Cutie #1 & Cutie #2! The 7 month old Saint Pups. 

Per Tracey:

‘So for their morning adventure the girls and I went downtown to visit my coworkers. They all fell in love of course. We left behind lots of drool and hair for them to be remembered by 
We then went for a walk around the park which is overrun with squirrels! My arms are now a few inches longer but at least they are even LOL! They want to greet everyone who passes but were good about sitting for the meeting. Once they are tired they walk like a dream!’

They were also have some loose/softer stools this AM yet per Tracey that seems to be resolving. Excitement and some stress over the past 24 hours for these two girls.

Both are booked in at KAH to see our Vets on Monday and from there shall be heading off to their emerge temp foster home until September 1st.

Still nameless… in picture) is super sassy, spicy, on the go, places to go, people to see, busy be, fearless, keeps you on your toes and the other(right in picture) is calmer, more chill, content to smell the roses, takes life in stride, does not sweat the small stuff or even the big stuff….

Need a ‘match set’ pair of names to fit their very distinct great personalities! Awesome suggestions made to date on the other thread and nothing is counted out as of yet!

Thanks Tracey for this great photo!