We are ONLY short $439 from our goal for BHRR’s Jamila(AKA Angel)!
She is the deaf/blind Great Dane that had been tied up, abandoned along with her brother once she could no longer produce puppies. Sadly, her brother did not survive, he was found dead, having been caught up in the line he was tied with.
This is her at the Vet office in Egypt.
She is on medications for her ear infections and finishing up antibiotics for another infection.
Her ETA to Canada is ~August 21st – as we know more, we will post, and we may need some help getting her picked up from the airport as that is the day of our big fundraiser event at BHRR.
Here is the gofundme link to donate to her very deserving cause!
It will cost ~$1,230 USD to just get her to Canada(crate, airfare), and then we have a lot more vetting to do upon her arrival – her eyes may require an unilateral or bilateral eye enucleation and we need to investigate the lumps that she has. This is not possible where she is presently located.
We remain deeply humbled by the support shown to her cause to date and even $5 is not too small to donate to help!
Donations can also be made via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com
We are SO close to meeting this initial fundraising goal and thank you for that!