Tyke was picked up by his new new foster mom last night, was a GREAT passenger and will be staying with her until we meet up on the 17th of March in SYR to bring him here. He was given two smaller meals last night and the plan is to ensure that he receives 4-5 smaller meals a day with some yoguart, raw eggs, hamburger(he has been getting boiled steak, the lucky spoiled boy!), a little wet dog food, broth, rice and was put on Canidae. He was dewormed, will be given another bath and is settling in wonderfully. His drinking is excellent and the foster mom also believes his is around 7-8 months of age. We will get a better idea after he arrives here. He is not neutered and when he is healthy enough that will be done(he is only 82 pounds right now) and he will also be microchipped. His HW test and a full CBC shall also be done upon arrival to our program. He is very food motivated and has discovered counter surfing is a great source of food! 🙂 That will be worked on and is perfectly understandable. He is not food aggressive, possessive and any toy, treat and body part on him can be handled without issues. He is proving to be brilliant (of which I had no doubt!) 🙂 and has made fast friends with the two Danes this fostermom has too! I am really looking forward to meeting and getting to know him. When Sean saw his pictures and said he reminded him of Snowball and I have to agree that there is something in his eyes and face that is very reminiscent of the our RIP Energizer Bunny Girl. The other thing that seems to call to me is that this is the first Dane we have brought in since the loss of our own incredible SN’s Frost ‘T’ and I think it was meant to be. I think Frost “T” would be smiling down at us bringing in Tyke to help show him that he shall fear no more of being abused(his Fostermom says he has ‘ducked’ his head upon occasion) and shall receive a very soft bed, lots of toys, treats and food for the rest of his life. He is not so thrilled with the crate training but as he is very treat motivated and that he is being let out and not being left there is learning that it is not so terrible. His fostermom is making him ‘work’ for his treats and I am in agreement so that he knows it is a reward and not a privilege and when he comes out of his ‘honeymoon’ period; his adjustment will be a very smooth one. He has even given his fostermom kisses and tail wags today! 🙂 He is a boy that is very eager to please and due to malnourishment is quite small right now. His diarrhoea by this morning was just soft stool and then a little runny at the end and as he gets on more solid food and has more meals in his belly; as I figured; he should be just fine. His body has been without nourishment and he has been stressed for so long that the diarrhoea is very normal. His energy level is not as high as a healthy dog but his desire and will to play is there and he trotted along very happily during his walk on leash this AM. He has been playing with the fostermom’s Danes and they are doing well in teaching him about playing and toys! 🙂 A quote that I loved from his fostermom ‘I can not wait to see in a year how Tyke is, because I see fleeting moments of how great a dog he is going to be.’ I am so appreciative to his fostermom in receiving such a detailed report! He has been doing very well with the cats and this is what his fostermom said to sum up her update, ‘He’s a neat little boy or better yet, Little Tyke (LT) as you called him. Very fitting name.’