BHRR’s Sawyer – Saint Bernard/Great Pyr
Born: June 11th, 2017(9 months of age)
AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! He is ready! He is more than ready for that right matched forever loving home to find him. A home that believes strongly in a positive balanced approach to training and ‘walks the talk’.

This boy needs his structure, obedience, consistency, routine and clear open communication so that he can continue to thrive. 

He is no longer confused and not sure what is expected of him and his anxiety is virtually non existent as he lacks for nothing in anything that he needs which includes so much love. His SA level was quite high when he first arrived. 

He does not need a home that is going to get caught up in his looks, he needs a home that understands both the Saint and the Pyr temperament.

He is so affectionate, playful, kind and a big goof YET he is also strong minded, both independent and dependent in different ways and he needs that right matched forever loving home that is not going to be punitive, harsh or forceful. 

He needs a home that is going to stick to the rules and not waiver and then set him up for failure making him unsure and then have him trying to step up to take the role of a postive balanced leader. 

While we are not requiring specific breed experience for him, we want an extremely experienced dog home for him. 

We would love to see him in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog for he loves other dogs and is built for endurance.  We may consider an only dog home if everything else is the right fit. 

He is socially active and loves his outdoor time and when it is time for settling down inside, he is content to cuddle and snuggle and be merry. 

He is a happy, healthy and beautiful puppy. 

He requires a home that shall be dedicated to his grooming needs to maintain that gorgeous coat he has. 

He can scale 6 foot brick walls without any hesitation so a properly, safely and securely fenced in yard is a must. 

We do not find him high energy or high maintenance and that home meant for him shall not find the same.

He has been fine around traffic from school and city buses to garbage trucks and bikes and more. 

He is curious and outgoing and we have worked so hard on him also feeling comfortable travelling in a car – gets in and out without any issues now! He loves car rides now! 

A home that works away from home or at home, ft, pt, semi-retired, retired are all good fits as we have set him up for success. He is another versatile BHRR dog in this way. 

How he is around cats is unknown. 

He is wonderful to wash and brush and do nails and clean ears. Less is more with him…..he is not to be man handled, no dog should be.

His leash manners have improved 150% since he first arrived and he is very much a growing giant breed puppy still. Patience and a sense of humour go far with this character!

His rehab progress has just flowed so smoothly. He is eager to please, gets excited to see me when I come home, is crate trained and very gentle with treats.

A home that does not mind DROOL is a must! For he can drool – mostly when he is excited or stressed.

We would be fine considering a home with no more than 2 children age 10+ OR a home without children is equally wonderful. 

This boy has truly been an absolute pleasure to have in our progam and his personality is as large as the world, he is just that amazing……

There is not one MEAN bone in this stunning young man’s body and I am so excited for his future. 

You did it BHRR’s Sawyer! You did it!!!! I love you so freakin’ much!

Thank you again to Liz Bradley for her incredible talent and time in taking the fabu pictures and to Aaron Maracle & Cherie Barnes Maracle for the extra hands at his and BHRR’s Booker’s professional photo session March 23rd!