BHRR’s Little Tyke(LT) – DEAF Male Young White Great Dane, young (approx. 7 months), most likely not neutered, extremely emaciated and is going to the Vet’s today in WV for an exam, HC and rabies to get him to BHRR on March 17th, 2007 to begin extensive bw, HW, microchipped, altered and other required testing for him. Will update later on his Vet visit after his Fostermom gets back from the vet. She was able to bathe him within hours of getting him without any issues, he actually jumped into the tub for her! 🙂 According to her and the Shelter, he is very sweet, happy go lucky and so calm, good and well adjusted. He is an owner surrender and was dropped off with a Rottie that is in just as bad of shape who is going to Rottie Rescue by end of week. He does not have fleas and at this time we do not know if he is housebroken but would not be surprised to hear that he is not. He is very small and malnourished and the pictures below are graphic. He is going to need lots of TLC and vet work and if you would like to contribute to his Vet Bills; you can either contact our Vet Hospital of Kanata Animal Hospital 1-613-836-2848(he does not have his own account as of yet as he does not have a name but you can donate to the Birch Haven Rescue Account for him in the meantime with a note) or you can donate via paypal to We were worried that he might be pts and so when we were contacted to assist; we offered if no closer Rescue could assist. His Fostermom told me that the pictures below do not show just how bad of shape he really is in. She said that every single rib is protuding terribly. He is being fostered in a home with three kids, another Dane and will begin basic OB and socialisation while he is with them.