Today, I adopted out my #434 foster!
BHRR’s Agatha – ADOPTED!
Born: December 23rd, 2021
AND this was another bittersweet one for me.
AND I know that as hard as it was on me, it was hardest on my own GD that is just one week younger than Miss Agatha, and on Miss Aggie herself. 
Last night Miss Agatha just knew something was a bit different. This home visit was rescheduled from last Sunday as our area received 30 cms of snow.
Miss Agatha, normally appropriately independent, was somewhat needy of me and kept close to her BFF, my female GD, and so last night, I let them sleep together. Miss Agatha did not sleep in her colossal crate. She even had some anxiety in the car today as we drove the one+ hour to the home visit. She did settle down nicely.
Those two complement each other magnificently.
Yet, we knew that if Miss Agatha could be successfully rehabilitated – she was anything but a well-mannered, solid, social, sharing young lady when she arrived, not to mention her anxiety level – that we would love to see her in the right match personality fit home, other than ours.
We taught her a lot re: children and that while they are fast, spastic, loud, unpredictable creatures, they can also be fantastic treat dispensers!
Miss Agatha, you demonstrated your impeccable manners plus bravery today. Your curiousity plus a sense of adventure saw you willing to explore, and your check-ins to me were 100% thumbs up.
You sat and stuck a sit/stay, waited patiently while your forever adoptive humans stepped inside the house and came back to you sitting rock solid in the same spot, and took treats gently, and I am bursting with so much pride – some tears too!
I am going to dearly miss your bigger-than-life personality, the incredible love of life that you have, your gorgeous fly-away nun ears, looking into your stunning dark brown eyes, touching your sleek, healthy gorgeous coat, getting your snuffles and sniffles of curiousity smelling my hair, searching for the treats in my pockets, and sitting so proudly for those treats you found.
Though small, you are mighty, and your glorious positive energy fills a room when you walk into it, and in new situations, as soon as someone gives you a treat, you are comfortable plus relaxed.
Your trust in me has humbled me immensely. You have made me a better owner, trainer, behavioural expert, rescuer, foster mama, and person in having been privileged to have you as a cherished member of my heart plus home Miss Agatha!
Your adventures shall continue, and though it is with a new, forever, loving family, I shall be there in your own heart as you experience them to your fullest!
Your future chapters are going to be incredible, and thank you to Cassy Montgomery for doing this home visit with me!
I already miss you, BHRR’s Agatha, yet your home has told me that you had a small walk, a big pee finally, and are snoozing by their feet…….
It was a BIG day, a wonderful day! Happy early 1-year Birthday to you!

BHRR’s Miss Agatha is moving under a PENDING Adoption status.
We shall update as we can!


Over 200 items!


Post from the wonderful organizers!

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Isn’t she gorgeous?
Miss Agatha(7-month-old Merle Great Dane)

Health Status: HEALTHY! The recommendation is to keep her on one cc’s of B12 monthly for the next four months. Gwen(Vet Tech) has purchased the B12 and can either show the home on how to administer it subcutaneously, or the right matched forever loving adoptive home can have their Vet Hospital demonstrate.
Age: ~6.5 months
Weight: ~70-75 pounds – still relatively lean & with her petite frame, she is at an ideal weight and body condition now. As she matures, she will put on more weight and muscle mass. She is not a BIG Great Dane.
Type of Home Ideal For Miss Agatha: She is an active and intelligent girl. She loves her walks, small hikes, and car rides and interacts well with people she meets, yet, she needs a quiet, socially low-active level home. A residence that, while visiting family plus friends and has people over, is not hosting BBQs or gatherings frequently of large groups of people. That is not Miss Agatha’s lifestyle or preference. She is quietly social and needs a home that is like her. She would adore cottage life; glamping over camping – she is a wee bit of a princess are things she enjoys. Visiting pet stores and pet-friendly places are great too. A home that understands and shall continue to help her learn about this big fantastic world that we live in. What we want is for her to live a quality, filled, wonderful life rich with experiences.
We want her to be happy, to live her best life every day. We want her to reach her full potential! We do not wish to see her kept in a bubble, yet there is that balance in ensuring that she is not overstimulated and then feels overwhelmed. She will then tune out. One could mistake it for stubbornness. That is not what is happening in these situations. Does she have a mind of her own? 100%; and we have encouraged her to be able to stand on all four paws too. However, it has taken a long time to have her decompress and settle.
She can be in a home that works ft; pt works from home is semi-retired or retired, etc. She is another versatile BHRR dog! She will ONLY go to a prepared home to ensure that she receives the balance she requires with proper exercise, socialisation, etc. She will only go to a dog-experienced home, one that remains committed to her obedience, structure, consistency, and to be patient, kind, and understanding, and while not hermits, they are not doing a hundred things each day.
The home does not have to be Dane experienced, yet they must be dog savvy. She is smart. She was once a bully and resource guarded items – yes, as a puppy – we know why this is the case and a big reason why she will not go to a home with children under the age of 12. We will consider a home if they have the right mature child, as young as 10. No more than two children in the home. A home without children is our first preference. Exposure to responsible children is good for her; having them give her treats is something she enjoys. We have exposed her to understand better that while children are fast, flighty, unpredictable, spastic, loud wee beings, that she is safe, and that children can be fun, with helpful, kind, caring hands! We are also happy to converse on the phone more about her past to help that right-matched personality fit home and understand why she is the way she is. She is not only genetically predisposed yet, but her environment before coming to our home/rescue has also shaped her. We have since used the environment to modify her behaviour plus help her understand how lovely the world is! We understand why she came into our home/rescue this way and have worked extensively with her. She now readily shares the communal water bowls and toys and understands that no human or dog is going to take her high-value food. She is fed in a quiet place – usually her colossal Crate and is not ever felt like she has been teased, bothered, or threatened. She knows that she will be fed enough food, fed on time and that no one is going to take her food away. She has been brilliant in figuring out many food puzzle toys and feeders! She now sits wonderfully with the other dogs at treat time and, while still a bit ‘mouthy,’ is so much better about taking the treat calmly without worry that another is going to take it away. She is excellent on her taking treats if she is by herself, and we have been working with the pack being around her for obedience reward treat time.
Per the above, she does not have to specifically go to a Great Dane-experienced home. Yet, she does need a dog experience home. A home, as mentioned, that is not over the top social is our preference for her. A home that has anxious owners is not suitable for a dog that has been working through her own level of discomfort. She is a very confident girl is so many ways, and she needs a quietly confident owner(s) that shall continue to help her reach her awesome potential. If you baby her, and do not have rules, structure, and consistency, she will step up and rule your home as she tries to create order in her life. That is not in her best interest! She needs a human leader(s) that will help guide, direct, and instruct in a positive, balanced manner that demonstrates to her that she is ok, and that we, as the humans are the ones to take care of her.
She loves home, her friends – she needs canine friends! She also loves to explore, go on small hikes, walks, car rides, and visit people/places that are not over the top busy. We are not advocates of dog parks. She needs a home that will give her new positive and great safe, memorable experiences. If you are a home that likes to take long slow infrequent walks/hikes/strolls, Miss Agatha is not for you…she is active, busy, and needs to be kept emotionally and physically stimulated. She is a young, healthy puppy. She will never be a marathoner and is not meant to be a running partner, yet she is lovely to have as a great companion to get out into nature, explore and even enjoy the beach!
Personality/Temperament: Loving, affectionate, goofy, calm, quiet inside the home yet loves her canine friends to run/play outside – some play rumbling is had in my home as I have a Dane only a week younger than her. She needs to be emotionally/physically properly stimulated, uber-sweet, social, active, gentle, plus kind. If not handled properly – she has the potential to develop SA behaviours, as do most dogs. She thrives with consistency, structure, routine, plus clear open communication so that she understands exactly what is being expected of him. Confusion causes her to worry a bit, and we have spent so much time with her so that she knows what is expected or being asked.
Previous Dog Experience: Previous dog experience is required per the above. While we would ideally like to see her in a home with at least one right-matched personality fit dog – it is not a deal-breaker. She needs a strong doggie friend network. That is so important for her. We have friends, she needs friends too. She adores her canine friends! She has gotten along with every dog she has met to date. Going to a responsible doggie daycare once a week for play dates would be wonderful for her too. She may not like it at first being a strange new place, yet, we want her to be more than a homebody. In a proper responsible daycare, she will be provided with additional enrichment, time away from home/owners to continue to properly build in the right direction her self-esteem and confidence.
Good With Cats: Unknown. Has been fine with our clinic cat yet, Mr. Chippy is a force to be reckoned with!
Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown.
Good with Children: NO small children. Children are fast, flighty, unpredictable, spastic, plus loud. We will consider homes with responsible children 12+. We will consider a home if they have the right mature child, as young as 10—no more than two children in the home. A home without children is our first preference.
Grooming: She is fine to wash and do nails. She needs a soft bristle brush on her coat once a week, and we recommend a monthly bath.
Car: She has also come SO far with car rides – getting in and out of the vehicle and enjoying the ride! She is learning that the world has so many fab adventures to experience!
Housebroken/Crate Trained: She is housebroken and Crate trained – she sleeps in a colossal crate. We never recommend that any new addition be given too much freedom to start. It can be very overwhelming plus too stimulating for them.
Obedience: She requires a home that will be consistent and dedicated to continuing to help her become the best dog that she can be. Her potential is enormous! Her leash manners have come a long way. She can pull at times, yet she is learning. A harness is an excellent tool.
Activities Suited For Her: Obedience
She excels in being a clown, loves toys, and running free in our safely fenced-in 3+ acre yard. She loves her friends….chasing, being chased, tug of war!
Loves & Bad Habits: She can still be a bit snatchy when taking treats. Occasionally she will still try to boss another dog around. She knows her mind, and if a dog or human is going to let her push them around, she will take that mile!
She loves treats – Benny Bully Liver treats are the best! In general, she loves food!
Like any dog, she is not perfect. She is perfect in all of her imperfections, though! NOT to mention stunning!
She is a super fantastic girl!
Anxieties/Worries: It is integral that the right matched personality fit home and does not spend 24/7 with her. During this pandemic, we still need groceries; we should still go out and walk about; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to go somewhere to do something! Time has been spent having her learn to not only like yet enjoy her own company. As we need our alone time, she must do too. She is a solid and stable dog, yet anxiety does brew under the surface as we work through her genetics/past.
As we have stated for over 26 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs, and we are not desperate to adopt them.
We will always place up for adoption the dogs that can be adopted and safe haven all others that cannot be placed up for adoption due to medical and/or behavioural reasons.
We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 6 dogs in 2021 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top-quality care, and not about taking in numbers. In 2022, we have ONLY taken in 10 dogs to date.
After 26+ years, we know that we cannot please everyone, which means that BHRR is not the rescue to be followed, supported, and believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty, and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR, we shall continue to operate with a zero-tolerance approach, plus providing up and beyond care to the animals.
Our mandates have never changed, and they will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.
Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group out there – 100% for over ten years of operating, and now 99% as we go through year 26, and we are excited as we go through this slow transition for BHRR!
You have come so far, Miss Agatha, and we are delighted you are making your special announcement!

We had the BEST time getting pics of Miss Agatha today!

She is a 6.5-month-old Merle Great Dane.

What a hoot of a pup she is.

She tells me that while she is a bit shy about making her special announcement, she is also excited!

Stay tuned……


So on Wednesday, Gwennie drew Miss Agatha’s blood at home – what a good girl Miss Agatha was, solid – all of the loving/handling has paid off big time.  No need to stress her out with a needless trip when her blood could be taken at home….
Gwen ran a repeat CBC plus also did a 4dx. It is not that heartworm is a concern – she is too young, yet tickborne disease is possible for any dog even on year-round preventative, and we always go up and beyond with care for the dogs under our care. She would not technically be due unless a tick was found on her(4-6 weeks post tick bite yet, not all ticks that bite are found) or in 2023, yet, Gwen already had more than enough blood.
Miss Agatha’s numbers have greatly improved, and she remains on her monthly de-worming as part of her flea/tick/hw preventative program – Nexgard Spectra. She has finished up her latest round of Metronidazole and Panacur for very resistive Giardia – that she came into rescue with.
The B12 injections she was getting weekly have also greatly assisted, and the Vet said that giving B12 once a month for the next four months to be proactive is fine. He honestly felt that she would be fine without it, yet, he knows how much/hard we have worked with her to get her healthy.
We feel that moving forward, this is something her right-matched personality fit home can do – Their Vet Hospital or Gwen(Vet Tech) can show them how to give it. 1 cc’s monthly subcutaneously – and Gwen already paid for the next four months.

Miss Agatha has put on weight, muscled up, and it is now time for her to make her own special announcement. She remains a lean, gorgeous girl.
This announcement is something that she plans on doing over the next few days….
Stay tuned!

Well, I wish I had a better update on Miss Agatha…
Unfortunately, her pre-operative bloodwork indicated that she was very anemic.
The cause is not known….
So, we are putting her on B12 injections for the next 4-6 weeks – will do 6 weeks and, repeat her CBC in 4 weeks.
We are also going to treat her again as if she has Giardia. She has had two rounds of treatment yet, in a recent conversation with a Vet, they noted that they have had to double whammy this spring in meds for Giardia due to how resistant they have found Giardia to be.
So, despite being on Nexgard Spectra which has an excellent de-worming proponent to it, we are going to treat her specifically again for Giardia too.
A negative fecal test does not mean that she is necessarily parasitic-free.
We found her to be quite lean, not unhealthy yet quite lean. 29 kgs and she eats really well.
So, while the Vet felt it was ok to spay her today, we have some things to figure out for her.
She also has a thickened skin patch on the side of her neck – was super small when she first arrived, and we have been monitoring it as it has been getting bigger.
Merles can be prone to so many health concerns….and clearly, there is something up with Miss Agatha.
So, we had some very unexpected bills for her today…. 
We will continue to post updates as we can.
BHRR does not adopt out our dogs without full disclosure, and we have some more things to figure out for this young Dane.
Why doing bloodwork is so important to do…


This pretty young 5.5-month-old GD lady is having her spay/microchip tomorrow!

We will update as we can….
Then, two weeks post, Miss Agatha should be ready to make her own special announcement.
Time sure has flown by since her arrival!
The money raised in our first driveway event will go towards her bills. It should cover almost 50%.
Thanks again to Cassy Montgomery for being able to meet me at my work tomorrow around 8:00 AM to help me get her in, weighed plus settled into her run. 

Miss Agatha!
This is her after her first play date.
It has been a week since I picked her up.
A lot of progress & learning – on all sides! – has been had over this past week.
1) we have learned that while she has been fantastic in her crate overnight, she is not housebroken. My own Dane pup and the other dogs along with the humans in the house are showing her the ropes. She will get there.
2) she is learning proper social communication plus manners – while still bossy at times, she is learning that no one wants to play with her or be around her when she acts inappropriately.
She is being ignored or wonderfully corrected by the dogs when she acts like a boob.
She is now overall playing great with my Dane puppy, my IS & Mr. Romeo. She is going to have to earn the attention of other dogs for her bad manners are not encouraged nor tolerated by the clan.
3) she is excellent about us placing her bowl in her crate for feeding – she is eating much slower too as she knows no one is going to threaten or tease her.
She eats in peace and then has quiet time in her crate afterward.
She happily runs in, sits, and waits with a wiggly butt for us to feed her.
We are going to move from a slow feeder to puzzle feeders shortly as she is not wanting to eat as quickly.
She generally loves food plus treats! Being a petite framed girl, extra important to make sure she keeps her waistline.
This will be great mental stimulation for her!
So…..if anyone may be open to donating a puzzle feeder her way – hoping for two varieties! – we would be so grateful. 
4) she is learning to share the communal water bowls and dog beds – thanks again Jill C. for spoiling her with her own bed!
Thanks also to Rachel E. again for the gorgeous collar from Wiggle Bumz!
She does not have the self-control as of yet to share communal toys. That is a big ask of her at this time, yet we will get there.
She thinks she owns everything….it is not just about her thinking something is of high value.
She is making so many good choices since her arrival!
She is responding beautifully to the clear open communication, the structure, routine, obedience, the consistency.
Her first play date today made me proud of her. She certainly has a mind of her own, and you could see her thinking about how to have things her way.
She compromised, negotiated, and ended up having a grand time! She is smart this one!!!
We will be scheduling more play visits shortly!
We want her exposed to so many things to help her become that well-balanced girl. An asset to the home plus community.

Miss Agatha(4.5 months old) is being shown the 3+ acre yard ‘ropes’ by one of my own Danes – Miss Agatha is a bit older than my Dane.
It does not take long to learn a lot about a dog when you can get hands-on……
1) Miss Agatha needs to learn how to do proper dog-to-dog communication – she is bossy, resources, has poor play manners – our water bowls are communal, and we will NOT go after the other dogs.  She even went after my Dane puppy. That was quickly corrected.
We have rules, we will live in harmony, and we will not have any dog be higher in the hierarchy than any other dog.
Puppy license only goes so far, and resourcing does not fall under the puppy license for us humans or the other dogs.
She is going to be fed in her crate – having wonderful quiet closed crate time now after having a small supper. She will learn that she will be fed enough, fed on time, and that no one – human or animal is going to touch or take her food – at her age plus past, she can interpret this as threatening and/or teasing. She will not hesitate at this moment to growl, or lunge at anyone – dog or human – who she feels is threatening her with anything that she feels is high value – in this case, food, water bowls, and even toys.
AND I most certainly am not going to allow her to develop resourcing behaviour over me.
There is more than enough time for her to learn trust plus respect, and how it works both ways, and that we will be able to take things from her without issue WHEN we need to. Many dogs feel safer and have more self-control eating in a crate or spot closed off from whatever they feel may threaten them.
That the water bowls, toys, etc., are for sharing. Always have been and always will be.
She has a slow feeder bowl, and she ate very well from it. No frustration or issues at all. I put the bowl down and was able to lock up the crate gently with my hands near her face/bowl without her feeling stressed. Good girl!
2) Miss Agatha needs to learn manners – she jumps on humans – which is not acceptable.
3) Miss Agatha has a backbone – while initially coming across as unsure – she is not as unsure as we once thought she may be – from what we have been told about her past. She is a bit shy and uncertain yet, quickly reassured, passively ignored, and off she goes.
It is a very rare dog that can come into a large multi-dog home and just want to ‘take it over.’ At 4.5+ months of age, she is one of those dogs and a puppy to boot.
Soooooooo, she needs to learn manners, self-control, and direction, and while the majority of our dogs will walk away, thank goodness we have several that are going to teach her far more than we ever could in how to conduct herself. They will correct her….and appropriately plus effectively.
4) She is a bit high maintenance. She has latched on to me as ‘her person,’ and we are working on sharing the Gwennie. She looks to me for amusement, assurance, stimulation, etc., and she has to learn how to self-amuse, self-soothe, self-comfort, and learn not just to like yet love her own company.
We are not doing any of these dogs any favours by allowing them to call all of the shots, to baby them, to feel sorry or pity for them, give them way too much attention – yes, that is very possible and happens to a lot of dogs.
Anxiety and separation anxiety, in particular, are very present with her just waiting to go from simmering to overflowing, and we are going to teach her to manage and modify this so she is not worried. That there is no reason to be anxious. She will learn that she is ok and is going to remain being ok.
She has four very strong legs, with an equally strong backbone plus heart, she is smart – she watches me closely, she thinks, she sizes things up and sorry Miss Agatha, I ‘GOT your number.’ I will not be manipulated, no matter how adorable you may look! 
She is a Dane that if you give her an inch, she is going to pull that inch into a mile and take all that she can. She is so good ‘at working a room.’
She will learn that she is not the center of attention, and that is not to the benefit of any dog.
Being a puppy is not an excuse for poor manners, behaviours….it can be a reason for why a dog is a way they are – and, the answer is to work with those reasons towards effective resolution. Miss Agatha, you and I are going to have plenty of ‘conversations’ as we work towards helping you become the best puppy you can be….. 
AND Miss Agatha it is NOT ok to urinate on a dog bed. That is indicative of one of four things:
1) a UTI
2) that you know you are not supposed to urinate in the house
3) demonstrating a strong behavioural marking trait
4) letting us know that you are displeased – which I know you are as welcome to BOOT camp! 
Oh, Miss Agatha….I am so happy to finally meet you….this is going to be an adventure! 

I have Miss Agatha(4.5 months old) and we are just at a pit stop in Kingston.
Long drive down yesterday, assisted with a spay/neuter vaccine clinic and then this AM met up with BHRR’s Agatha’s emerge temp foster in Newmarket.
Making the long drive – 4+ hours home now….
She is travelling very well. Some anxiety – which we already knew from her previous home – yet a calm word, then passively ignoring has seen her settling down for a nice snooze!
She is a petite female….adorable!

Miss Agatha(Aggie) – 19 weeks
Born: December 23rd, 2021
The latest update from her lovely foster home: “She’s doing so well and is an active puppy when she’s not napping” & “Aggie has a super healthy appetite and is growing bigger everyday.”
Gwennie will be picking her up on May 13th, and she is scheduled for her next Vet visit(re-weigh, boosters, next flea/tick/hw/de-worming meds) on May 14th.
She is also booked for her spay in mid-June – yes, as stated earlier than we as Giant Breed experts would prefer, yet, we will not do any conditional adoptions, approve a home and leave her intact to be spayed later.
We have never had a dog in our program become pregnant. We shall remain responsible and not take any chances of this possibly happening by adopting her out before being spayed. Too many stories from too many groups of dogs being adopted intact, and then dogs getting pregnant or impregnating other dogs, or the rescues then getting into a legal battle with the adoptive home to enforce their contracts.
We are excited to finally get to meet her!

We still have many dates open for our 3rd Annual ‘Drive Way Events’ for nails/ear cleaning!

We have some big bills for some really special Giant dogs!

IF you would like to host us in 2022, please do email  – We are looking for Saturdays, Sundays in June, July, August & September.

We just need the use of your driveway, we do the rest!

*Social distancing is easy to do!

Here are our open dates for June & July if anyone is open to having us hang in their driveway!

We hope to be able to do events all over Ontario, and into Gatineau, Quebec again in 2022!
Saturday, June 18th, 9 AM – 4 PM
Sunday, June 19th, 10 AM – 3 PM
Sunday, July 10th, 10 AM – 3 PM
Saturday, July 16th, 9 AM – 4 PM
Sunday, July 17th, 10 AM – 3 PM
Sunday, July 24th, 10 AM – 3 PM
Saturday, July 30th, 9 AM – 4 PM

Thanks in advance for any consideration!

AND this is Miss Agatha. She remains super popular – we wish all of the BHRR dogs were so wanted! – and remain stating she is not yet available for adoption.

Sadly, we have walked this path with other puppies over the years – Miss Steam, Mr. Kaos, Mr. Booker, the last two litters we whelped in rescue, etc.

It shall always be about that right-matched personality fit home.
AND we want to make it clear as we have received several emails from homes interested in her that ‘thought’ we may play favourites on any one home.

We have never and are never going to compromise on our protocols to see a dog placed in a home. We do not favour any one over another. This is always about the dog.

That makes us deeply disappointed as we have remained objective with any of our approved adoptions done since our inception in 1996.

Her wonderful emerge temp foster home stepped up to assist us in saving her. We shall forever be touched plus grateful to them. They only want what is best for her too!

When/if the time comes for Miss Agatha to be placed up for adoption, we are only going to approve that right-matched personality fit. Always.

We are going to learn through time if she is meant to be in a home with or without children, the ages of children or child if so, in a home with no other dogs or one or more, and the types of personality of any other dogs if so, a home that works full-time, from home, is retired, semi-retired…so much to figure out and there is no rush.

We do know that she has genetic shyness, SA, and also food reactivity – we need to determine what/how much is genetic and how much the right environment will do for her.

It saddens us how many see ‘puppy’ and do not see Miss Agatha. Everyone should want what is best for her. 

If/when the time comes for her to be placed up for adoption, any home that reads her detailed blog, our adoption processes, policies, and procedures and believes that they may be that right matched fit would then be welcome to apply by submitting a completed application for members of the board to review.

This is not exclusively ‘my’ personal or professional or any board member’s decision.

Miss Agatha will have the final say if/when the time comes with an application to do a home visit.

Please support her in her rehab journey….all puppies do not belong in all homes….she has her own backstory, and is also a product of her breeding.

Miss Agatha(Aggie) – a 3-month-old Great Dane – was at the Vet on April 11th.
She was weighed – 17.2 kgs(37.84 pounds). She is a ‘small’ giant as can be often the case with backyard-bred Danes. Her conformation is also indicative of that for as we know the first thing lost when dogs are not bred to standard is the headpiece.
Regardless, she is such a very pretty wee thing and at her current weight, we anticipate that she will be 100-110 pounds fully grown. This could change as we all know!
We ran a fecal sample – the results have not yet been reported, and Gwen will reach out to them. We will ask for the complete records/notes that were done too.
Her exam was normal per the Vet that did see her – we will continue to assess as she matures/develops.
She began her de-worming/flea/tick/heartworm protocol.
She was not due for vaccines – as is often the case with some breeders, one of her vaccines/de-wormings was given off label, and not by a licensed veterinarian. We will ensure that proper protocols are followed moving forward.
We have her booked at our Vet on May 14th, and we will get a re-weigh, her next doses of flea/tick/hw meds as her weight will have changed plus she will be due for boosters/rabies. Another exam will be done also.
Thank you to her wonderful temp foster home for doing such a great job with her!
We know plus appreciate that there is a lot of interest in her, yet she is not yet Available For Adoption, and shall not be until we fully vet her. We do not cut corners, and this includes having her spayed prior to being placed up for adoption. We do not do conditional alter(spay/neuter) adoptions. While we would love to wait closer to 11-12 months, and before her first heat to spay her, she will be spayed younger than that.
We are still tracking the two litters that we whelped in 2016 & 2017 as the courts that oversaw those puppy mill seizures required pediatric altering, and to date – one litter is 6, and the other turns 5 this fall, are all doing fantastic!
As we get to know her, we will learn best what home will suit her as that right matched personality fit home. Almost everyone loves puppies yet, they are not all meant for everyone.

This is Miss Agatha(Aggie).

The 3-month-old Dane puppy.

What a beautiful picture sent our way!

Her lovely foster has informed us that she is settling in well.

Her stool is firming up, they are using our recommendation of Forti Flora, and she is booked in to see the Vet tomorrow.

We will be doing an exam, weigh-in, fecal, obtaining de-worming, flea & tick meds, etc.

Her kind fosters would not allow us to pay for their gas and have paid for a bag of food for her.

More soon. It has been a busy time driving to & from Pickering over the past day, and time for some dinner!


Miss Agatha(Aggie)!

The 3-month-old Dane puppy Born December 23rd, 2021.

Thank you JoAnne/family for stepping up to emerge temp foster her.

She is not AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION & shall not be until we have her fully vetted, and learn so much more about her.

We know she has anxiety.

Being a Merle, we will assess eyes, hearing, skin and we do know already as with many Danes that she has a sensitive stomach. Merles can have IBS, IBD issues, autoimmune disorders, IS, DCM concerns too, not just skin, allergies, eyesight, and hearing issues. Especially, the double merles.

Right now, time for her to decompress…..

Welcome to BHRR wee one!