BHRR’s Miss Jamila.  A VIDEO…..night-time snack.
Gwennie Novel coming up! 
She arrived in our care on August 22nd and it was not until the night of September 9th that she FINALLY began to eat better.
During that time, I had spent my nights with minimal sleep, made multiple Vet visits including with specialists, given her round the clock care at work/home, placed her on IV fluids/meds, tried what felt like a hundred different types of food, hand-fed her, put drops into her eyes(we still do!), treated her ears(we still are!), skin infections(we still are!), her bronchitis, her early stages of pneumonia(we still are!), bathed her, loved her, comforted her, was exposed to negativity from others, de-wormed her, did smears, cytologies, and UA, cultures, FNA biopsies, and more including x-rays and ultrasound……
Due to her poor health – her mature spay(may she not develop Pyo), her lump removals to go to pathology(praying that they are not MCT’s), her bilateral eye enucleation (may she not develop glaucoma) – had to be moved to December 8th – An all-day surgery that yes, I am going to be her surgery tech……I committed to her, and 100% I am going to be right by her side from start to finish.
The negativity that has come our way re: her, our continued zero-tolerance re: anyone not making this about Miss Jamila is unfortunate yet if Miss Jamila could talk, I know that she would be so appreciative that people cared enough to work on giving her the best quality filled of fabu+ lives that she should have always had.
She did not ask to be born deaf/blind, she did not ask to be bred and bred over and over again for greedy profit, she did not ask to be tied up and abandoned along with her brother when she could no longer have puppies – her brother died, strangled in what he had been tied with, she did not ask to have cataracts, struvite crystals, suspicious squamous cells, eye, ear and skin infections etc, she did not ask to be abused, neglected, and to only have felt hurting hands over loving, kind, gentle caring ones……
AND, I wanted to share one of the best things that has ever happened on the night of September 9th – she began to eat…as we got her healthier, as we figured out each medical issue/concern and addressed it, as we continued to do what we are experts in….we got Miss Jamila healthier, we got her happier, we got her to eat plus drink more normally – still not 100% as to what a Dane should but we are getting there!
Her Vets – getting vet appointments are not easy during COVID, to begin with YET, she was rallied around – knew plus shared our immense worry, stress, and concern….they shared it and fell in love with her just as we had. She has a BHRR village that includes SO many that have made this video possible AND I thank you with tears in my eyes for that.
Her Vet bills are over $5,000 now and we have easily another $5,000 in upcoming surgeries and histopathology to do for her come December. NOT to mention the food – her canned food is $124 plus change for a case of 24, and she is now eating three cans a day….. a/d food.
We have worked on scent plus touch training, AND along with those that believe in what we do, why we do it, and why Miss Jamila is worth all of the nightmarish hells thrown her/our way; this is a video I took Friday night(September 17th). 
I want to SHARE with all of you what you have helped make happen. We could not do what we do without her rescue angels and THANK you! Thank you! She is eating! She is gaining weight!
We shall continue to post updates and donations to her future bills – our Movie night will see all funds donated to her too! – can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital at 613-591-0966
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