The reality of rescue is that you cannot save them all, no matter how much you may want to.

We have been in deep discussion re: finances for BHRR – as many know most of BHRR is financed mainly out of our own pockets – and, unfortunately, with the bills that we have currently at BHRR plus with Miss Jamila’s almost $10,000 in bills for upcoming surgeries, Miss Olive’s monthly almost $1,000 in bills, Miss Rosie’s to date almost $1,100 in bills with more to come – she needs to be spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, cherry eye repaired, COHAT, more bloodwork, etc., with BHRR going through almost 120 pounds of food per day and the list goes on…..we cannot take in the Mastiff.

We are posting the most current two bills for Miss Rosie; as suspected she has thyroid issues, and not just allergies. This means daily medication for her and regular bloodwork to be sure that she is being given the right dose of Thyro-Tabs.

We have blacked out her foster home’s contact information for privacy.

We will continue to forge strongly on what we can do… we will never compromise the quality of care, never take shortcuts on what the dogs that we are entrusted with need plus deserve.
We wanted to update the group as to why we cannot assist the Mastiff that we recently posted about. Our hearts are heavy yet, we know that Karen will ensure that he goes to a great place that shall do right by him…..perhaps in 2022, we can help another one of your lovely dogs Karen.