I will be bringing LT in with me tomorrow to go back to the Vet. Despite 19 days worth of antibiotics between the Cephalexin and now the Clavamox; his head is not getting any better. I felt terrible for LT on Saturday; the pressure built up so bad in his SC that he began to shake his head and then it began to leak and then burst through the skin by Sunday AM. I drained as much as I could of the infection and the SC fluid and cleaned it all up with Betadine plus Germistat 4% and now he has literally a small hole in his head where it burst through. It is not just the cost of almost $1,000 spent to date on getting this under control; it is the obvious discomfort this is causing him. We need to get some resolution here; for financial relief and for him. We have just spent almost $2,000 on Bronson with him having to go back into hospital last Monday; $2,000 on the Newf pups that we assisted in rescuing and now we have also been asked to assist with another 9 Dane pups. We just cannot continue to drop money on ‘what if’s here. In addition to the almost $1,000 spent on LT’s SC; we will be looking at $1,500 to remove the SC and we also have many more financial demands being put on our Rescue with repairs having to be made to our horse lean-too and fencing for both horses and dogs and we just cannot continue to afford to keep bringing the dogs into the Vets and trying one thing after the other without any success. We need something to work for LT and we need it soon as I cannot continue to watch him be in clear discomfort, nor can I continue to watch our finances pool down to the below nothing that we already have. We had only one fundraiser last year and I have had literally no time to plan this year’s one at this time and it has not been pushed to the the fall. We are in seriously jeopardy of having to consider to close BHRR within the next 5 years. If you believe in BHRR at all; please consider donating as times are beyond tough right now. We truly cannot continue to assist the animals that are in need of us; alone. We beg everyone that follows the animals in our program; to just think about contributing to help us carry on. Thank you on behalf of every animal that has benefited from our program and for every animal that we could continue to assist with your help.