Someone is hanging at KAH today for a recheck! BHRR’s Riot! How he prefers to drink.
He is up another 5.72 pounds! So, he now weighs 45.4 KGS(99.88 pounds). He still needs another 15 or so, for his current age/body conformation and, it will come.
Today, we did a manicure/pedicure, microchipped him and, he will receive his DAPP Booster plus Rabies.
Then, in about another week or so, he will have a very special announcement to make!
The Vet loves the muscle tone and mass that he has developed, especially in his hind end.  She also loved how his blue coat is becoming more and more healthy plus soft.
His obedience is doing wonderfully and, he is another BHRR dog that is going to make one lucky right matched forever loving home A FABU addition!! Adore him!!!

11041752_810455912354575_7382737618151627237_n IMG_6680