Today, an incredibly generous $169 was raised which includes $20 in Empties! 
AND these monies shall be going to help the next one in need of us.
Tomorrow’s funds as well and we will be thinking of more creative/unique fundraisers to help raise urgent funds.
Late last night I was contacted by a wonderful fellow rescuer who told me about a ~4-year-old special needs female Great Dane – Deaf/Blind.
Without hesitation, we stepped up. They then put us in touch with another really lovely rescuer – the original rescuer of this beautiful Dane – and the three of us conversed for some time re: this Great Dane.
We will share more as things unfold and this picture is taken from a video sent my way of this beautiful creature.
What we can share at this time is that she was abandoned by her Breeder when she could no longer produce puppies. She and her brother were tied up, exposed to the elements, and sadly, by the time rescuers learned of their plight, her brother had died(caught up in the tether).
She is currently on antibiotics to treat an infection and we have inquired re: doing a full bloodwork workup and this shall be done including testing for tickborne diseases plus hw.
She is also shaking her head and we asked for this to please be investigated further.
Due to the limitations of their Vets; the lumps I noticed on her sides will be assessed in depth upon her arrival to BHRR. I am trying not to worry re: mast cell tumours. 
She is a light-marked harlequin Great Dane and her pupils are as per the DM dogs, horrifically recessed. We will have to determine if she requires unilateral or even bilateral enucleation.
She will be spayed after arrival as right now, everyone wants to see her become stronger and healthier.
Vaccines, microchipping etc. will also be done. She has been de-wormed.
Per the above, we will share more re: her & about her other rescue angels that saved her plus reached out to us; as things fall into place.
She is going to need some serious love from the BHRR village……