My last post for my night, is about BHRR’s Pretty Pearl! I know people have been waiting with bated breath to see her next rehab journey instalment….
Well, it is WORTH the wait…..
Here is a video of her three weeks to the day that she arrived to BHRR!
Look who is not ONLY up on my bed yet, playing with me! First time! 
She has come light years from when she first arrived and, though she still has a long journey ahead, this was a huge leap. 
Still flighty, nervous, head will come down, tail tucked up to the belly at times, hand-shy and, startles at quite a few things yet, those bricks of a strong foundation are being laid with her comfort, confidence and being able to begin to like herself and her own company!

BHRR’S Pearl VIDEO MAY 17th, 2015