Someone got me up WAY too early yet, it was so worth it!
Look at her tail and body plus head position now. Yes!!!!! It does not happen often, yet, to see her head no longer inches from the ground, tail no longer tucked right up to her belly, body posed in tenseness ready for flight, is lovely.
We will have more and more moments like these as time passes…..
As of this afternoon, it shall be one week since this beautiful special creature came into our lives……her progress has been absolutely heart-warming!
BHRR’s Pearl, when you look at me now, it is not with the same level of terror, confusion and fear… look at me with hope and, traces of the budding humbling beginnings of trust…..thank you for those gifts….
She now looks around my face area instead of complete avoidance and, I keep encouraging her, calmly, quietly and patiently……
She lacks so much in self-confidence and, has no clue how to like herself or her own company……yet, we will get there, brick by brick.
She will now put a paw on me when she feels I have been on the computer long enough and, as long as I remain casual, do not look at her, I can drop a hand down and rub her chest gently for a few seconds…..then, like a flitting butterfly she flutters away to hover around me…..
Yup, she has forged so fast her own well entrenched wonderful spot in my heart…
Happy Sunday to all!!