SO much to write about LT and his continued rehab, training and adjustment to a life of spoiling!!! He has not met a dog or person that he has not liked yet! He has now been fully integrated with the Diaper Bag Babies(three Great Dane Puppies here)and he has done really well. He is still learning how to play gentle and can get a bit excited and mouth them a bit too rough; but wow! WHAT a fast learner and a great playmate for them! His best buds are Soul without a doubt with Dyce and Guinness and now the “Abber’s”(one of the DBB’s). He LOVES his crate to lie in as it has become his ‘safe’ spot yet I hardly have to crate him anymore. He has proven himself very trustworthy and if I keep him and my PPSS(Piranha Puppy Soul Squall) separate when I drop the kids off in the AMs; my bed remains covered in sheets; the bed is not moved across the floor from them running and jumping all over it and my plants remain standing and not knocked over with their monkey antics! 🙂 His recall is almost 100% there and I have been working a lot on his shyness with objects. I take a paper towel roll and play ‘touch’ and ‘run’ with LT and he no longer is afraid of the roll. He can be a bit unsure in the beginning yet then gets all caught up in the fun and all hesitation and nervousness disappears. Someone has been very ‘corporal’ with this boy and it has been a lot of work to de-program him that flighty, over the head type movements or objects been held and swung about does not mean that he is going to be hurt. He used to run and hide and now is more curious and I love him SOOOO much for trusting in me and he does love the treats and praise!!!! He is a wee bit plump right now and I really don’t mind for he has more than earned that! I have begun to cut him back slightly on his food and just like The ‘Seabiscuit’ I call him; he has noticed and has not been happy! LOL He loves to run and zoom and play with toys and we are working on the tug of war games right now so that he becomes more comfortable. I can do his nails all by myself, wash, do his ears and touch any part of his body and he is so accepting. I feel deeply humbled by this boy in how much he has brought himself to trust me when I know that he can be unsure inside over some things. He no longer trembles and my heart swells with pride over his accomplishments and milestones. He is becoming more and more free spirited and not that ‘haunted’ looking over his shoulder to see if someone is going to come at him. I admit it; he has gotten deep into my soul and I adore him! 🙂 I need to take new pictures and I have been bugged by people at my work to get him back into the Vet Hospital for some serious loving on by them! 🙂 I will most likely do that next week. LT is doing great on his leash and loves car rides and is very gentle about taking treats. I can touch his food without any issues and I continue to feed him in his special spot so that he feels safe that no one is going to bully him out of his bowl. NOT that we would ever allow anyone to do that but he had to learn that we would not let that happen. Each dog has their own food bowl and they know that it is theirs and that they will be fed on time. He has been very comfortable in having dogs walk by him as he is eating and if they pause in interest, he no longer tries to eat faster to get as much up as possible or makes any slight grumping sounds. He will now wag the tip of his tail in a very special way when he sees me signing his name and loves the thumbs up sign in praise as that gets his tail going faster. He has yet to fully wag his tail all the way to the base and lift it up higher yet I feel that this may come or it may not and that this is just his ‘style’ of expression. LT loves to chase and be chased! I cause Sean no end of grief by thundering around the house with LT in hot pursuit or vice versa! 🙂 The grief part comes as LT and I do this at around 2:30 AM in the mornings! HEE! I could write on forever about this boy and are hopeful that the right matched home will come along.