I GOT Him!

Thank you sent out to Holly again for meeting me to help make the transfer go so smoothly!

This photo is also one sent my way from the Home as it was pitch black when I arrived. 

I asked the home to confirm his Breed mix for he did not look like a Saint/Shep and he is in fact a Saint/Pyr. 

The one O. said Shep in error. 

This 8 month old boy has huge anxiety issues….

The home mentioned that he was not good in the car and in fact around cars at all and he was certainly stressed in the car. I gave him a calming word and then passively ignored and he settled down well other than a moment or two here and there of a whine or a bark on our 1 hour drive home. 

I even made a point of just going through a drive thru in Kemptville and by then, he was content to just look quietly around and received praise for being a good boy and then passively ignored again. 

The home mentioned that he stresses out around strangers and that they have not walked him much. 

He does lack serious manners and proper social communication skills. Like all dogs, they need a positively balanced, structured and consistent environment with clear open communcation of the expectations being asked of them. He is confused and has been running the home. The one person did say that he does not listen well to them at all and only a bit better to the other. AND most certainly, he has also been putting himself above the two children in the home. 

He clearly has ‘had’ his way for some time and I did not need to see a picture to know that he had been allowed ‘high value’ item privileges and that all stops now. Yet, I do have a picture of him not just on their couch yet laying completely on top of one of their kids and not in a cuddling manner either. 

All of that ended the moment we left….he is now in a new world…mine and as much as I will be teaching/guiding him….who is going to teach him the most is my Bakers Dozen Pups. They are going to teach him SO much about proper behaviour and communication. 

He is a strong minded, strong willed, full of personality, a true character, a smart plus loyal boy and inside I know there is a mushball of a wee lost giant pup – still a strong boy yet a vulnerable one – that needs to find his way back on course…..

Tomorrow is a brand new day for a brand new beginning….

From our home to all of our friends, families and supporters, warm good-night wishes being sent!