AND we are on our way……..shortly!
Today is the day, BHRR’s Riot goes to his new forever loving adoptive home!
Another BIG, and I mean BIG personality that shall be dearly missed.
This once catatonic terrified anorexic boy is no more! Social vocal playful goofy puppy brain all the way for him!!
Going to miss you BHRR’s Riot. I am going to miss your big amazing heart that gets bigger every day and, your zest for life, the way you cross your front legs and can appear to be so regal(yet, we all know the real goober you actually are!), your ‘telling me off’ if I am too slow making your food, your bouncing, and prancing(gosh, you have gorgeous movement – you practically float across the ground), your willing to take a mile with anyone who does not make you mind your manners as they are laughing too hard at your antics.
I am going to miss your always so happy, affectionate, never a half measure type of guy attitude towards life.
May you continue to flourish and blossom in the direction you need to go and, may your gorgeous spirit never be broken – just harnessed in the right ways!
Love you, adore you and yup, the tears are going to flow……
BHRR’s Riot is the fourth of my fosters to be adopted in July and each one has left their own inspirational heart-warming stamp upon my heart and soul………