How to describe Day 1 of the amazing PAW weekend at PV Stittsville?!
WOW, Incredible, Humbling, Touching, Outstanding, Beautiful and, Special?! Just a few words…….
The weather was absolutely glorious! The people and animals were beyond lovely and, here is just one of our most wonderful of guests that came out to visit with us today!
BHRR’s Herbie-licious, the Love Bug, BHRR’s Riot and BHRR’s Angel Noelle were the BHRR Guests of Honour today!
There were just so many powerful, emotional, great moments of my day!
Putting faces to names, meeting and talking ‘dogs’ and, ‘BHRR’ and, ‘r/q Rescue’ and, promoting responsible dog ownership etc. was a huge important part of our public awareness day.
People’s hearts were as kind as their hands and, PV Stittsville, YOU sure know how to host an event!
We felt so welcomed and, there was always an extra hand to hold a BHRR doggie so, I could do nails or microchips or ear cleaning etc.
To the Volunteers that came to lend hands and, knowledge and love and understanding and patience and, explain why a group like BHRR is needed and, why we exist, THANK YOU!
To give up such a gorgeous Saturday to spend it with the BIG Dawgs of BHRR, means the world to me! Those strong links on that BHRR “CHAIN OF SUCCESS’
This is our first community education event for 2015, we have not been out since November of 2014, and, to say that we are looking forward to tomorrow with excitement, is putting it lightly!
What a grand day……just grand……
I am going to rest well tonight….my heart is so warmed……just so warmed by all!
The BHRR doggies coming tomorrow are: BHRR’s Salem, BHRR’s Herbie-licious, The Love Bug(by popular demand!) and, I am going to bring my Skor. She has not been out since February to an event, and, this shall be really great for the miracle seizure GD pup!
Both photo’s below are courtesy of The Maracle Family and, are of BHRR’s Angel Noelle

DSC04374 DSC04401 (Medium)