I was far too excited and curious to wait until next Friday for a new weight and soooooo, drumroll………. Tyke is now almost 113 POUNDS!!!!!!! He is so close to being where he should be now for his age and body build. So, he has gone from 83 pounds to 113 pounds and is making wonderful progress! He is on his third collar since he has arrived as he has now outgrown the others with his weight gain plus growth.Had to pause in the updating of his write-up for Little Tyke has come up to me for lots of love, cuddles and kisses! He has come so far in his confidence in asking for them and hanging around for more! 🙂 His eyes are simply gorgeous. The striking shade of blue is just incredible and you can get lost in their warmth and clearness. Below you will find the pictures from his former fostermom just before he came to us on March 17th. With the warmer weather; I am really looking forward to taking new pictures to show everyone his new body. I can readily admit, I am completely enamored with this gentle soul and except for the times he gets the house to thumping with his play antics with Soul, Dyce and Guinness; he is a model puppy! 🙂 He is playing regularly with stuffies and toys now and it has been a most fabulous journey to watch him take as he learns to be a puppy free from worry and trouble. I still call him my ‘Little Biscuit’ for he is such a mimic of SeaBiscuit with his eating habits; it just is a riot! Tyke is also taking over from what Soul and Dyce started last year; running through my struggling ‘what is left’ perennials! LOL It is so worth it in seeing how much fun and joy all of this discovery and exploration is giving him.