When I brought LT to the Vet on the 16th; he was given the ‘ok’ to go from myself and the 2 vets to be adopted. This SC may come back and it could be one year, 3 years, 5 years or it might not come back at all and he will have a bit of a scar/bump in that area yet both feel that there is no need to remove it as there is virtually nothing there anymore. This validates my own feelings on the matter. I have asked many times over as this was suppose to be the original plan to remove it and both have insisted that SC’s rupture as that is what they do and he could be prone to them and even if what is remaining is removed(now back to being an elective surgery) it could grow back or he could develop new one’s etc. I will show his adoptive home how to just clean the area with Betatidine or Germi-stat 4% and should it ooze any SC material to wipe. One has to be careful about β€˜playing’ with the area too much as it could irritate it and then cause a flare-up. They recommended another 10 days of antibiotics yet I shall be sending an additional 2 weeks home with his new family from the day that he is picked up just to be just that much more proactive with him. This is to show even more good faith and our high quality/standard of care at BHRR in respect to this SC. and this is IN addition to the 10 days that I have for him and that had been recommended by the Vet. BHRR makes every effort to be proactive, preventative and does not adopt out animals with ‘known’ medical conditions unaware to their homes. I also recommend as I always do; to take him to their own vet for their own comfort level(while I know he is healthy and do full disclosure on all the dogs here; I want all homes to feel comfortable too and also it is a great opportunity to begin that relationship between them, their vet and Tyke) plus have them look at his head. LT was back down to 57 KGS(the less he has weighed since March 26th) and the vets are happy yet I would like to see another kg off him…..I have upped his exercise regime(IF that were even possible with the 2/47 that he goes on all day now) and with the tightened hatches on his food; he has lost 7.2 pounds. He is looking awesome. Should all go well, LT will go to his new home on Sunday June 1st. This is going to be very hard, for him and definitely for us to let him go. Like all our adoptions, we can only hope that we will be given some updates and pictures here and there. WHAT A PLEASURE IT WAS HAVING YOU IN OUR LIVES TYKE!!! πŸ™‚

Tyke will be going with me to work on Friday for a recheck on his head. It is still oozing a bit yet is MUCH smaller and I am staying as positive as I can about the visit! I cannot wait to get a new weight on him too! I will have to take some new pics of him as it has been awhile. πŸ˜‰ My biggest piece of news is that the other day I went into the bedroom and LT was lying on the bed(like he often does) and he opened his eyes(I swear he has radar in knowing when we adults come into that room – he is great with the kids and has no worries about staying on the bed when the go into our bedroom) and DID not get off and more exciting, I was able to go up to him, love and smooch on him and he asked for more love AND never made one move to run off the bed! WOOHOO! He even stayed on the bed for a few minutes after I stopped the loving(kept it short so as not to overwhelm him)and then he did is big rushing spring of the bed into his open crate and then ran out of the crate as per his normal past pattern! MAN! That was the best feeling in the world to have been able to do all of that with him! πŸ˜€

I shall be bringing LT in to the Vet later this week; probably when I work myself on Friday. His next 10 days of antibiotics will be up later this week and time for a recheck. WE seem to finally be getting the upper hand on this SC yet it still oozes here and there and I know that it is finally starting to bother LT a bit for he will shake his head now and again; something he was not doing in the past. We most likely will do another 14 days worth of antibiotics, minimum and re-assess. He is not liking the ‘food cutback’ my sweet SeaBiscuit and has become quiteΒ proficient about the ‘sneak and grab’ technique with the other dogs’ bowls and does the exact same thing that our one Golden use to do as a puppy in that he rushes in, grabs a quick mouthful and then runs back to his own bowl; drops the food into it and then leisurely eats it up as if to say; ‘See? I am eating out of my own bowl’. HE is not fooling anyone with his antics, the little goober and we have to watch him closely. I have now taken to putting his Clavamox right into his food bowl; sometimes with a very small bit of pb or hidden in small pieces of hotdog. GOTTA love this boy! He is also muchΒ more confident about the asking for love and his favourite time to ask for it is when you are in the bathroom…….. πŸ™„ πŸ˜€ With all the trips we have taken to go to the Vet; he now is very happy to go for the car rides and though he no longer gets McDonald’s; I will still stop by the Timmie’s and he can get a timbit here and there. It has really reinforced that the car is not a scary place and that car trips can be fun and enjoyable YET most important to LT is that we DO come home. That has always beenΒ his majorΒ insecurity. I am very proud of Tyke. MORE than words can ever express with how much he has trusted us and been willing to not have any resentment towards humans for the terrible past treatment he received when he was in WV. He could really teach a lot of humans the meaning of forgiveness. I have said it before; yet LT really humbles and grounds me. He is a true blessing and has definitely enriched our lives.

LT was 58.2 KGS(128.04 pounds)! UGH! UGH! Even though he is being cut back on food; he is getting PB with his pills AND it is showing. Time to tighten up the hatches even more with this man! The Vet was just as unimpressed as I was with his head. We were unable to do a culture as it had been very effectively drained the day before by us. Yet, it is looking nasty and the Vet agrees. The Vet looked up and Clavamox will cover all the ick’s except for maybe 2 and I have brought home a needle that if(more likely when with the way things have gone in the past)it swells up again; to take a sample. So, I have taken home 10 more days of Clavamox and I cannot even bear to look at the Vet Bill right now in respect to all of this. sigh………… I feel the worst for LT though. He has been an incredible trooper! The Vet ended up giving him a liver treat(despite his weight plumpness)Β  πŸ˜› for they also felt very sorry for all that he has gone through and what he was put through tonight with a re-exam etc. All that poking and prodding and he was awesome. Just very happy and affectionate and taking everything in his stride. When the rain stops, I shall wash him again as he is slightly ‘off-white’ from the muddy outside and he has stains on his head from the SC. POOR THING! The Vet did say that he could maybe be that ‘rare’ dog that will have to be on antibiotics for months and months and months and I am praying that this is not the case. POOR LT! πŸ˜₯ LT loved the ride home and I bypassed the McDonald’s and Timmie’s as we need to work on that waistline and if he is going to be on antibiotics even longer than a month; we really have to find a better treat system. The Vet said that she was so surprised to see a plump dog from me as I am always really great about keeping my dogs where they belong. I just keep saying, LT more than deserved his few extra pounds BUT now, he is getting ‘up’ there with the PB with his meds and we need to find an alternative. I do not wish to take to putting the pills in his mouth AS he has come so far with trusting and approaching and while many dogs will take to pilling that way just fine; without emotional angst; LT is not one of those dogs. He could very easily become handshy should pilling him manually become the ‘norm’ and if he has to be on meds for X amount of time; I am going to have to be inventive. PUTTING it into his food is not effective as he will eat all but the pill. I had been putting them into small pieces of hotdogs, until he figured out how to get the hotdog and spit out the pill. SMART boy!

I will be bringing LT in with me tomorrow to go back to the Vet. Despite 19 days worth of antibiotics between the Cephalexin and now the Clavamox; his head is not getting any better. I felt terrible for LT on Saturday; the pressure built up so bad in his SC that he began to shake his head and then it began to leak and then burst through the skin by Sunday AM. I drained as much as I could of the infection and the SC fluid and cleaned it all up with Betadine plus Germistat 4% and now he has literally a small hole in his head where it burst through. It is not just the cost of almost $1,000 spent to date on getting this under control; it is the obvious discomfort this is causing him. We need to get some resolution here; for financial relief and for him. We have just spent almost $2,000 on Bronson with him having to go back into hospital last Monday; $2,000 on the Newf pups that we assisted in rescuing and now we have also been asked to assist with another 9 Dane pups. We just cannot continue to drop money on ‘what if’s here. In addition to the almost $1,000 spent on LT’s SC; we will be looking at $1,500 to remove the SC and we also have many more financial demands being put on our Rescue with repairs having to be made to our horse lean-too and fencing for both horses and dogs and we just cannot continue to afford to keep bringing the dogs into the Vets and trying one thing after the other without any success. We need something to work for LT and we need it soon as I cannot continue to watch him be in clear discomfort, nor can I continue to watch our finances pool down to the below nothing that we already have. We had only one fundraiser last year and I have had literally no time to plan this year’s one at this time and it has not been pushed to the the fall. We are in seriously jeopardy of having to consider to close BHRR within the next 5 years. If you believe in BHRR at all; please consider donating as times are beyond tough right now. We truly cannot continue to assist the animals that are in need of us; alone. We beg everyone that follows the animals in our program; to just think about contributing to help us carry on. Thank you on behalf of every animal that has benefited from our program and for every animal that we could continue to assist with your help.

I brought LT into work with me on Monday April 21st for a recheck on his head. I was unable to bring him on the Saturday as I had hoped due to everything that poor Bronson was going through. LT weighed a very plump 57.60 KGs(126.72 pounds) and apparently, all that PB with the cephalexin has been showing itself on his waist line! He is now cut back on the food(much to my ‘seabiscuit’s displeasure again! LOL). The Vet was very surprised to see that after being on the Cephalexin for 10 days that his SC was still quite full of infection. We have now switched him to Clavamox and will re-evaluate after 10 days time. This is the fourth Dane in the recent past that has not fared well on the Cephalexin(Novolexin) and not only is cost a factor yet the poor dogs having to go to yet another antibiotic and to be on a longer course of treatment cannot be thrilling for them….well, they do like the PB part of it all! The Vet feels that he should be on these antibiotics for at least a month before we consider removing the SC; otherwise it will be a sizeable portion of the top of his head that will need to be removed and that is not a consideration and one that the Vet also supports. I talked to his pending adoptive home and they are in support that he shall remain here until such time as he is done his course of antibiotics and if need be; surgery to remove the SC. The SC even after being healed might erupt again(via a play bump etc.) or he could develop another one; even if this one is removed and we shall take it one step at a time, save up those pennies JUST in case he requires the surgery. πŸ˜€ We all want what is best for LT and we will evaluate as needs be as to what is in his best interest when the time comes. Once again, he was a HUGE favourite at the hospital and is so quiet(except in play…HEE! He can sure makes some neat sounds!) and settles down beautifully in his pen at the hospital. I adore this boy more than words can ever express! I also wanted to share that today, when I was vacuming(yet again….LOL with the spring here, it is at least a 5 times a day job)LT stayed on the bed the whole time I did the Master bedroom! WOOHOO! ROCK ON! Major progress. He even let me give him some loving on his back and tush and stayed on the bed! This boy has a huge piece of me and like always; if this wonderful home had not come along; he would have been one of those that would have tempted my soul to keep here. YET, I have always known that our paths; while we shall always be closely connected; he is meant to be in another home spoiled and sharing his very special gifts with them! THANK you LT for all that you have done for our home and for me!!!!

As per my my last write-up; I took LT into the Vet with me last night. When we did some deeper investigation into the area; it appears that the sebaceous cyst ruptured on the inside, causing it to become larger and eventually rupturing in a couple of spots and beginning to drain the building up infection inside. Caught if fast, thank goodness and as per my last post; he is now on the cephalexin(1,000 mgs every 12 hours) for three weeks. We will keep him on the antibiotics(the cephalexin is always the first line of defense that we use in these type of skin situations) for 2 weeks and then I have to get the cyst removed. Then he shall be on the antibiotics one more week for post-op care. As to what caused it to rupture; the latest FNA’s at his annual; could have irritated it some and then by bumping his head in play with another dog or on the side of something(bed, couch etc.); caused it to rupture. It is not really known. Being a responsible rescuer; I believe in full disclosure and also like to adopt out our dogs at the healthiest that we can, and I would like to do his surgery at my hospital; one of our Vets there is excellent in tissue work before I move forward on any potential adoption. As this happened while under my authority; and now requires a more immediate dealing of the situation; it is not something that I feel comfortable(based upon my own high level of standards)passing this along to his eventual adoptive home. The cost to me, would also be considerably less due to it being at my Vet Hospital and with me being involved. We are looking at about $1,500+ at this time for the surgery including bw and not including the pathology that I want to have done on it. So, all this to say; that I would dearly love to see him adopted April 20th AND his home has been notified that they are more than welcome to come and visit etc. yet he will not be going into surgery until later that week(around the 24th) etc. I will be doing presurgery bw again(his last bw was done when I did his neuter last fall) and promised to keep them completely informed plus a copy of all his vet records will be given to them at the time of adoption. He would not be available for final adoption until after the surgery. As a reputable rescue; I just cannot in good conscience just β€˜pass’ along this to his new home. I know that many Rescues are like that and also that many homes are completely happy with this arrangement yet I have never felt right in what could appear to look like us β€˜passing the problem’ on to his adoptive home. I believe in standing by my animals and do my absolute best and right by them that I can. I would like to see him recover in an environment he knows in a minimal stress situation(and while there is no real proof on what actually causes bloat/tort; stress has always been a key factor) etc. I really desire to work with his new home to make all this the best that it can be and shall absolutely take into very deep consideration their thoughts, views and feelings. This cyst is no longer something that can wait to be removed at a time when he might have undergone teeth cleaning etc. (which we might do at the same time as they will need to be done at some point within the next couple of years; yet we need to look at costs there as well for it is more of an elective type of thing at this time and with having just vetted 28 Newf pups; we wish to focus our financial efforts on this cyst removal and the ensuing pathology on it for I also wish to do a histio on it to get a pathology report by sending it off to Guelph. Just for peace of mind. We will take a look at it ourselves to get a prelim view as well. I just wanted to also add that MAN! I am just so proud of this boy and how far he has come with his loving and confidence! He is a HUGE hit at the hospital. His leash manners are perfection now, he settles in great at the hospital and LOVES to lean on people for loving. HE has come SOOOOOOOOOOO far since he arrived at our program and I cannot tell you how much this boy means to me.

I am completely not liking the look of that cyst on LT’s head and instead of bringing Kona in with me tonight to work for her annual; I shall bring in LT. It is continuing to drain with a mixture of blood and fluid(with none of the cheesy type of substance that one would normally find in a sebaceous cyst) and is even bigger than it was yesterday and he has a couple of ‘raw’ spots. Before starting any antibiotics, I want to see the Vet again(the same one that I saw for his annual and that we did the FNA’s with) to best plan the next course of action here. I believe that we will definitely be putting him at least on Cephalexin yet I will consult with the Vet first as to their thoughts too. It is not paining him at all and that is great. He is eating, drinking, pooping, playing, sleeping etc. all normally. He has no fever, eyes are bright and gums are healthy etc. It is me just not feeling great about that spot on his head right now and being the person I am; HE is going in! πŸ˜€

I am really not liking this cyst on LT’s head. It is almost twice the size it was when he was in for his annual not long ago. Did all those FNA’s irritate it??? I do not know and it is draining more than it has; yet the size of it is making me uncomfortable. I have Dyce going in for his annual plus post-treatment check-up tomorrow night when I go to work and I think I might see about getting LT back in on the Wednesday. I know what we found in the FNA’s etc. and I do not doubt the results yet I am still not feeling great about how much growth this has done since his annual. If need be; I will take the necessary steps in getting this removed sooner rather than later. Am I just worrying overly too much???? Perhaps….yet, I always feel more comfortable in having a second opinion if/when needed in respect to what I am seeing.

New slides #44 – #46 added of LT and also new as of March 29th, 2008; Tyke now has his own CafePress Store http://www.cafepress.com/bhrr/3019503 whereby all monies raised shall go to assist animals in need of our BHRR program. New items to be added as I can.

I had LT into the Vet’s with me on the 26th for his annual(also had Hamilton The Newf neutered that day too) and he now weighs 56.2KGs(123.64 pounds). For those wondering; his height is still around 33″. Could he afford to lose a pound or two; sure; yet he has more than earned the enjoyment of putting on these pounds and since he has come to us; he has put on 41.64 pounds! WTG LT! πŸ˜€ He was charming to all and continued to win over everyone that met him and his leash manners were impeccable! He was quiet as a mouse when he had to go into a run when things got busy and I think he made Hamilton feel better in knowing that he was not alone as Hamilton was feeling quite miserable from being neutered! We did about 6 FNA’s on the lump on his head and an in-house cytology and it appears to just be a sebaceous cyst and not another hystiocytoma that has appeared in the same locale. Something that should be removed; not urgent and can be removed when he gets his teeth cleaned or is required to go under another surgery in the future. VERY relieved to hear the news that it is not something overly serious yet if I had thought it was something terrible; he would have went in MUCH sooner than he did! The one thing that I was just saying to someone tonight was how much of an incredible journey LT has been on since he arrived and one that he has taken us along too. He has taught me much and has been a balm in helping to heal my soul and spirit greatly during his time here. He is a very special boy that one and I feel very blessed in having had him come into my life. He will always have a ‘pull’ on my heart. He traveled wonderfully as usual in the car and his favourite part is going through the McDonald’s or the Timmie’s for his special treaties on our way home! Poor Hamilton had to forego a treat from his own neuter this time around. LT spent quite a bit of time just with his head resting on my shoulder and the sweet gentle kisses WERE to die for! I am going to miss this boy something terrible when it is his time to be adopted.

There are several new pictures of LT in the slideshow #40 – #43. Three were taken during the wicked 72+cm of snow that we received during a 36 hour period. As you can see from the pictures; Dyce, Mudslide and LT had a BLAST! The 4th picture is ONE of my most favs as it is ‘living’ proof that LT will sleep on our bed! YAY! I had to sneak in to get the picture but I did it! He still gets off the bed when you come in but he is not so ‘quick’ to panic and run off; he is more slow about it and I am still hoping that in time; he will just stay comfortable! πŸ™‚ Another HUGE HUGE HUGE accomplishment/break through is how much more LT is asking for affection and loving! YIPPPEEE! Today, he was all over me, just a snuggling and cuddling away. His potential new adoptive family should be coming to visit on April 20th.

LT’s annual exam will be on March 26th, 2008. I cannot wait to see how much he weighs now! We will also take another look at the hystiocytoma that has re-appeared on his head. It does not pain or bother him at all.

LT has a new favourite activity! BRUSHING! It has taken a long time for him not be afraid of the brush and when Mr. Hamilton, the Newf came into our home last fall and LT saw all the brushing that he was getting and how much Hamilton was loving it; LT became very interested. We have to move slowly and not make any sudden movements yet as soon as that brush touches his back and especially his rump; he is in heaven. We do not attempt to bring the brush around his face or head for he will shy away. I show him the brush and sometimes he will turn so his butt is facing me in anticipation of what is to come! πŸ™‚ He is sleeping on our bed more and yet will still get off more often than not when adults walk into the room. He is less likely to get off when the kids go in there and he has begun to actually get up on the bed when they are on the bed themselves either reading or watching TV. Progress is slow and steady with this cutie and I am very proud of him!!!!!! LT is also a HUGE houdinini when it comes to his crate! He loves it as his safe spot and often just lies in it with the door open and while I give him free run of the house for short jaunts away from home; if we are gone longer than 3-4 hours (which is not common as there is usually someone here 24/7); I put him in his crate; the little mischief maker AND he can get out; so we then put a clip on the crate. He then learned how to undo the clip and so we went to two clips and now we are up to 3 clips! LOL It won’t be long before LT will be able to be trusted for longer periods of time sans crate. The biggest thing here is that he begins to play with Dyce, Soul and Bronson and my home becomes quite re-decorated(beds completely stripped and moved across the floor)!!!!! He also seems to love toilet paper rolls! LOL I am putting LT back under a PENDING ADOPTION. This person came to meet me in Ottawa last May and I have met them a couple of times since then; this person has also met LT and I feel that this home is a great match for him. There is no doubt about this person’s adoration of LT either! We shall be having another meet-up come spring and go from there. At this time, we shall not be taking any more inquiries or applications on LT.

LT has healed beautifully. I took down the second round of bandaging about 5 days later and his ear looked great! I am just now keeping it clean with Betadine, airing it out and it has healed just wonderfully. He has not tried to scratch at it, very rarely does he shake his head and I did not even have to make him a cone head for very long once the second round of bandaging was taken down. HE ROCKS! I have some pics of him below with his cone head and the bandaged head. If the little monkey will stand still long enough or would sleep on the side with that ear up, I can then get pics of what the tip of his ear looks like. LT has now gotten back to a pleasantly plump stage as I have kept him on the subdued side(much to his protest and dismay) while I was trying to get that ear tip to heal. Time for him to get back out there and running/playing to work himself off a few pounds! πŸ™‚

Once again, so much to update! Things have been very busy around here to say the least. LT is now sporting a UPI (Unidentified Play Injury) wound from yesterday. I had them all outside playing and was even watching and I know that Soul and LT can play a bit rough and this time, Dyce who was feeling a bit better got in on the action yet could not see what actually happened. Soul and LT like to yank on each others collars and there were no sounds made and I am at a loss as to what really happened. Yet, now LT is missing the tip of his right ear, the same ear that had a tooth caught in it last November from his previous play antics with Luna and Soul. So, after three rolls of Vet wrap, surgical glue, gauze, compresses, a roll of tape, four pairs of underwear and a E-collar, things seem to be under control. Then the clean up of the blood bath from shaking head in my house over and over. πŸ™‚ As a true testament to his great personality, he did not flinch, try to move away and only made one whimper while I cleaned him up etc. My 7 year old son was on hand and only had to hold him by the collar while I took care of LT. This is not something that can be stitched and it will take time to heal. Tips of ears and tips of tails are terrible things to try and heal with the shaking and movement the dogs can make. This boy just proves to me every day how absolutely amazing he is and I just love him more and more! I have him on pain meds and antibiotics(great to have such a great store of what I need at home) and LT should heal just fine. I wish I knew how it happened and I might decide to remove the one little piece still on his ear to make it a smooth edge yet for now, I will hold off. It will only be an aesthetic thing and I would not wish to put him under just for that. I am also going to get his Histiocytoma looked at again for it has changed shape somewhat and has gone from being virtually gone to having re-appeared. I am not overly concerned yet wish to remain proactive on his wellbeing. LT is a very special boy to so many and I will take some pics of him in his blue floral headpiece, e-collar and bandages to post. Other than his UPI, LT is doing wonderfully. He is very social, loves to play, can be quite the mischief maker and is excelling in his obedience.

HUGE HUGE HUGE breakthrough! I almost want to yell from the top of the roofs on this one! When I walked into the bedroom late last week; LT was on the bed and he stayed there; rolled on his side and happily allowed me to touch, cuddle and pet him and when I then went to lie down myself; he was confident enough to worm his way in between Dyce, Soul, Bronson and Maggi to get his own spot on my lap. WOOHOO! YIPPPEEEE! He just flopped on his side, stretched out long and hung out with me for a few minutes before he got up and went back to his safe spot of his open crate. WHAT a moment! NOW, this is what it is all about! SUCCESS! LT is great for staying on the bed with the kids but he tends to hop off when adults walk into the room and after this fantastic experience; I continue to be hopeful; that he will learn that it is OK!!!!!! to stay put. What a great night that was. Another one of LT’s favourite activities is ‘rip the collar’s’ off the dogs with Soul…sigh….we have gone through more collars!

Below is a picture taken by the foster mom of the DBB’s before they came to our program when she was here for a visit at the end of October. DOESN’T he look wonderful???? We are still slowly working on LT’s Hygroma and it has reduced in size. He really misses Luna who left last weekend yet that has not affected his appetite, my little ‘SeaBiscuit’. What is very exciting is that his foster mom from NC is coming up in less than 2 weeks for a visit and I cannot wait for them to be reunited! IF it were not for all that she and her husband and their 2 Danes did for LT; he would not have had the basis and foundation he had when he came her. She has already told me that she plans on sneaking him away when she leaves! LOL I hope that she is pleased by how far he has come while under our care and I am full of emotion over this reunion for this goes back to the whole chain of events that brought him into our lives and what he represents for both this family and for us. LT is an incredibly special boy and I speak from heart that he has helped me to heal in many ways over the loss of my beloved Frost ‘T’. This boy will make the most amazing of TD dogs and like all the animals that cross our souls here at BHRR; LT has touched us deeply. The one thing that we continue to work on with LT is it being ‘ok’ for him to stay on our bed when we walk into our bedroom. Even his foster mom from NC has said that he was the same on the ‘doggie’ couch at their place. This will be a lifetime labour of spoiling to show LT that it is ok to lie on soft surfaces and it is his RIGHT to be treated with respect and adoration. The only other thing that I do continue to work on LT is his mischievous ‘tag’ he likes to do when you arms are full! He likes to rush in and sneak a ‘mouthing’ on your tush or thigh and while it does not hurt and it is his way of saying ‘WELCOME HOME! COME PLAY TAG OR CHASE WITH ME’; I would feel more comfortable if we found another way for him to express himself! It is a bit uncomfortable and when you wear shorts; it is a very cold nose of surprise that gets you! LOL

LT is 32.5″ at the whithers now.

Due to a recent negative experience with an applicant whose home was declined; please note that all of our policies, procedures, mandates and processes are clearly posted on both of our websites and that we will not make any exceptions. Making demands of us is not going to make us rush the process of a possible adoption and the bullying of any of us Volunteers is not appreciated.

LT is available for adoption again for the homevisit with one of our Volunteers and her own adopted BHRR Dane and the home’s current dog did not go as well as hoped. BHRR feels that it would be better for their current dog to be the only furbaby in their home at this time while they have him as a beloved member of the family and would be happy to re-visit an adoption with a BHRR animal in the future. We do not believe that it would not be fair or in the best interest to their current dog or one of our own animals to move forward with an adoption at this time in this particular home. LT gets along with everyone and to be in a home where an animal might not be receptive to LT; would not be fair to him nor their own dog.

New pictures of LT below!!!

I wanted to focus this update specifically on LT’s kisses yet I need to post an update on him in regards to his medical worry that caused the added grey hairs he has given me of late! LT has developed a hygroma on one of his elbows and with all of this heat and despite a/c; he would rather lie on the slate or tile floors so it has been a battle to get it go go away. UGH! I am massaging and using tensors and when I had LT at the Vet today; we might have to do a slight draining on it yet will will monitor for now. He has a very slight one developing on the other elbow. What had me most concerned and turning grey was not the hygromas for they are treatable and will go away; is the 3-4 small lumps I discovered on his scalp on the right side on Sunday. I originally thought they were bug bites for they were not play marks as there were no teeth marks on him and by the time Monday night rolled around; it was one lump and not 3-4 smaller one’s. It did not appear to be attached to the skull for I could freely move it and it is a fairly solid(not squishy) lump. So, of course; me; all worried about sarcomas; took him in today and we did a FNA and thorough exam etc. and the contents that we were able to draw out was very ‘cheesy’ and there was no pus. So, with a great big sigh of relief it appears that this lump (as he did not bang himself on anything to cause a swelling either and it was not going away) is either a sebaceous cyst or even a tricholemmoma, both benign. It will not be necessary to remove unless it bothers him; which it does or if it gets larger etc. BIG sigh of relief felt here. It was worth the vet bill to get the reassuring answers. So, now on to LT kisses! He gives the best and softest of kisses and is so much more comfortable in freely giving them and not having to ask for them (AND I ask for them tons! ) πŸ™‚ I weighed LT at the Vet’s and I thought he was plumper! LOL He weighed in at 59.2 KGs(130.24 pounds). So, since LT’s arrival into our authority in March; he has put on 48.25 pounds! WAY to go LT!!!!!! I will have to take his height and new pictures but he ROCKS! So, LT remains perfectly healthy and full of charm! WOOHOO! We are going to celebrate August 11th as his 1st year birthday for that is 5 months to the day since we got him and it is believed he was about 7 months old then.

SO much to write about LT and his continued rehab, training and adjustment to a life of spoiling!!! He has not met a dog or person that he has not liked yet! He has now been fully integrated with the Diaper Bag Babies(three Great Dane Puppies here)and he has done really well. He is still learning how to play gentle and can get a bit excited and mouth them a bit too rough; but wow! WHAT a fast learner and a great playmate for them! His best buds are Soul without a doubt with Dyce and Guinness and now the “Abber’s”(one of the DBB’s). He LOVES his crate to lie in as it has become his ‘safe’ spot yet I hardly have to crate him anymore. He has proven himself very trustworthy and if I keep him and my PPSS(Piranha Puppy Soul Squall) separate when I drop the kids off in the AMs; my bed remains covered in sheets; the bed is not moved across the floor from them running and jumping all over it and my plants remain standing and not knocked over with their monkey antics! πŸ™‚ His recall is almost 100% there and I have been working a lot on his shyness with objects. I take a paper towel roll and play ‘touch’ and ‘run’ with LT and he no longer is afraid of the roll. He can be a bit unsure in the beginning yet then gets all caught up in the fun and all hesitation and nervousness disappears. Someone has been very ‘corporal’ with this boy and it has been a lot of work to de-program him that flighty, over the head type movements or objects been held and swung about does not mean that he is going to be hurt. He used to run and hide and now is more curious and I love him SOOOO much for trusting in me and he does love the treats and praise!!!! He is a wee bit plump right now and I really don’t mind for he has more than earned that! I have begun to cut him back slightly on his food and just like The ‘Seabiscuit’ I call him; he has noticed and has not been happy! LOL He loves to run and zoom and play with toys and we are working on the tug of war games right now so that he becomes more comfortable. I can do his nails all by myself, wash, do his ears and touch any part of his body and he is so accepting. I feel deeply humbled by this boy in how much he has brought himself to trust me when I know that he can be unsure inside over some things. He no longer trembles and my heart swells with pride over his accomplishments and milestones. He is becoming more and more free spirited and not that ‘haunted’ looking over his shoulder to see if someone is going to come at him. I admit it; he has gotten deep into my soul and I adore him! πŸ™‚ I need to take new pictures and I have been bugged by people at my work to get him back into the Vet Hospital for some serious loving on by them! πŸ™‚ I will most likely do that next week. LT is doing great on his leash and loves car rides and is very gentle about taking treats. I can touch his food without any issues and I continue to feed him in his special spot so that he feels safe that no one is going to bully him out of his bowl. NOT that we would ever allow anyone to do that but he had to learn that we would not let that happen. Each dog has their own food bowl and they know that it is theirs and that they will be fed on time. He has been very comfortable in having dogs walk by him as he is eating and if they pause in interest, he no longer tries to eat faster to get as much up as possible or makes any slight grumping sounds. He will now wag the tip of his tail in a very special way when he sees me signing his name and loves the thumbs up sign in praise as that gets his tail going faster. He has yet to fully wag his tail all the way to the base and lift it up higher yet I feel that this may come or it may not and that this is just his ‘style’ of expression. LT loves to chase and be chased! I cause Sean no end of grief by thundering around the house with LT in hot pursuit or vice versa! πŸ™‚ The grief part comes as LT and I do this at around 2:30 AM in the mornings! HEE! I could write on forever about this boy and are hopeful that the right matched home will come along.

I have much to update on LT and will need to post new pictures. I promise to do so soon! πŸ™‚

I don’t know how I missed posting his pictures from March shortly after his arrival here; but here they are! LT is looking beyond adorable on the pink beanbag chair! πŸ™‚ AND yes, that is duct tape holding the chair together. We are always in need of donations of beanbag chairs. Won’t you consider helping?

OK! As promised! πŸ™‚ Here are the new Pictures and LT is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!!

LT will be having his own CafePress store whereby the monies raised shall go to help other SN’s in need of our Rescue Program. Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

OK! I have 12 new pictures to post of Tyke and I promise to do so this week! πŸ™‚ I just downloaded them and need to resize before posting. He is recovering well from his neuter and just as a heads up to whomever might be his best matched home; he has a MAJOR foot attire fetish! Be it slippers, rubber boots, dress shoes, high heels, runners; sandals, kids; it makes no difference to Tyke. He just likes to chew one of everything! I cannot tell you how much he has cost me in new shoes for the family! LOL We have had to make our shoe rack a bit higher to try and keep them out of his reach, the little monkey! Tyke is also recovering from his latest mad dashes through the bushes. He and Soul do not like to take the clearly marked trails; oh no NOT them! They like to tear through the bushes running like mad creatures and their faces look like someone has taken a pen and poked coloured holes and marks all over them. sigh…………..What a bunch of turkeys these two are! He and Soul are major buds and it is going to be very hard on Soul to see his special pay leave. Whether it is because they are both SN’s or not; the two of them are as thick as thieves and Soul has even taken to showing Tyke all the great places to dig such as the few remaining Day Lily spots that survived from Dyce and Souls own antics last summer! LOL The other dog that truly adores Tyke is my Licorice. She just mothers and grooms him and hovers over him like some mother hen and LT just basks in the adoration. Just a clarification for those that have been under the impression that LT is still in a foster home; he is not. He has been living as part of my own family since March 17th. Tyke will only go to another home with at least one other dog; one that is not too strong minded or dominant; male or female does not matter. He does not need to go to a home with older children and I believe would much prefer to be only part of a four legged baby family. He more than deserves to be spoiled as such for what he has endured in his past. I would like to see him in a home as well whereby someone is not away for longer than 8 hours total per day for he also deserves to have all the attention and love that he missed out before coming under our Rescue name. He is completely housebroken yet the crate is a major safe spot for him. He should be available for adoption within a week and at that time; we will begin to take applications for his placement. I cannot tell you how many times my husband and I have weakened in the desire to want to keep him as one of our own yet as I have stated before; he really does not need our home and family that way. For as much as LT might think he has gotten from us; I think it is us that really needed him this time around in the ‘saving’. LT came into our lives shortly after the tragic, painful loss of my beloved SN’s Frost ‘T’ and the first Dane we rescued since his loss and he is a lot like Frost “T” and shares the same cherished name of LT like another wonderful blessing beloved by another family that was key to us being able to bring him into our Rescue. I think LT is a special angel that has touched many of us and if ever there is one to believe in coincidence, fate or destiny; LT would be it. There is so much that surrounds this boy in his story from the moment we became determined to assist that without a doubt; he shall hold a part of many people spanning across two countries!

Tyke’s neuter went really well and he is now microchipped. He weighed in at 51KGS(112.2 pounds). His histiocytoma is almost gone now. We had begun to suspect that Tyke might have some kind of allergies as ever since he arrived; his skin has been super sensitive. Skin skapings revealed nothing and the Vet believes that Tyke could possibly have scabies. He will be treated as a precaution. LT should be available for adoption within the next 2 weeks.

With KB/JB recovering fairly well from his gastronomy, enteronomies etc.; I feel comfortable enough at this time to reschedule Tyke’s neuter to Friday May 11th. Should KB/JB require any more surgery or has any additional setbacks(we will be doing another CBC and X-Rays tomorrow); I will reschedule Tyke AKA ‘The Biscuit’ for later on in May.

I may have to change LT’s neuter/microchip/lump appointment tomorrow. We are currently dealing with one of our own Great Danes(KB/JB) that we will be doing exploratory surgery on this AM if the new X-Rays do not show that the items have moved in the indication that he might pass them. I rushed him in last night when I was going to work and it appears that he has some pieces of small metal in his abdomen. Until we take them out or if he passes them; we will not know if they are something like staples or small pieces of metal fencing; both of which he had no access to at our place but one of our new neighbours had him over at their place and they have been cleaning out a lot of junk including lots of metal items so that is a possibility. So, it was a long night of iv bags, antibiotics and looking for poop/gas. We hope for no perforations. KB/JB had vomited once on Sunday; stopped eating on Monday; had a huge vomit on Tuesday and I took him in last night as though he was drinking; he was getting dehydrated and it had been long enough at my comfort level without food. No one thought that when we did the X-Rays that we would see this! We were thinking of something similar to Soul’s pneumonia yet the signs/symptoms were not all there in similarity and we were not thinking anything otherwise too serious as he was not painful to palpate, no fever or lowered body temp etc. So, at this time, Tyke’s surgery is still at go but I might be rescheduling it depending on the outcome of today.

I was far too excited and curious to wait until next Friday for a new weight and soooooo, drumroll………. Tyke is now almost 113 POUNDS!!!!!!! He is so close to being where he should be now for his age and body build. So, he has gone from 83 pounds to 113 pounds and is making wonderful progress! He is on his third collar since he has arrived as he has now outgrown the others with his weight gain plus growth.Had to pause in the updating of his write-up for Little Tyke has come up to me for lots of love, cuddles and kisses! He has come so far in his confidence in asking for them and hanging around for more! πŸ™‚ His eyes are simply gorgeous. The striking shade of blue is just incredible and you can get lost in their warmth and clearness. Below you will find the pictures from his former fostermom just before he came to us on March 17th. With the warmer weather; I am really looking forward to taking new pictures to show everyone his new body. I can readily admit, I am completely enamored with this gentle soul and except for the times he gets the house to thumping with his play antics with Soul, Dyce and Guinness; he is a model puppy! πŸ™‚ He is playing regularly with stuffies and toys now and it has been a most fabulous journey to watch him take as he learns to be a puppy free from worry and trouble. I still call him my ‘Little Biscuit’ for he is such a mimic of SeaBiscuit with his eating habits; it just is a riot! Tyke is also taking over from what Soul and Dyce started last year; running through my struggling ‘what is left’ perennials! LOL It is so worth it in seeing how much fun and joy all of this discovery and exploration is giving him.

Once again so much to update here and I will type more later but Tyke is doing GREAT! His bw came back HW- and not surprising, he was anemic plus showed traces still of a high WBC. I have the latest pictures from his former fostermom to post before he came to us on March 17th and I cannot wait to post pictures of him now! πŸ™‚ His histiocytoma has erupted again and has once again healed and is just that much smaller. If there still is a need; it will be removed during his neuter. I have a new nickname for him ‘SeaBiscuit’ for this pup can eat enough food for a dog twice his size! πŸ™‚ I love it! πŸ™‚ So, if you have seen the movie, you will know what I mean. His microchip and neuter is scheduled for April 27th and I just am so excited to see what his current weight is. He is almost at the ‘pleasantly’ plump stage. He has settled in so beautifully and is going to keep his new family in smiles with his antics. He LOVES the water and I had to intercede with him trying to take a swim in our thawing springfed pond at one point! He is also beginning to do all those puppy things like look for tasty slippers and shoes to munch on!!!!! His housebreaking is almost done and he very rarely has an accident and that usually is in the middle of the night if we are not up quick enough to let him out. He will go from you to the door and back again to let you know he has to go. His best buds are Guinnness, Soul and Dyce without a doubt but he tries to get all the dogs to play and is learning proper dog communication plus social behavour as to when ‘no, means no’. He still tends to grab and mouth the other dogs a bit too hard when he is playing but he is a quick learner and is SOOOO smart! I would like to see Tyke in a home with at least one other dog close to his age but more importantly, close to his ‘play’ level and one that will continue to teach him all the joys of being a pampered pooch. I know that Tyke can hear some ‘tones’ but other than that; he is pretty much deaf. He has also picked up the ‘dodge and evade’ technique when it is time to come in from being outside and he does not want too. He is learning that treats and praise are a huge thing if he listens and that I am not going to chase him for it is a huge game to him. Once his neuter/microchip is over and he has healed; Tyke will go up for adoption. He truly does not need me. He has the great footings now in place for that strong foundation that we have worked on building and his new home can continue with that process. At this time, I am open to homes that have not had specific SN’s experience yet are committed to the learning of signing and being patient plus committed to him. He is very rarely hand/head shy at this time and as with any SN’s, once cannot be lazy around them. He is a brilliant boy and his obedience plus social manners are coming along so wonderfully. He had his first manicure plus pedicure last night and did awesome! I also wish to thank Deanna for her very generous donation that has enabled us to completely pay of the US dollar portion of his Vet Bill. Tyke’s Vet Bills to date are almost $400.00

SOOOO much to write in Little Tyke’s update. When we met his Fostermom in SYR, NY on the 17th of March; Tyke had put on 5 pounds during the week that he spent at her house. That put him at a weight of 88 pounds of which he still needed another 25+ pounds to go as he was so underweight. Unfortunately, we had to pay for a new HC at a cost of almost another $50US as the first one was not handed over when the Fostermom went to pick him up from the person who pulled him for us. We were told that it would be mailed to the Fostermom and it never arrived in time. I talked to Sean on the Monday to see how Tyke was doing as I was in NC and he had settled in well. The slight cough that he had at his Fostermom’s home was a bit more pronounced and so he was started on Cephalexin 1,500MG TID. The lump that he had on the back of his head on the left side also ruptured but did not appear to be causing him any distress. When I saw him again myself on the 24th of March; it was very clear that he had put on even more weight! WOOHOO! I brought him to the Vet tonight and his weight is now 44 KGS!(96.8 pounds!). It just over 2 weeks that means that he has put on just under 15 pounds! The Vet agrees with me that he needs about another 10 to be considered in the ‘normal’ range and from there if the bw that we did tonight including HW test comes back normal; he can then be safely neutered. I am very grateful to his Fostermom in listening to my medical recommendations in feeding him 4-5 smaller meals as his system is pretty much now normal(we will run another fecal in 2 weeks time) and his stools are nicely formed. His body had been starved, he was in shock and he was adjusting to having food in his body. We got him at a very critical time and I am keeping everything crossed that his internal organ function is operating within normal parameters. The ruptured lump on his head is a histiocytoma and is quite common in younger dogs and sometimes they just fall off on their own. If this does not; it will be removed when he is neutered and microchipped. He was quiet as a mouse at the hospital and quite inquisitive and showing his amazing level of intelligence! He is great on a leash and his manners are improving daily. He knows he will be fed his meals on time, in the same place and that no one is going to take it away from him. That has given him a great sense of ‘calm’ and confidence. He is a very trusting boy and he reminds Sean and I daily of Frost ‘T’ with his soft coat, kindness, easy, accepting demeanor, gentleness and sheer ‘sky of purple’. πŸ™‚ What makes him so different than Frost ‘T’ is that he does not need me long term. I am his helping hand to give him foundation, health and confidence but from there; he will no longer need me and we know already that this one is going to be VERY VERY VERY hard to say good-bye too. πŸ™‚ Tyke greeted everyone at the Hospital with happiness and was much better with any head shyness around strangers. He is awesome about walking up from a dead sleep and his startle reflex is wonderful. He was a little like Soul at the Hospital, seeing lots of bags of food and treats to investigate and exam rooms to go into and he was just a right ol’ Christopher Columbus! πŸ™‚ He does have several old scars from something on his face and it looks like the teeth marks of another dog. Within the next couple of days; I will have Sean hold him and I will give him a manicure and pedicure with lots of treaties! He will need another bath before too long as he and Soul along with Dyce now really create a mess running around outside in this melting snow! He is coming out of his honeymoon period with some things such as grumping at Maggi when she walked by his food bowl when he was eating and then he grumped to kick our EM Guinness of a blanket he wanted to lie on (AND Guinness the big 200 pound lug moved!)and then grumped at Dyce when Dyce wanted to lie on another blanket with him. So, sharing is going to be the new focus for him. I am actually very delighted to see this from him as he means that he does have spirit and confirms to me that he is a survivor. He has no issues with us handling his food and treats and he is quite gentle in taking treats from you…..MOST of the time! πŸ™‚ HE is going to make someone an awesome addition and the inquiries are already coming in on him. He will not be adopted until I am assured / better aware with the results coming in of his health status, altered, microchipped and properly assessed as to what the right type of home should be for him. He continues to go out during the night anywhere from 1-2x a night and he will get up from the bedroom(he likes to cuddle on the bed but then sleep on one of the beanbag chairs SO the hunt is on for more chairs!)and go to stand or sit at the front door. He has only had a couple of pee accidents in the house and that is our fault not his. He now has been in tune to his night time schedule and I wake up automatically to follow him out to let him out. The Vet agrees that he is less than 9 months old but his teeth have some tartar buildup from being fed very poor food. I will post a height on him later. The pressure sore on his left hip is healing well and he does not appear to be affected or discomforted by it. It was real nasty at one time but it is dried out and the hair may or may not grow back. His Fostermom is going to send me some more pictures she has of him from when he was still at her place and I will post them AND from there; I will post new pictures of his awesome continued transformation with the weight. HIS eyes are so gorgeous a shade of blue surrounded by lovely markings and he has no visual impairment plus his heart is great. He knows quite a few ASL and made up hand signs already and gosh, this boy is SMART! I think I have made this Gwennie Novel update long enough and more shall be posted later once his test results are in.

I have noticed in Tyke’s latest pictures that he is flat footed and his Fostermom has confirmed this. We will be starting to give him supplements of Vit. C to help him. A couple of nights ago when his FosterDad was out pushing the plastic wheelbarrow to feed the horse in the pasture; Tyke thought it was a great thing to chase and playbite at for it looked like a big moving toy! He did it again the next morning when his Fostermom was out doing the same thing! THIS ‘Little Tyke’ is going to be SUCH a Ham! AND I know that he and my Soul are going to be fast friends! I am not sure if my place is ready to have two thundering SN’s pups racing around. OK! I admit it, I CANNOT WAIT! πŸ™‚ Tyke has also become more patient around food and is no longer acting like the starved pup he was a week ago. From his FosterMom ‘He is very much improved with counter surfing, not saying given the chance he would not swipe something, but now when I am preparing the food he is very good about keeping his nose off the counter. He is still an attachment to my side while I am making the meals, but he is more respecttul about letting me actually prepare them.’ He is still being fed with a CUZ toy in his bowl to slow down his eating. As of March 12th, he had a normal poop that evening and yes, EVERYONE was excited! At that time he was eating 2 cups of food per feeding of which he is still getting 4 feedings a day and also with rice and beef. He is doing wonderful on it and I am so beyond happy his Fostermom has been so willing to follow out instructions on his feeding regime to get him on track to becoming healthy. He is learning words such as ‘no’, ‘sit’, and ‘kennel’ and as we all knew; he is very SMART! His is doing great about letting them know when he has to go out too. March 12th was his first day that he actually stepped up to a bit of a run and so he is developing more endurance and strength. He also jumped right into the tub for his bath too. WHAT a good boy! πŸ™‚ New pictures are below. There will be no more updates on Tyke until my return from NC at the end of the month.

I have much to update here but with work and all the other Rescues that have needed to go to the Vet’s for annual exams etc.; it will have to wait another day. πŸ™‚ I even have some new pictures to post! THANKS to his fostermom! Tyke is scheduled to see my Vet on Friday March 30th. He will be arriving this Saturday from NC and we are very excited to meet him! HE is doing great and I already love the ‘little Tyke’ and I have not even met him as of yet! πŸ™‚

Tyke was picked up by his new new foster mom last night, was a GREAT passenger and will be staying with her until we meet up on the 17th of March in SYR to bring him here. He was given two smaller meals last night and the plan is to ensure that he receives 4-5 smaller meals a day with some yoguart, raw eggs, hamburger(he has been getting boiled steak, the lucky spoiled boy!), a little wet dog food, broth, rice and was put on Canidae. He was dewormed, will be given another bath and is settling in wonderfully. His drinking is excellent and the foster mom also believes his is around 7-8 months of age. We will get a better idea after he arrives here. He is not neutered and when he is healthy enough that will be done(he is only 82 pounds right now) and he will also be microchipped. His HW test and a full CBC shall also be done upon arrival to our program. He is very food motivated and has discovered counter surfing is a great source of food! πŸ™‚ That will be worked on and is perfectly understandable. He is not food aggressive, possessive and any toy, treat and body part on him can be handled without issues. He is proving to be brilliant (of which I had no doubt!) πŸ™‚ and has made fast friends with the two Danes this fostermom has too! I am really looking forward to meeting and getting to know him. When Sean saw his pictures and said he reminded him of Snowball and I have to agree that there is something in his eyes and face that is very reminiscent of the our RIP Energizer Bunny Girl. The other thing that seems to call to me is that this is the first Dane we have brought in since the loss of our own incredible SN’s Frost ‘T’ and I think it was meant to be. I think Frost “T” would be smiling down at us bringing in Tyke to help show him that he shall fear no more of being abused(his Fostermom says he has ‘ducked’ his head upon occasion) and shall receive a very soft bed, lots of toys, treats and food for the rest of his life. He is not so thrilled with the crate training but as he is very treat motivated and that he is being let out and not being left there is learning that it is not so terrible. His fostermom is making him ‘work’ for his treats and I am in agreement so that he knows it is a reward and not a privilege and when he comes out of his ‘honeymoon’ period; his adjustment will be a very smooth one. He has even given his fostermom kisses and tail wags today! πŸ™‚ He is a boy that is very eager to please and due to malnourishment is quite small right now. His diarrhoea by this morning was just soft stool and then a little runny at the end and as he gets on more solid food and has more meals in his belly; as I figured; he should be just fine. His body has been without nourishment and he has been stressed for so long that the diarrhoea is very normal. His energy level is not as high as a healthy dog but his desire and will to play is there and he trotted along very happily during his walk on leash this AM. He has been playing with the fostermom’s Danes and they are doing well in teaching him about playing and toys! πŸ™‚ A quote that I loved from his fostermom ‘I can not wait to see in a year how Tyke is, because I see fleeting moments of how great a dog he is going to be.’ I am so appreciative to his fostermom in receiving such a detailed report! He has been doing very well with the cats and this is what his fostermom said to sum up her update, ‘He’s a neat little boy or better yet, Little Tyke (LT) as you called him. Very fitting name.’

BHRR’s Little Tyke(LT) – DEAF Male Young White Great Dane, young (approx. 7 months), most likely not neutered, extremely emaciated and is going to the Vet’s today in WV for an exam, HC and rabies to get him to BHRR on March 17th, 2007 to begin extensive bw, HW, microchipped, altered and other required testing for him. Will update later on his Vet visit after his Fostermom gets back from the vet. She was able to bathe him within hours of getting him without any issues, he actually jumped into the tub for her! πŸ™‚ According to her and the Shelter, he is very sweet, happy go lucky and so calm, good and well adjusted. He is an owner surrender and was dropped off with a Rottie that is in just as bad of shape who is going to Rottie Rescue by end of week. He does not have fleas and at this time we do not know if he is housebroken but would not be surprised to hear that he is not. He is very small and malnourished and the pictures below are graphic. He is going to need lots of TLC and vet work and if you would like to contribute to his Vet Bills; you can either contact our Vet Hospital of Kanata Animal Hospital 1-613-836-2848(he does not have his own account as of yet as he does not have a name but you can donate to the Birch Haven Rescue Account for him in the meantime with a note) or you can donate via paypal to gwen@birchhaven.org We were worried that he might be pts and so when we were contacted to assist; we offered if no closer Rescue could assist. His Fostermom told me that the pictures below do not show just how bad of shape he really is in. She said that every single rib is protuding terribly. He is being fostered in a home with three kids, another Dane and will begin basic OB and socialisation while he is with them.