As much as I wanted to post a positive update re: BHRR’s Jamila, this is not possible.
When I picked her up yesterday, she was quiet and after getting her home, she remained quite quiet. I had been made aware that she was not eating and this meant that she had not eaten since she left Egypt on Friday.
While she had been drinking with her lovely overnight foster, she was not drinking at our place, and with these extreme temps, this was concerning. She did at least urinate and had one bm with her overnight foster, yet nothing since.
To all that have seen this Dane since her arrival to Canada, they would say that she was a ‘hot mess’. From her eyes – left one, in particular, is quite swollen and has a discharge and they are both white-coated, to the condition of her coat – she has fur missing on her tail, etc., her fur is stained, she has terrible callouses and scars, her ears were still bothering her – we were able to get them addressed in Egypt and they still require further attention – not to mention the lumps that she had.
We addressed all that we were informed was possible in Egypt and the plan was to address everything else, including a mature spay upon her arrival to Canada.
Yesterday, in doing an assessment, her temp was well over 40 and she became quite flat.
We went to emerge and then today, she was admitted again, this time to the Hospital I work at where she remained on fluids for dehydration, we gave her a cerenia injection, we did 2 x-rays, we did another CBC and a comprehensive blood panel. We also attempted to fine needle biopsy two of her lumps – very little material was able to be extracted due to how hard the lumps were. Some debris plus squamous cells were seen and the next course of action, and as planned is to have them removed at the time of her mature spay. We will send them off to pathology.
This poor girl has been bred many times over too. Her poor vulva and mammary glands/chain.
Pancreatitis was ruled out as was pyometra. The Vet mentioned an odd ‘boney structure’ seen in one of her x-rays that we can investigate further, at a later time. Something, he was curious about, yet did not feel that it was the cause of anything.
The immense heat, the long travel, all of the changes, the fact that she is a special needs dog, that she is a Dane – quite sensitive they can be and that she has quite a few medical conditions – we are still doing diagnostics, has not been great on this sick Dane.
She still has not had a pee nor a bm since I picked her up. The x-rays show that her bladder is small.
Sadly, the monies that we raised on Saturday have already almost completely been consumed with her bills over the last 24+ hours. 
Her bills are now close to $1,500 and rising.
Donations to her Vet care can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 OR via PayPal to or via email transfer to
We are sorry to beg and plead, yet, we shall soon be tapped out with the money that we have raised to date……
Thank you in advance for any consideration to her cause and please do keep her in your thoughts. She is truly a gem of a girl. She has been a model patient………