BHRR’s Pearl went to her new forever loving adoptive home tonight!
February 12th, 2016

This photo is of a moment between BHRR’s Pearl and her new adoptive mom when we did the home-visit for her possible adoption. Peanut butter makes the world an awesome one!

It always brings me so much happiness and some tears in seeing one of BHRR doggies leave…

This girl sure went on an amazing journey of rehab at BHRR and I am the better person in having been touched by such a ‘gift’ of a Dane.

From a dog that lacked so much in confidence, did not even know how to like herself, was terrified of the simplest of kindness and touch, she is now a hyper social harle which so many can once again attest to at our latest BHRR “EXPERIENCE” mini open house (January 31st).

What a far cry from the ‘shadow’ of the dog she once was. BHRR’s Pearl more than lives life now, she brings life to the hearts of all those that are blessed to be touched by her…..

Parting with her tonight was truly a ‘sweet sorrow’ as they say….yet, this is what we must do, adopt out those we can, so we can help the next in need. For a Dane that we once wondered if she could even be placed up for adoption and may have remained a treasured BHRR Haven dog, this is an incredible reward to see her be adopted…..

Thinking of her new home and her and all that life will bring them with so many amazing experiences……time, patience, consistency, obedience plus a big measure of love are going to keep this fabu Harlie building upon the strong foundation built at BHRR.

I will miss you… much beautiful Pearl.