I shall be bringing LT in to the Vet later this week; probably when I work myself on Friday. His next 10 days of antibiotics will be up later this week and time for a recheck. WE seem to finally be getting the upper hand on this SC yet it still oozes here and there and I know that it is finally starting to bother LT a bit for he will shake his head now and again; something he was not doing in the past. We most likely will do another 14 days worth of antibiotics, minimum and re-assess. He is not liking the ‘food cutback’ my sweet SeaBiscuit and has become quite proficient about the ‘sneak and grab’ technique with the other dogs’ bowls and does the exact same thing that our one Golden use to do as a puppy in that he rushes in, grabs a quick mouthful and then runs back to his own bowl; drops the food into it and then leisurely eats it up as if to say; ‘See? I am eating out of my own bowl’. HE is not fooling anyone with his antics, the little goober and we have to watch him closely. I have now taken to putting his Clavamox right into his food bowl; sometimes with a very small bit of pb or hidden in small pieces of hotdog. GOTTA love this boy! He is also much more confident about the asking for love and his favourite time to ask for it is when you are in the bathroom…….. 🙄 😀 With all the trips we have taken to go to the Vet; he now is very happy to go for the car rides and though he no longer gets McDonald’s; I will still stop by the Timmie’s and he can get a timbit here and there. It has really reinforced that the car is not a scary place and that car trips can be fun and enjoyable YET most important to LT is that we DO come home. That has always been his major insecurity. I am very proud of Tyke. MORE than words can ever express with how much he has trusted us and been willing to not have any resentment towards humans for the terrible past treatment he received when he was in WV. He could really teach a lot of humans the meaning of forgiveness. I have said it before; yet LT really humbles and grounds me. He is a true blessing and has definitely enriched our lives.