URGENT: we are in need of any immediate donation consideration. 

BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey, the 8 month old Saint pups are both being rushed off to Alta Vista Emergency Animal Hospital.


I received an email and vm from their temp foster home that BHRR’s Cagney was vomiting, bringing up bile, burping and was restless plus whining. Then, now I have been told BHRR’s Lacey is also doing the same…

I am now enroute to Alta Vista Emerge Hospital to meet their temp foster mom/dad there – Tanya & Frank (of Poet’s Vision Aussie Rescue) -and I have called and set up files for both of them under our Rescue name and phone number of 613-725-4279.

Donations can be made direct to the Hospital by credit card or via email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or via PayPal gwen@birchhaven.org

I am so sorry to be begging for funds yet we are in huge need and I promise to post an update as I learn more and also costs of their Vet visit….

Please keep them in your thoughts….