I am completely not liking the look of that cyst on LT’s head and instead of bringing Kona in with me tonight to work for her annual; I shall bring in LT. It is continuing to drain with a mixture of blood and fluid(with none of the cheesy type of substance that one would normally find in a sebaceous cyst) and is even bigger than it was yesterday and he has a couple of ‘raw’ spots. Before starting any antibiotics, I want to see the Vet again(the same one that I saw for his annual and that we did the FNA’s with) to best plan the next course of action here. I believe that we will definitely be putting him at least on Cephalexin yet I will consult with the Vet first as to their thoughts too. It is not paining him at all and that is great. He is eating, drinking, pooping, playing, sleeping etc. all normally. He has no fever, eyes are bright and gums are healthy etc. It is me just not feeling great about that spot on his head right now and being the person I am; HE is going in! 😀