Yesterday was a busy day!

BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey came to work with me and were vetted, loved on and admired by many! After work, I drove them to their emerge temp foster home where they shall stay until September 1st.

Thank you again to Tracey and to her incredible family for all that they did for them from Tuesday night to Sunday AM until I could get them. She would not even let me pay for her gas or reimburse her for the toys she bought them….

I only had these two beautifies less than 36 hours yet I fell in love, hook, line & sinker. Incredible Saint babies….just so sweet!

Their Vet bills came to $799.16 yesterday.

BHRR’s Cagney – 36.8 kg
BHRR’s Lacey – 36.1 kg
*Both are nice and lean and yes, small female Saints. When Tracey picked them up, they were a bit on the thin side, so we upped what they were eating in their previous home.

Both are battling ear concerns in all of their ears. Ear cytologies were done on both girls ears and both girls began treatment in their ears at KAH. BHRR’s Lacey’s right ear which was deeply inflamed will get a second treatment next Monday.

They both were given a Bravecto for fleas/ticks and also Heartworm protection via Interceptor which also has a de-worming component.

BHRR’s Cagney has a bad bacterial skin infection and is now on Cephalexin 750 mg, every 12 hours for 3 weeks.

BHRR’s Lacey had pre-op bloodwork done and was microchipped. BHRR’s Cagney had already been spayed(pexied also on July 3rd) plus microchipped prior to us getting them both. BHRR’s Lacey will be spayed when she is more age appropriate to spay a giant breed.  BHRR’s Lacey’s spay/pexy incision is mildly infected. Her previous home mentioned to their Vet Hospital and to us that they had trouble keeping her quiet/calm. 

Both had Nail Trims and thorough exams. They stole the hearts of all they met at KAH yesterday! Such wonderful pups….

I began crate training when I arrived home with them on Sunday and by the time I got to work with them yesterday, they made nary a peep in the big run they hung out in off and on during my shift.

Not one accident in my home, only one in Tracey’s and none to date in Tanya’s.

They are learning to play and obtaining more manners – Tracey you truly did an amazing job with them for they barely pulled with me. They just like to zigzag on their leashes and that is easily corrected!

They sit before their leashes go on, they sit before eating, they sit before going out – all important safety things and both are responding beautifully.

Thank you to Tanya for stepping up to love on them and continue their public socialisation and training while in your care as this is so crucial for them to remain positively balanced and well rounded. We want them to be assets to home and community.

To state again, they are NOT YET Available For Adoption. They will not be for at least five weeks and people are welcome to follow their detailed individual blogs that shall be set-up.

BHRR ONLY places per right match personality fits and we are never desperate to adopt our dogs, we do not flip dogs and we remain patient for the right homes to find our dogs.

Our goal is to do right by every dog in our care and we have 14 amazing dogs that are available for adoption right now for those seeking to adopt at this time.

HERE IS A VIDEO of these lovely ladies playing at their emerge temp foster home this AM. Thanks again Tanya!