I have BHRR’s Pearl!
She was surrendered with halti(we will remove as it is ill fitting), collar, leash, dog bed, bowl, dog food and, the home gave BHRR a $50 kind donation for gas. We will use it for ‘Pearl’. 
For those that still feel in their hearts to judge, do remember that instead of surrendering her to a high kill pound or shelter, putting her to sleep, putting her up on kijiji, giving her to someone without screening etc., the home made the right decision in contacting experts with the Dane breed and, a r/q experienced plus knowledgeable group that is educated in rehabilitation of behavioural issues(she has resource guarding) and, is an organization that has a very thorough adoption screening process.
This Dane is also extremely nervous, lacks confidence and, in the wrong hands, a clear set-up for failure would happen. 
She is a victim to divorce and, the home has tried for the past year to make things work, even having a family member take ‘Pearl’, which in the end was not successful.
Unless we walk in the shoes of others, we truly do not know the whole story and, I bore witness today as to how hard it was for this home to say good-bye to her.
‘Pearl’ is sad, confused, scared and, this was a hard owner surrender……
I had offered up my behavioural services to assist also to try and help the home keep her yet, they felt it was in the best interest of this Great Dane to surrender her.
It has been a sad drive towards home over the last couple of hours and, I want to thank Lianne and Cliff again for the donation of a Costco Dog Bed for her and, for bringing it to KAH yesterday! Rescue Angels!!
Welcome to BHRR, ‘Pearl’…….

We will do Heartworm testing, put her on heartworm preventative, de-worm her, do a fecal and, per her previous Vet records, she has a heart arrhythmia that shall require further investigation. She did see a cardiologist in 2012 – her birthday is in September and, I will make copies to post in from her file sent my way.

We are home and, in almost 28 years doing Great Dane Rescue, I have never had a GD actually poop in fear, she was so scared when she saw Sean and Mason and Kinsley. They were not even near her.
AND, BHRR deals with fear and terror on levels
most groups will not and/or cannot.
She is that scared…..and, worried….
Temperament is not just environment, it is genetic and, the ‘shyness’ gene is a trait that cannot be changed. Behaviour is not changed, it is modified to be made the best that it can be……
She will be with us for a long time….yet, we are not ever in a rush……patience is one of my middle names!
So, starts our journey together and, this shall be one I know that will make me feel many emotions……she is that terrified and confused….
Baby steps…..something we know a lot about……

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**IF I am forgetting any of her ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**

Her Great Angels:  $50.00* donated to date & Current Vet Bills are: $o.oo
*Before PayPal fees
Lianne & Cliff – Costco Dog Bed
Previous Home – $50