain patient….that right matched forever loving home shall find you one day….and if they never do, you are adored by all The Boerskins and your big fan club!

BHRR’s Steam, you surprised more than one person yourself with the completely normalcy of your own deafness/visual impairment. LOVE it…..love how people learn to not feel sorry for you and others like you….love how you show and teach them these valuable and important lessons!

Gwennie novel almost over…..please just know how grateful, humbled and truly thankful I am to a village, an community, an army for being there!

$292.35 was raised today!

Good night from my home to all of yours….

Brazilian Baby Jackson says we are at Pet Valu Kemptville today until 4 pm!

We are doing nails for cats/dogs/rabbits!
We are doing ear cleaning for dogs
We have some merchandise for sale AND
We have BHRR’s Steam also here and both of them are doing their Pooch Smooch Red Carpet Sessions!

We have already had dogs and one amazing bunny named Timothy so far for nails today!!

Thank you again Pet Valu Kemptville for this amazing opportunity to talk to people about what we do, to have them meet some of our fabu special needs dogs in our program and to talk responsible dog ownership etc.!

Thank you Aaron for this great pic!

A miracle happened last night….after just shy of four months of so much effort, *Jack* – the only remaining surviving special needs – blind/deaf Brazilian Dane puppy – arrived safe into my arms in Toronto at 11 pm last night….

He began his journey to us around 10:45 AM on January 5th….and I had him in my arms by 11 PM January 6th.

He is now 7 months old.

Welcome home Jack!!

Once again sending to all of his fans/supporters that have followed this journey closely on the Brazilian Dane Baby Group a huge Thank You! Thank you for being there throughout so many trials and tribulations plus what was a journey through hell yet we prevailed! Special thanks to my amazing rescue partners Maira & Andrea once more!

We shall also never forget his two special needs sisters *Safira* & *Nala*…..we tried….we tried so hard to also bring them to Canada for a better life….sadly, Safira died before we could get all three to a better place and one of safety and Nala died November 11th. We also think often of the fourth deaf/blind sibling that was killed by dogs prior to us being aware of these puppies AND we think also of the fifth blind/deaf sibling who is now on a chain going to spend the rest of his days being bred. 🙁

Dogs do not know borders or countries and neither do we…..a dog in need of us is who we are here to help as we have space….and Jack is alive and well! His future is one of happiness, health and overflowing with so much love!

Someone woke up Thursday January 5th so happy & ready to greet the day!

Someone is now 6 MONTHS of age!

Thank you Andrea and Maira!

We remain working hard behind the scenes on this…do not want to jinx anything…..hoping for some serious confirmation on things….and soon….

Will follow-up again tomorrow on this…..

Happy 6 month Birthday *Jack*!


This is a VIDEO of Jack & Nala playing with their first ever toys in Brazil! Can you imagine? Being 4.5 months of age and never having had toys to play with….

Donations for their care can be made via email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

We have to pay for boarding up to November 16th at the earliest (we are paying an amazing rate of $20 CDA/day) and continue to pay for Vetting and high quality kibble for them.

This is *Jack* & *Nala*, the two surviving(out of 4) deaf/blind Brazilian Dane Babies that we picked up on Friday October 14th and finally were able to bring to safety. This is them on their liberation ride in Brazil. After learning of *Safira’s* needless death last week, we promised to go legal and we able to then go in and pick up *Jack* & *Nala*.

We have been continuing to work behind the scenes in preparation for their arrival to Canada.

In order to do so, we are still fundraising and are in need of $1,415 more to make this miracle happen for them. They will die if they are left in Brazil. One of their deaf/blind siblings was killed by dogs before we knew about them and *Safira*, their other deaf/blind sibling died a completely terrible and unnecessary death from pneumonia. We begged to have her brought to the Vet and kept there on IV meds/fluids etc., and offered to pay for it all….to no avail. She died outside…alone, cold, hungry, unable to breathe properly. We knew after learning that she died(last we were told she was getting a bit better) that we had to do more and promised legal intervention to get the other two safe.

Thanks to Bre of Pet Valu Stittsville – 1250 Main Street – they are donating all monies this week & weekend from their DIY(Do It Yourself) dog wash!! So if you have a dirty dog or more, your monies would be given to this wonderful cause! No appointments necessary!

They have also so kindly offered to put out a donation jar to help. How thankful we are to them and quite a few others what we are calling Brazilian Rescue Angels in helping us raise the last amount we need to make this happen for two very sweet Dane babies.

They do not know borders or countries….and they are the next in need of our specialised programs. We want to bring them here to live quality filled happy lives and not worry about the next meal, or being killed by dogs or humans and not cared for when they are ill or injured. We do not want them being cold, afraid and confused. We want them loved and warm, healthy and well fed.

We had them brought to the Vet on Monday and both are being treated for terrible diarrhea. They have a severe infestation of tapeworms. They are on Drontal, Panacur, given Revolution, Bravecto and we did fecals.

As *Nala* was running a fever, we also did blood-work and learned that she is tickborne disease positive and so is on Doxy for the next month.

They are being boarded at a safe place and receiving excellent care. Thank you again to Maira for the donation to help me pay for boarding them and for high quality kibble for them to eat.

Thank you to Andreia for buying them their very first toys ever in the lives to play with. They are now 4.5 months old and so sad to think they never had their own toys….

I will post our gofundme page. if anyone may consider making a donation!

For those supporters of our continued efforts to save *Nala* and *Jack*, here is our Facebook GROUP to join. We will post our updates on that page.

We can also take email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or via PayPal(friend & family) option to gwen@birchhaven.org

Thanks on behalf of *Jack* & *Nala*!


*Safira* – Deaf/Blind Great Dane Puppy – 1 of the 3 Brazilian Babies
Born: June 4th, 2016 – October 11th, 2016

Our hearts are just crushed to learn of the passing of this 4 month old beautiful baby.

This journey to save three deaf/blind Dane puppies has been wrought with so much pain and stress plus worry…..

Prior to our knowledge of these three puppies, she had been spayed at the beginning of September in a not so good *place* and developed pneumonia.

An angel named Maira who has been working closely with me on saving these three deaf/blind Dane babies, helped me and we both made donations for medical care, good food and beds etc., to try and help Safira.

Sadly, the care is not always as great in other places and she passed away. Animals’ are often not looked upon in the same manner and she was also kept outside.

The feelings of helplessness plus honestly, frustration has been all consuming over knowing that if she has been here in Canada, we most likely could have saved her.

I never got to meet you Safira, yet Maira and I tried so hard from afar to have you done right by….

I have lost sleep, cried many tears during this journey of trying to help you and your remaining two deaf/blind siblings. I was so saddened to think that you even had a fourth sibling killed by dogs before we were contacted.

It is so bittersweet to feel that I am happy to say that as of this AM we now have your brother and sister safe and sound with wonderful trusted people until we can get their proper vetting plus paperwork and flights in order to travel. Yet, you should have been with them Safira. You also were suppose to be saved.

You died a horrible needless death, pretty much alone, hungry and most likely confused and scared. That breaks my heart…..so much.

You are deserving to have this memorial of your sweet precious gentle personality that never had the chance to blossom….

I loved and adored you even though thousands of miles separated us and I so regret that we were not aware of you and your siblings before you got sick and your one sibling was killed.

I regret never having had the chance to stroke those gorgeous ears of yours Safira, they look so soft.

I regret that I never will get the chance to smooch on those great wonderful lips of yours Safira.

I regret never having the chance to hold you in comfort and have you feel my heart beating strongly with so much love for you.

I regret not having had the chance to make you feel safe and cherished.

Being deaf/blind was normal to you and I regret never having the chance to help you live up to your full potential.

I regret so much Safira that others failed you….

I promise that we remain determined to see your two surviving siblings come to Canada and we will make it happen….we will beg, plead and grovel in their names for the assistance we need.

Dear sweet Safira, may you rest in peace with a full tummy, lungs that allow you to run with such joy and you will never have to have another cold night shivering and feeling alone.

For those supporters of our continued efforts to save *Nala* and *Jack*, here is our Facebook GROUP to join. We will post our updates on that page.

We are short $2,542 to make this miracle happen for them.

Donations can be made via email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or via PayPal gwen@birchhaven.org (friend & family option) and I here is our gofundme page.

Dogs do not know borders or countries and these deaf/blind Dane babies are deserving of so much. Even $5.00 is not too little.

Thank you to all of our Angels to date in believing in them and BHRR. Jack & Nala need all the angels they can….please consider their cause.


UPDATE: Between Donations & BHRR’s Flame’s Adoption fee: $1,580 raised to date!
STILL NEED: $5,362 more to help these 3 sweet deaf/blind Dane Babies. Please consider their cause!

On September 9th, 2016, Gwen received an email in regards to three deaf/blind Great Dane babies in need. Born June 4th, 2016 and we learned that a 4th sibling had been killed by dogs.

This then began BHRR’s biggest rescue effort to date……

We have been working hard behind the scenes to see if we could even make this happen and we are now at the point of reaching out to our BHRR village as we need your help to be able to assist them.

You see, they are located in Brazil and we are working with two amazing Pet Transport companies to ensure that nothing is missed and doing complete vetting(one pup is also battling pneumonia), obtaining all the required paperwork, crates, airfare, is going to require a lot of money to save these three deserving puppies.

So far, we have been making regular donations for dog beds, blankets, medications, treating the one pup for pneumonia, and vetting for de-worming, heartworm/tick/flea and also upcoming vaccines.Another kind angel, Maira has also made donations to help ensure they have better food.

We are still in need of $5,362 to save all three of these Dane babies and to bring them safely to Canada.

It is our position that we are here to help the dogs when we have space here in Canada and that dogs also do not know countries, boundaries or borders.

The quality of life for these three special needs Dane puppies is slim to none unless we can get them to our Haven.

Here is our gofundme page that we just sent up and we also have a group and we will post that later for people to join in support and assistance for these three special Dane pups. If you use gofundme over donating via PayPal or email transfer, they will keep 9.12% in fees.

We can take email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or via PayPal *friends & family* option to gwen@birchhaven.org also.

Our goal is to get them here within the month and before the weather embargo takes place – December 1st.

Thank you in advance to any and all that may consider their cause as a worthy one….