BHRR’s Riot(male blue GD) says he is also ready to make his special announcement!
He is great with dogs of all shapes and sizes, people he also adores – from kids to seniors, his manners are almost perfect as a gentleman, travels great in a car, friendly, social, outgoing and, a really personality filled ‘riot’.
This was the GD that was terrified and catatonic and, a proper evaluation was not able to be done by the shelter. He had a really terrible bronchial infection and, was skinny.
NOT any longer! He has been successfully rehabbed and, he is going to steal so many hearts for he has most certainly stolen mine!
He is going to make a home a positively WOW addition!!!
Congratulations you silly, smiling making, clown boy!

Here is a Testimonial from the family that he visited for a play visit on March 7th, when we picked up The Lord Stafford from his own special picnic date.

“This guy is a wonderful Blue. Had the honor of having the fellow stop by for a quick visit. After quickly exploring the house, Mr. Riot took some time to pay attention to our pug/JRT mix Sally. Wrestling soon began and we quickly ushered them out to our backyard. Riot was very gentle with Sally and listened when asked to mind his manners. Sally, on the other hand, held nothing back and tugged at his ears and everything in reach to keep the play going. Ever the gentleman, Riot maintained his gentle play (patience of saint). They both settled down to explore the yard, looking like Yogi and Boo Boo going off on adventure. You would never know that this outgoing, curious fellow was once terrified and catatonic. It was a real joy to have him visit and play with our fur baby.”