HUGE HUGE HUGE breakthrough! I almost want to yell from the top of the roofs on this one! When I walked into the bedroom late last week; LT was on the bed and he stayed there; rolled on his side and happily allowed me to touch, cuddle and pet him and when I then went to lie down myself; he was confident enough to worm his way in between Dyce, Soul, Bronson and Maggi to get his own spot on my lap. WOOHOO! YIPPPEEEE! He just flopped on his side, stretched out long and hung out with me for a few minutes before he got up and went back to his safe spot of his open crate. WHAT a moment! NOW, this is what it is all about! SUCCESS! LT is great for staying on the bed with the kids but he tends to hop off when adults walk into the room and after this fantastic experience; I continue to be hopeful; that he will learn that it is OK!!!!!! to stay put. What a great night that was. Another one of LT’s favourite activities is ‘rip the collar’s’ off the dogs with Soul…sigh….we have gone through more collars!