There are several new pictures of LT in the slideshow #40 – #43. Three were taken during the wicked 72+cm of snow that we received during a 36 hour period. As you can see from the pictures; Dyce, Mudslide and LT had a BLAST! The 4th picture is ONE of my most favs as it is ‘living’ proof that LT will sleep on our bed! YAY! I had to sneak in to get the picture but I did it! He still gets off the bed when you come in but he is not so ‘quick’ to panic and run off; he is more slow about it and I am still hoping that in time; he will just stay comfortable! 🙂 Another HUGE HUGE HUGE accomplishment/break through is how much more LT is asking for affection and loving! YIPPPEEE! Today, he was all over me, just a snuggling and cuddling away. His potential new adoptive family should be coming to visit on April 20th.