Once again so much to update here and I will type more later but Tyke is doing GREAT! His bw came back HW- and not surprising, he was anemic plus showed traces still of a high WBC. I have the latest pictures from his former fostermom to post before he came to us on March 17th and I cannot wait to post pictures of him now! 🙂 His histiocytoma has erupted again and has once again healed and is just that much smaller. If there still is a need; it will be removed during his neuter. I have a new nickname for him ‘SeaBiscuit’ for this pup can eat enough food for a dog twice his size! 🙂 I love it! 🙂 So, if you have seen the movie, you will know what I mean. His microchip and neuter is scheduled for April 27th and I just am so excited to see what his current weight is. He is almost at the ‘pleasantly’ plump stage. He has settled in so beautifully and is going to keep his new family in smiles with his antics. He LOVES the water and I had to intercede with him trying to take a swim in our thawing springfed pond at one point! He is also beginning to do all those puppy things like look for tasty slippers and shoes to munch on!!!!! His housebreaking is almost done and he very rarely has an accident and that usually is in the middle of the night if we are not up quick enough to let him out. He will go from you to the door and back again to let you know he has to go. His best buds are Guinnness, Soul and Dyce without a doubt but he tries to get all the dogs to play and is learning proper dog communication plus social behavour as to when ‘no, means no’. He still tends to grab and mouth the other dogs a bit too hard when he is playing but he is a quick learner and is SOOOO smart! I would like to see Tyke in a home with at least one other dog close to his age but more importantly, close to his ‘play’ level and one that will continue to teach him all the joys of being a pampered pooch. I know that Tyke can hear some ‘tones’ but other than that; he is pretty much deaf. He has also picked up the ‘dodge and evade’ technique when it is time to come in from being outside and he does not want too. He is learning that treats and praise are a huge thing if he listens and that I am not going to chase him for it is a huge game to him. Once his neuter/microchip is over and he has healed; Tyke will go up for adoption. He truly does not need me. He has the great footings now in place for that strong foundation that we have worked on building and his new home can continue with that process. At this time, I am open to homes that have not had specific SN’s experience yet are committed to the learning of signing and being patient plus committed to him. He is very rarely hand/head shy at this time and as with any SN’s, once cannot be lazy around them. He is a brilliant boy and his obedience plus social manners are coming along so wonderfully. He had his first manicure plus pedicure last night and did awesome! I also wish to thank Deanna for her very generous donation that has enabled us to completely pay of the US dollar portion of his Vet Bill. Tyke’s Vet Bills to date are almost $400.00