This big lug of love was de-twinkled & microchipped this AM and I have been told that he was up and ready to go shortly afterwards!

BHRR’s Sawyer(Saint/Pyr)!

I heard he did so well – was a total bull in the china shop and hilarious and also such a good boy! 

He is slowly improving on his manners and truly there is not a mean bone in his body. He just lacked training and proper house rule structure and we are slowly getting there!

He is such a character, a strong minded one yet a total affectionate sometimes drooling fluff ball at the same time.

He really is a ham and such a handsome boy.

Today, he weighed 47.4 kgs(104.28 pounds). He will be 9 months old on the 11th. A lot of growing/maturing left to do for this fine young man!

He is having his own professional photo shoot on March 23rd and shortly after that – around early April – he should be ready to make his own special announcement!

Under the right calm, comfortable and positive balanced confident hands with his continued obedience and manners, he is going to thrive and be such an asset to that right match personality fit forever loving home and surrounding community. His SA has been well managed during his time with us to date and is almost non existent for we have made him feel safe, given him clear open communication on expectations plus have provided him with structure, consistency and routine.

In that right home, he shall flourish!

He has loved every dog he has met to date, been very curious yet respectful to cats – does wish to chase them and with people while a bit unsure and aloof at first to some, the offering of a yummy treat quickly warms him up and he has become a fast drooling friend to many! 

Loving my time with this big personality young man!

I must shout out the warmest of thanks to Kanata Animal Hospital for not only taking this picture yet for taking such amazing care of him and so many of our other dogs over the past shy of 14 years!