LT has healed beautifully. I took down the second round of bandaging about 5 days later and his ear looked great! I am just now keeping it clean with Betadine, airing it out and it has healed just wonderfully. He has not tried to scratch at it, very rarely does he shake his head and I did not even have to make him a cone head for very long once the second round of bandaging was taken down. HE ROCKS! I have some pics of him below with his cone head and the bandaged head. If the little monkey will stand still long enough or would sleep on the side with that ear up, I can then get pics of what the tip of his ear looks like. LT has now gotten back to a pleasantly plump stage as I have kept him on the subdued side(much to his protest and dismay) while I was trying to get that ear tip to heal. Time for him to get back out there and running/playing to work himself off a few pounds! 🙂