We are working on a silent auction to raise much-needed funds to pay for Miss Leah’s and Mr. Ernie’s vet bills.
If you have any items you may like to donate, please email

1) Saturday, July 6th, Ren’s Baseline – 9 AM – 3 PM – Baked goodies, nails, ears, anal glands, some merchandise for sale
1385 Baseline Rd Unit 3, Ottawa, ON K2C 3G1

2) Saturday, July 20th, 9 AM – 3 PM (BHRR)
2425 Totem Ranch Road West, Oxford Station, Ontario -*BBQ, Dog Collar/Leash & Horse Tack Sale, Nails, Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands

3) Saturday, July 27th – Gananoque! Thousand Islands Bark Bash
*Nail Trims, Ears/Anal Glands, Raffle Basket, Some items for sale

4) Sunday, August 25th – 10 AM – 3 PM (Leanne)
14 Canter Blvd, Nepean, Ontario

5) Saturday, September 14th – 10 AM – 2 PM – Brockville Hyundai
770 Steward Blvd, Brockville, Ontario
*Car wash, BBQ, some items for sale!

6) Fall Event: Paint Your Partner FUNraiser for Ottawa Rabbit Rescue & BHRR – Paint your friend, spouse, bf/gf, family member
Date, Time & Location TBD
*A fun plus hilarious night to free paint, then reveal and give your masterpiece to your friend/spouse, bf/gf, or family member!
*Silent auction and draw prizes, too

7) ONGOING – On February 21st, 2013, I received a most delightful and touching email from a woman named Allie MacAlister that is so very active in helping others

She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.  

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

10% of sales of her products will come to BHRR!

*You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, totes, greeting cards and SO much more! She will be adding products regularly.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

UPDATE: Mr. Ernie’s vet bill.

***$865 DONATED TO DATE!***

Mr. Ernie was at the vet today for a recheck after his bilateral entropion surgery. The Vet wishes to see him back in a month. X-rays of his knees/hips have been sent onward to two Ortho specialists to obtain their thoughts.

Always a popular boy!! 
He was also to have a recheck on that fractured tail, so he is waiting to hear back from the Vet. He was to have x-rays taken, as they were unfortunately missed at the time of his surgeries.
A kind soul from EVC sent me some pictures, and I did not even have to ask! 
He left with some eye meds as his eyes were a bit infected, particularly his right eye.
His weight is now 139.7 pounds. He has put on almost 20 pounds of much-needed muscle mass and weight since he first arrived.
His foster home is doing a great job, and he says that he is excellent with dogs and people, yet a bit too interested in cats and bunnies.
Once we figure out where we are headed with his knees and tail, we can move forward with his next steps!
Such a good boy!! 

UPDATE: Mr. Ernie’s vet bill.

***$695 DONATED TO DATE!***

Total charges, this invoice… 4121.38
H.S.T…. *535.78 – The tax does add up!
Total, this invoice… 4657.16
Your old balance… 293.53
Your new balance… 4950.69

UPDATE: Mr. Ernie’s vet bill.

***$517 DONATED TO DATE!***

Total charges, this invoice… 4121.38
H.S.T…. *535.78 – The tax does add up!
Total, this invoice… 4657.16
Your old balance… 293.53
Your new balance… 4950.69
He also has two blown CCL – the right side worse than the left.
We are waiting to discuss this further with his surgeon plus also to obtain an update on his tail, which was suspected of being fractured when he arrived at rescue.

AND Mr. Ernie has entered the building!
Thank you to his foster home for dropping him off at my work.
He is always such a huge hit!
Today, he is being neutered, having his bilateral entropion surgically repaired, his hips/knees xrayed, and to be microchipped if one is not found. The pound was to have had him microchipped.
We have had $250 donated to date between empties and donations, and would be so humbled to have any donations considered for his cause.
His bills will be in the several thousands.
AND if we need to surgically address his hips and/or knees even many more thousands of dollars shall be required.
Any donations to his bills can be made via email transfer or PayPal to
Please also consider donating your Empties!
Thank you on behalf of such a WOW boy!
This is him having his catheter being placed – what a character! 
We adore you, big boy, and we will figure out your bills…we always keep the faith…

$250 has been raised to date for BHRR’s Ernie!

We have many thousands of dollars more to raise.

Please do consider his cause to support!

Thank you SO much!

AND if you have any gently used items, new items, gift cards, gift certificates, or gift baskets to donate to a silent auction, please do EMAIL!

Thanks in advance!


We have been emailed a date for BHRR’s Ernie’s(DDB) bilateral entropion surgery, X-rays of those hips plus knees under sedation plus his neuter. We will also ensure that he is microchipped.
The date is March 12th. Surgeries were being booked for end of April/beginning of May yet they had an opening, and we needed to move forward.
This boy has waited long enough to get healthy to be able to have these procedures, and we need to know what is happening with those hips plus knees….
We are in urgent need of a surgery deposit – we are still paying off his other bills at this time, too – and need to raise $1,500-$2,000 by the 12th.
We know that it is asking a lot…we are only asking for his sake and hope that folks may consider his deserving cause to support.
We are hoping to run a silent auction in a couple of weeks, and Ottawa Rabbit Rescue offered up a joint paint night fundraiser back in 2023. TBA.
He is the sweetest of meatheads! 
This is him enjoying his Secret Valentine Admirer’s treat! A yummy smoked dino bone.
Donations to his cause can be made via email transfer or PayPal to
Please also consider donating your Empties!
If you have any new or gently used items, gift certificates, or gift baskets that you would like to donate to a silent auction for his benefit, please do advise.
We are also still trying to find a foster home for the Fawn mantle Great Dane. Her time is very limited right now.
Thank you!

Mr. Ernie was to have a recheck and boosters on January 8th.
His foster home reached out to say that, unfortunately, he had been exposed to Kennel Cough.
The vaccine – Bordetella – is like the flu shot, and the concern is not the kennel cough but the secondary infection of pneumonia.
So, we had to postpone his boosters and recheck, and sadly, his condition worsened, and on January 17th, we had him booked to be seen.
He was placed on antibiotics, plus meds for nausea/vomiting, and we may have to start his vaccine protocol from the beginning once he has become healthy.
We also cannot move forward with his neuter, address that fractured tail, or X-ray to properly diagnose what may be happening with his hips or knees.
Some days, it is so hard to catch a break. 
We have also entered a food crisis.
We continue to keep the faith!

BHRR’s Ernie was scheduled to have his next recheck, boosters, etc., yesterday, January 8th, yet his foster home reached out to say that he had been exposed to Kennel Cough.

So, unfortunately, until he recovers, we cannot move forward with his boosters and then schedule his x-rays under sedation, bilateral entropion surgery, neuter, etc.



BHRR’s Ernie – our newest addition to BHRR!

He is a DDB, ~2 years old, and a ham!

He has a possible fractured tail, hip, and knee issues, and needs bilateral entropion surgery and to be neutered. He came into the rescue quite skinny and has been putting on the weight nicely.

We shall be doing X-rays on his tail, hips plus knees when he is under for his neuter. He is far too painful to attempt to manipulate him without sedation. We have him on Gabapentin for pain management.

He has been dewormed, is on flea/tick meds, has had his first vaccines and is back for another recheck and boosters in January.

His bills to date are over $1,200.

He has been treated for ear infections, and we have him on a fish-based food to help with his skin and any possible allergies.

Thank you to his special secret Santas for the pressies, including a Wiggle Bumz collar, leash, treats, toys, and an orthopedic dog bed.

This picture is from his foster home with some of his goodies.




BHRR’s Ernie, playing with BHRR’s Jack(ADOPTED November 28th, 2023) VIDEO!

What we know to date for these two amazing dogs!
1) Miss Leah – has mammary tumours that shall require surgery, pathology. An abdominal mass was felt on December 3rd at her recheck, and she is scheduled for an u/s with the specialist, Dr. Ibey, on December 18th. She will require x-rays of her chest to ensure that she does not have any mets before going into surgery – should surgery be an option for her depending on the u/s results. She has put on 6 kgs since her arrival on November 4th; she is now 52 kgs(114.4 pounds).
2) Mr. Ernie has put on 5 kgs since his arrival on December 3rd. He is now 60 kgs(121 kgs). He had a recheck on December 12th for his ears – he is now on ear meds & to further examine a mass/lump found on his tail. He has been placed on Gabapentin, and once he is healthier, he will need surgery for his bilateral entropion, to be neutered, to address what could well be a tail fracture & may require a partial tail amputation plus a biopsy – we will x-ray along with x-raying his hips/knees while sedated. We strongly suspect HD, and cannot rule out cruciate issues on one or both legs.
Our doors are closed to intake, as both of these incredible dogs will require many, many, many thousands of dollars to rehabilitate successfully.

Busy day for BHRR today!
Miss Leah was at the vet for her recheck – details on her blog!
AND Mr. Ernie was picked up tonight from the kennel that we had him at after busting him out of the kill pound early as the worry per what we had been told is they can often kill animals earlier than the deadlines.
He is at the Vet tomorrow AM at 10:30.
His lovely foster mama said he gave kisses to her ALL the way home! We already knew he was a flirt, and he is going to steal MANY hearts! 
He is said to be super skinny, which we already knew, and was being fed 6 cups a day per the boarding kennel. We shall be working his daily intake up to 10 cups, and re-evaluate in 4-5 weeks.
Stress from being a stray, being in the kill pound, then being moved to a kennel, plus who knows how neglected/abusive his life was before he was dumped, has taken its toll on him. Not to mention the pain he is in with his eyes, ears, skin, knees, and hips. We will also be proactively plus preventatively de-worming him per our protocols and doing blood work.
He and Miss Leah shall have very high vet bills – both require surgeries, and our thinking caps are on to help figure out how to raise many thousands of dollars….
They are both incredibly deserving….
More soon!
Welcome to BHRR, Mr. Ernie!

So Mr. Ernie(what we are calling the DDB to keep with our Lion King theme), was pulled early this AM & being boarded until we can get him.
The fear from the rescue angel who contacted us to see if we could help is that he would still be gassed and gassed early. Apparently, this pound has euthanised earlier than their deadlines and even with commitment.
So, he was busted out! This is him!  Such a sweet boy! I am very jealous of you, Megan, for fostering this gem! He is going to be such a joy
We are wondering if anyone may consider donating to help us with boarding fees as we work on figuring out when/how to get him.
Donations can be made via PayPal or via email transfer to
Thank you to Leanne & Cameron for offering to be his special SS & thank you to all for considering his cause to support. 

We will follow our Lion King theme as we have done with previous DDBs we have assisted and call him “Ernie”. This is after Ernie Sabella, the voice of Pumbaa in The Lion King.

Male DDB(French Mastiff). About 2 years of age.
He was picked up as a stray.
Said to be so super sweet and gentle, and great with people.
What we have also been told:
‘He is at the gassing pound and came in as a stray. He has hip issues, some smaller masses, allergies, eye infections, and entropion in both eyes. Ear infections.’
We were contacted today about him. However, I did see the op on him yesterday. The kind Angel trying hard to save him put him under a ‘tentative safe’ status as they wanted to reach out to us.
He was at high risk of being put to sleep. 
As a special needs rescue, we would address his medical issues. We just needed a soft, safe foster spot for him to land….
*I have asked about: dog and cat interactions, and we are waiting on a video. There has not been any concern noted to date, though.