BHRR’s Miss Jamila!
December 11th, 2021
Four days post-op – from her mature spay, two lump removals plus bilateral eye enucleation. We also did another ear cytology and a great nail trim.
She went on more ear medications for chronic ear infections that we first began treating when she was still in Egypt.
While you see dried blood in these pictures, you mostly see bruising plus swelling with her eyes.
Her surgeries lasted 3 hours and 2 minutes. Those last several moments in surgery with her were very tense.
She came home on antibiotics along with a great pain management regime and as with Miss Rosie, Miss Jamila was touch and go post-op.
Round-the-clock care, trying to get her to eat, trying to get her to drink was a very worrisome time. Trying to get her up on her feet to move was equally concerning. The lack of urination and bowel movements were also troubling as she was just not eating or drinking much.
As of this week, she is FINALLY drinking back to her normal drinking levels, and while not eating back up to her normal, she is eating. I am getting my tail wags back – love how they start so low and her tail gets higher and faster as she expresses her affection!
I have also been working on her not developing SA behaviours as we have been spending a LOT of time together – most nights, I was lucky to get 3 hours of sleep.
Her scent training is zooming along, her touch training – one can tell that she has not felt a lot of loving caring hands as her skin is very sensitive and while she no longer flinches, she still startles. We are continuing to work on that startle reflex with her and she is responding one small step at a time.
On Tuesday, Sean helped me remove the sutures on her two lumps, on Wednesday(2 weeks post surgeries), we removed her spay sutures and today, I will remove her eye sutures.
This amazing girl is such a mixture of strength with vulnerability, and she has bonded very closely with me, and I have to say, I adore her right back a million times over! 
That first week of December was a brutal one for BHRR financially – almost $12,000 in bills, and we remain owing just under $750 which we need to pay off by end of the year.
Any consideration to our outstanding bills would be deeply appreciated. Donations can be sent via PayPal to
OR via email transfer to
Thank you also being sent out to the Markell Read family for being her wonderful special SS!!!

This will be Miss Jamilas first XMAS full of so much love, proper shelter, food, water, kindness, and warmth!  She resides in our home, one that cherishes her each and every day.

It is hard to get pictures of her as she literally wants to be part of me!