The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Poppy was ADOPTED today. 

This was a particularly emotional one for me yet I managed to not shed one tear at the home! 

This litter and I went through so much since they were born in September 2017 and I had a really long battle to fight to save this wee girl and she has thrived! 

She chose the home….BHRR’s Sawyer was just not interested and was quite uncomfortable which is not his norm and that is completely ok. He got confidence from BHRR’s Poppy and by the end of the visit was more interactive and his own right match fit personality home is out there! 

BHRR’s Poppy loved their 11 year old son and was totally fine with their cat. 

I want to thank this really lovely home for being so patient as we went through the detailed adoption process and for their hospitality in opening up their house to us today. Thank you for considering a BHRR dog to adopt!

Thank you to Aaron & Cherie for assisting at this home-visit – BHRR’s Sawyer was excited to see you again Cherie! 

I go home with so much happiness in my heart….some sadness too as my time with the gorgeous inside and out BHRR’s Poppy has ended yet this is what I worked so hard to give her…a future in a wonderful approved adoptive home! 

While she may look more Dane in the pic – she is very much also Wolfie with her wonderful hair and tail!