BHRR’s Sawyer!
ADOPTED September 7th, 2019

9 years ago this lovely couple came into our lives and adopted a Saint named BHRR’s Moose(they changed his name to Tristin). 

Sadly. he passed away earlier in 2019 yet, lived the life of a king in their caring home.

He had a brother back then named Noah that passed away and then was given a new brother named Emmett to be his bff.

Emmett was very lonely when Tristin(BHRR’s Moose) passed away and when his family was ready to adopt again, BHRR’s Sawyer was who they were interested in.

Yesterday, was the home-visit and THANKS to Bob/Hazel for temp fostering BHRR’s Sawyer for the last shy of 3 months and for their wonderful hospitality!

Such a small world as the night before the home-visit the approved adoptive home and Kinsley/I were all at the same drive-in and had no idea! 

Some things are meant to be and this was another example of how patiently waiting for that right matched personality fit home paid off BIG time! He and we have waited almost 1.5 years for this beautiful moment to occur!

I have already received several updates on how happy everyone is!

Bob/Hazel – thank you for all that you and BHRR’s Torque(now known as Neo) plus BHRR’s Holden did for BHRR’s Sawyer while temp fostering him!

Thank you for opening up your hearts and home to temp foster him so I could save BHRR’s Lily and take her directly into my own home.

Thank you for your generous natures in covering his food, buying him a new collar and leash and in taking such amazing care of him.

Thank you to BHRR’s Sawyer’s forever loving adoptive home for considering to adopt from BHRR again!

We well remember that day when you came to our home 9 years ago and considering either BHRR’s Lilly Belle or BHRR’s Moose as a great match fit for your family.

Thank you for giving BHRR’s Moose an incredible life and thank you for being part of the BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ Village and now giving BHRR’s Sawyer endless possibiliities in his own future to reach his full potential!

He is magnificent and deserves all of the incredible things that the world can offer him.

It was a bittersweet home-visit and fostering is not easy….it is bloody hard and it really does take special people to be able to do it.

Almost 420 times now I have fostered and have had to let go……and it does not get any easier….

Yet, it means that we can help another in need of our highly specialised programs when the time is right…..and that is important that while we cannot help them all, we can help another…..

BHRR’s Sawyer was adoption #418 for BHRR since our inception in 1996. Quality, not quantity with each and every one…..

Happy Sunday to all!