UPDATE: Look at BHRR’s Lacey(l) & BHRR’s Cagney(r)?! 
The two 8 month old Saint Pups!

Donations To Date: $1,565 
Bills To Date Between Alta Vista, Pharmacies, KAH etc.: $3,190.09

Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org
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BHRR’s Lacey
*on a great upward path
*still having some loose stool yet mostly formed now
*putting on weight 
*continues on meds like sulcrate, famotidine, metronidazole, cerenia, S250’s etc. 
*on Forti Flora
*eating small meals of Gastro wet/dry & a/d
*drinking well and urine is only slightly concentrated
*no vomiting or nausea 
*energy level almost normal and she has many periods of playful behaviour 
*bright, alert and is so happy  This lovely lady is a ‘gentleman’s girl’! She loves all humans yet the males she is drawn to even more like a magnet!

BHRR’s Cagney
*amazing turn upwards
*no vomiting or nausea 
*putting on much needed lost weight 
*still having some bouts of diarrhea yet stool is firming up
*continues on meds like sulcrate, famotidine, metronidazole, cerenia, S250’s etc.
*she is eating small frequent meals of a\d with Gastro wet/dry
*drinking well and urine is only slightly concentrated
*energy level is alert, bright and she has playful moments 
*she is so much happier and uber affectionate – so bonded to me. Loves everyone!

I have remained in constant contact with their temp foster home and The Ladies are going to remain with me at this time. I am much closer to an animal emergency hospital if needed(1 hour drive over their almost 1.5 hours) and as we do not know what they were exposed to, safest for them to stay here.

We wish to be clear that throughout this whole nightmare over the past week, their temp foster home and we have worked closely together and have had the same goal in mind, the welfare of these two Saint pups. They are wonderful people, not new to dogs or puppies and have operated their own responsible/quality rescue for 7 years now.

Casting blame or pointing fingers serves no purpose and all of us have worked wonderfully together to attempt to figure out what the Saint pups got into and why BHRR’s Cagney also had a partial obstruction.

I want to publicly thank Tanya and Frank for stepping up to temp foster them when a foster home was urgently needed for them in July to be able to assist them.

We also remain so grateful to all that have donated and/or shared to date and we still have a huge vet bill that we need to get paid off.

Any consideration to their cause would be beyond touching and we would be so incredibly filled with gratitude… 

With two already planned spays, a neuter, a mass removal and a cherry eye plus now BHRR’s Granite’s Lyme’s disease diagnosis/treatment on our upcoming schedule, any assistance with The Saint Ladies emergency bills would truly be so appreciated…..we really would be thankful for anything….

From our home to all of our family, friends & supporters AND on behalf of The Ladies, good night wishes being sent…..