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2. ONGOING – On February 21st, 2013, I received a most delightful and touching email from a woman named Allie MacAlister that is so very active in helping others

She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.  

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

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The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

BHRR’s Jamila Update:
On September 2nd, Miss Jamila had further specialist assessments.
Her right eye has a cataract and will need to be removed. The left eye was hard to say as being a DM – double merle with those deeply recessed pupils – hard to get a good look yet, with both eyes being that typical milky white, the Vet pretty much feels it also has a cataract and will need to be removed.
Discomfort/pain is caused by the inflammation that accompanies cataracts as the protein structure of the lens changes. Inflammation of the eye, if left untreated, may also lead to glaucoma which is very painful for dogs. She is on prednisolone acetate drops every 8 hours.
We figured we would have to do a bilateral eye enucleation yet not due to cataracts. We felt that as she was a DM they would both need to be removed – recessed pupils, entropion, Microphthalmia that leads to painful chronic infections.
She is older than the 3-4 we were told she was. 6+ maybe. Does not matter to us, never does. We stepped up to assist when asked and we have been committed to all of her needs 100%.
Ears were cleaned again and more meds for eyes and ears. Her ear infections are from yeast and fungal spores. Ketoconazole was placed into both ears and we will do yet another ear cytology 2 week post-treatment.
Heart looks ok – x-ray posted – nothing like DCM noted yet, she does have bronchitis and very early stages of pneumonia- the latter part not surprising based upon how poorly she has felt since arriving. She has been placed on Clavamox.
It is hard for a dog to eat and drink normally when they are feeling like crap. For those that are not aware, a Giant Breed dog can drink about 10L of water a day. Miss Jamila is currently drinking on her own 500 ml/daily.
She is eating some a/d and recovery wet – it costs us almost $125 a case, so if anyone wishes to be a canned food rescue angel to help us purchase this food for her; we would be incredibly indebted. She is now eating about 2 cans of food a day with some kibble mixed in.
We have 8 cans of food left. Each can is 156 g.
The x-ray also shows Arthritis in her spine – not surprising as we know she is older than stated.
This x-ray shows that she does have stool and gas and that night, she had her first normal-sized Dane poop!
Unfortunately, her mature spay and lumps removal to then be set off to pathology has been postponed. It had been scheduled for yesterday. We need to get her healthy first yet, pyo is a big concern.
We are anxious to have those lumps removed and to have them sent off. The needle biopsies that we did showed some squamous cells.
We are equally anxious to get her spayed – an overbred female of her age, also being extremely special needs, a Giant – puts her at risk and in having the big concern for pyo and mammary cancer. Yet, we will not proceed until she is stronger plus as healthy as can be.
We remain so grateful to those that have stood by her/our sides. With your generous donations including through our fundraisers, we have been able to pay off all of her bills to date. Her bills have run us into the thousands since her arrival, and if seeing her happy plus healthy means we have to spend thousands more, we will. Her life before rescue was horrible, and we will ensure that her life is now one of safety and happiness plus health.
We shall continue to post updates and donations to her future bills – our Movie night will see all funds donated to her too! – can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966
OR via PayPal to
OR via email transfer to
Her mature spay/mass removal/histopathology will cost close to $1,500.
A bilateral enucleation will cost $3,500+ as this will be done by a specialist – we plan on using the same one that did our 3 deaf/blind mice(Dr. Philibert).
May be an image of x-ray

Update as promised.
Fecal smear – tons of rods, some cocci – should be more balanced for bacteria, so an overload of rods and not enough normal range cocci – waiting to hear back for parasitology for things like Giardia and Coccidia. She was de-wormed with strongid in Egypt.
She has been de-wormed again here.
UA – lots of struvite crystals, some WBC’s – all dogs should have some struvite crystals, she has an overabundance.
Very concentrated urine – >1.050.
Eye and ear infections, heart murmur.
Donations can continue to be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966
OR via PayPal to
OR via email transfer to
She is just not eating nor drinking enough on her own and the last weight we took was 42.2 kgs(92.84 pounds).

A copy of her two x-rays.

As much as I wanted to post a positive update re: BHRR’s Jamila, this is not possible.
When I picked her up yesterday, she was quiet and after getting her home, she remained quite quiet. I had been made aware that she was not eating and this meant that she had not eaten since she left Egypt on Friday.
While she had been drinking with her lovely overnight foster, she was not drinking at our place, and with these extreme temps, this was concerning. She did at least urinate and had one bm with her overnight foster, yet nothing since.
To all that have seen this Dane since her arrival to Canada, they would say that she was a ‘hot mess’. From her eyes – left one, in particular, is quite swollen and has a discharge and they are both white-coated, to the condition of her coat – she has fur missing on her tail, etc., her fur is stained, she has terrible callouses and scars, her ears were still bothering her – we were able to get them addressed in Egypt and they still require further attention – not to mention the lumps that she had.
We addressed all that we were informed was possible in Egypt and the plan was to address everything else, including a mature spay upon her arrival to Canada.
Yesterday, in doing an assessment, her temp was well over 40 and she became quite flat.
We went to emerge and then today, she was admitted again, this time to the Hospital I work at where she remained on fluids for dehydration, we gave her a cerenia injection, we did 2 x-rays, we did another CBC and a comprehensive blood panel. We also attempted to fine needle biopsy two of her lumps – very little material was able to be extracted due to how hard the lumps were. Some debris plus squamous cells were seen and the next course of action, and as planned is to have them removed at the time of her mature spay. We will send them off to pathology.
This poor girl has been bred many times over too. Her poor vulva and mammary glands/chain.
Pancreatitis was ruled out as was pyometra. The Vet mentioned an odd ‘boney structure’ seen in one of her x-rays that we can investigate further, at a later time. Something, he was curious about, yet did not feel that it was the cause of anything.
The immense heat, the long travel, all of the changes, the fact that she is a special needs dog, that she is a Dane – quite sensitive they can be and that she has quite a few medical conditions – we are still doing diagnostics, has not been great on this sick Dane.
She still has not had a pee nor a bm since I picked her up. The x-rays show that her bladder is small.
Sadly, the monies that we raised on Saturday have already almost completely been consumed with her bills over the last 24+ hours. 
Her bills are now close to $1,500 and rising.
Donations to her Vet care can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 OR via PayPal to or via email transfer to
We are sorry to beg and plead, yet, we shall soon be tapped out with the money that we have raised to date……
Thank you in advance for any consideration to her cause and please do keep her in your thoughts. She is truly a gem of a girl. She has been a model patient………

Got her!
Miss Jamila is the sweetest wee thing ever! 
Thank you to Jane Smith for safe harbouring her overnight and meeting me in Kingston.
Thank you to all of her lifesaving rescue angels that made this rescue even possible!
More soon!
Making our way home now!!

For those who have not yet seen Tamee/Jane’s post, BHRR’s Jamila is in Canada and being safely housed plus loved with Jane until I can meet up with her tomorrow.
I am beyond indebted to so many that have come together to assist us in saving her. We were her last hope and this is an honour to bring her into our Rescue.
We will now investigate her eyes further plus those lumps due to the limitations of the vetting in Egypt. We will recheck her ears and also assess her heart as DM’s Danes are prone to heart concerns too.
I am so in love with her already…..I am very excited to meet her. Jane says that she is super sweet!
Such a pretty little thing! 
We will post the grand total shortly of what was raised today – yet, I must extend heartfelt thanks to Cherie, Aaron, Loralei, and Sean for being such troopers in this 43-degree heat/sun that we had today! It was brutal, yet, they were incredible and I can say that the grand total raised between the $650 in donations received from generous folks not able to be in attendance to the amount raised today at the event; is over $2,000! WOW! Tears of such humbled gratitude have welled up more than once…..
Despite the weather, people came out and bought and ate and chatted and laughed and we could not express enough thanks to all for their life-saving support!
We cannot continue our important work without our village and we are filled with immense thanks to each and every kind, caring, and loving soul!!! 
We will announce grand total along with detailed thanks once we are showered, rested, and recovered….the temperatures out there today were insane! 

At the airport!!!! 
BHRR’s Jamila (deaf/blind) Dane is leaving Egypt and is Canada bound! 
Safe travels sweet girl!!! We are so excited to see you!
Thank you Bilkes, Tamee/Jane Smith & Lynn for your assistance, and thank you to her life-saving rescue angels in helping to raise the much-needed monies to get her to Canada!
We will update as we can!!

We are ONLY short $439 from our goal for BHRR’s Jamila(AKA Angel)!
She is the deaf/blind Great Dane that had been tied up, abandoned along with her brother once she could no longer produce puppies. Sadly, her brother did not survive, he was found dead, having been caught up in the line he was tied with.
This is her at the Vet office in Egypt.
She is on medications for her ear infections and finishing up antibiotics for another infection.
Her ETA to Canada is ~August 21st – as we know more, we will post, and we may need some help getting her picked up from the airport as that is the day of our big fundraiser event at BHRR.
Here is the gofundme link to donate to her very deserving cause!
It will cost ~$1,230 USD to just get her to Canada(crate, airfare), and then we have a lot more vetting to do upon her arrival – her eyes may require an unilateral or bilateral eye enucleation and we need to investigate the lumps that she has. This is not possible where she is presently located.
We remain deeply humbled by the support shown to her cause to date and even $5 is not too small to donate to help!
Donations can also be made via PayPal to or via email transfer to
We are SO close to meeting this initial fundraising goal and thank you for that! 

What a beautiful day to be at Leanne’s lovely home with her equally beautiful young daughter for our latest driveway event! THANK YOU! 
We are still expecting an email transfer, plus we need to return some empties and then we shall announce the grand total raised today!
All monies raised shall then go towards assisting BHRR’s Jamila – AKA Angel!
She did have a Vet visit today, and she is battling ear infections that require antibiotics. In the videos that I was sent, she was always shaking her head, so I suspected that she might have ear concerns.
Bloodwork has been done (blood chemistry), and she does have high globulins plus a low BUN reading.
Her tickborne disease plus heartworm bloodwork came back negative, and tomorrow we should receive her CBC results.
This is her at the Vet Hospital, and thank you to Bilkes for all that she is doing to get her ready for travel!
The tentative date to fly is August 21st, and we will then have her immediately seen at our Vets in Canada to investigate her eyes plus several lumps. They do concern me, yet there are limitations where she is in Egypt as to what they are able to do.
Here is the gofundme link to her fundraising page! Thank you from our hearts to all that have shared and/or donated to date! Even $5 is NOT too small!
Our next driveway nail trim/ear cleaning event is not until August 15th in Brockville at Katherine’s location, and on August 21st, we will be hosting a huge fundraising event at BHRR!

Tomorrow! We are at Leanne‘s home for our next Nail Trim/Ear Cleaning Drive-way Event!

All monies raised shall go to help Miss Angel AKA BHRR’s Jamila, the special needs Great Dane!
We had hoped to be able to post an update re: the $300 USD in bloodwork that she was to have last Tuesday, yet, we just learned that this has been postponed.
We do promise to keep all of our supporters and her fans updated as to her progress.
Possible ETA to BHRR is August 21st.
*we know that she will be flying into TO and as things fall into place, we may be posting for assistance having her picked up and brought closer to us. Gwen is working two Careers plus going to school ft and is trying so hard to fill the shortfall hitting our rescue since COVID hit.*
Here is the link to BHRR’s Jamila’s gofundme page that we have been incredibly humbled by all of the support shown to date.
She is going to need a lot of care/vetting upon her arrival – her ears, eyes plus several lumps will require deeper investigation due to the limitations of the Vets where she is presently located. She will also have a mature spay at a cost of ~850+tx CDA.
Even $5 is not too little! As always, thank you in advance for any and all consideration to her cause!
She will be only the third dog that we will have been able to assist in 2021 due to the immense food/vetting bills that BHRR as a specialised Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue has.

We are almost 60% of the way to our goal to help *Angel* aka BHRR’s Jamila!
With all that we are, please accept our biggest heartfelt THANKS for your support plus kindness!
Your consideration of a donation to help us reach our goal would mean the difference between life or death for her.
We are her last resort……..

Please assist us in surrounding her with a village of support and love!

Here is her GOFUNDME PAGE!


This is the GoFundMe link to BHRR’s Jamila(AKA Angel’s) Fundraiser.

We will update as donations come in and please do accept our truest of thanks for any consideration to her cause.

Even $5 would be so humbling to us.

We are hoping to bring this beautiful deaf and blind Great Dane to Canada by mid-August.

You can also donate by PayPal to OR via email transfer to

I had posted briefly last week re: an ~4 year old deaf/blind Great Dane that had been tied up and abandoned with her brother and by the time the rescuers were notified of her plight, her brother was dead(caught up in the tether). 
As she could no longer produce puppies, she and her brother were tied up and left to die.
She needs to go to the Vet – more than once in order to prepare her for travel to us – and the needed bloodwork alone is $300 USD
We are currently waiting to see what the cost of the transport to and from the Vet shall be.
She will require a lot more vetting to get her ready to travel plus the cost of her ticket to get to Canada. She will be flown.
She currently weighs 40 kgs(88 pounds).
We had an extremely generous donation sent our way by Tamee & Jane of Just Paws Rescue
*They were the rescue angels that reached out to us to advise us re: this Great Dane that was saved by another rescue angel Bilkes.
We have raised $169 CDA at our July 10th Nail Trim/Ear Cleaning Fundraiser
We have raised $296.10 CDA (just waiting to find out the Empties raised to post final total) at our July 11th Nail Trim/Ear Cleaning Fundraiser
All monies raised tomorrow at our July 17th Nail Trim/Ear Cleaning Fundraiser shall also go to her care.
She will need vaccines, further de-worming, is being treated for an infection right now, we need to do biopsies on no less than two lumps, requires flea/tick/hw meds, she may require unilateral or bilateral eye enucleation, we need to investigate her shaking her head, she needs her flight paperwork including her ticket plus quite possibly a custom crate.
She will also need to be spayed and being a mature female – pyo is a great concern – until that can be done and the cost once she arrives will be ~$850+tx
For those who stood by our sides while Maíra and I worked so hard to save BHRR’s Jackson and his siblings – deaf/blind Dane puppies dumped on the streets in Brazil – you understand that dogs do not understand borders or have countries. An animal in need is an animal in need.
Tragically, in the end we were only able to save 1 of the 5 Dane puppies from Brazil(1 was killed on the streets, 1 was picked up to be used for breeding and 2 of the 3 that we were able to get died of distemper in Brazil), yet, we are determined that this gorgeous girl will be saved.
Right now, her name is ‘Angel’. We are going to change it to BHRR’s Jamila(Arabic for ‘Beautiful’)
Things that we will need for this stunning girl who has never known kindness, love, a full belly, health and safety until she was picked up by Bilkes:
1) A collar – Wiggle Bumz – FILLED Thanks! Cassy Montgomery
2) An XL Costco or ortho bed
3) We urgently need financial donations for her mounting bills:
Donations can be made via PayPal to
OR via email transfer to
Once she arrives, she will be vetted at Liston Animal Hospital
*I have not yet set up a file for her at LAH and this will be done next week when I am back to work.
4) We need comforters, sleeping bags – no sheets, no pillows
5) We need Pinesol and Fabric Softener – Gain or Bounce
6) Fish based kibble for her – Acana, Fromm
BHRR is mostly funded out of our own pockets – Sean/I are two people, and we are greatly limited as to the fundraising that we can do thanks to COVID.
We remain humbled for any support shown towards this stunning girl who should have always been a cherished family member and not a ‘breeding machine’ for greed.
All I want to do is scoop her up and let her feel all of the love I have beating from my heart to hers……
ETA to Canada TBA

Today, an incredibly generous $169 was raised which includes $20 in Empties! 
AND these monies shall be going to help the next one in need of us.
Tomorrow’s funds as well and we will be thinking of more creative/unique fundraisers to help raise urgent funds.
Late last night I was contacted by a wonderful fellow rescuer who told me about a ~4-year-old special needs female Great Dane – Deaf/Blind.
Without hesitation, we stepped up. They then put us in touch with another really lovely rescuer – the original rescuer of this beautiful Dane – and the three of us conversed for some time re: this Great Dane.
We will share more as things unfold and this picture is taken from a video sent my way of this beautiful creature.
What we can share at this time is that she was abandoned by her Breeder when she could no longer produce puppies. She and her brother were tied up, exposed to the elements, and sadly, by the time rescuers learned of their plight, her brother had died(caught up in the tether).
She is currently on antibiotics to treat an infection and we have inquired re: doing a full bloodwork workup and this shall be done including testing for tickborne diseases plus hw.
She is also shaking her head and we asked for this to please be investigated further.
Due to the limitations of their Vets; the lumps I noticed on her sides will be assessed in depth upon her arrival to BHRR. I am trying not to worry re: mast cell tumours. 
She is a light-marked harlequin Great Dane and her pupils are as per the DM dogs, horrifically recessed. We will have to determine if she requires unilateral or even bilateral enucleation.
She will be spayed after arrival as right now, everyone wants to see her become stronger and healthier.
Vaccines, microchipping etc. will also be done. She has been de-wormed.
Per the above, we will share more re: her & about her other rescue angels that saved her plus reached out to us; as things fall into place.
She is going to need some serious love from the BHRR village……