An update on BHRR’s Sawyer from his temp foster home!

“Things are going well! Sawyer is a very good boy. He’s had a few jealous moments with the chocolate we’re babysitting but that cleared up once we started banning the chocolate from getting on the couch. 

He has become a barker. He barks at noises outside, he barks at his reflection on the patio door at night. But maybe he’s still getting used to suburban life. 

We are working on his walking on leash manners. He’s  pretty respectful but likes to stop and smell EVERYTHING and will pull if he wants to go somewhere. But for the most part he will come back to you when you pull him back. 

We are now allowing him out of the crate when we go out and he has been a super star!! No incidents or accidents or getting into things. Today was the longest at ~5 hours and no problems. 

He and Neo have their routine of rambunctious play while Bob walks Holden in the morning, then we take him and Neo out for their morning walk after that. He and Neo play very well together!

We’ve had a few people over and my mom and her boyfriend stayed over one night…. Sawyer is still quite unsure at first and does a lot of barking but we tell them to ignore him and in about 15 minutes he’s right beside them getting pets and snuggles. Just takes a little bit for him to make sure the humans are fine. 

He’s amazing with other dogs and wants to meet them and make friends. It’s their owners he’s not quite sure about. 

All is VERY good!  He is such a sweetheart!!”