Finally! A ‘still’ moment for Miss Y!  Miss X – BHRR’s Lacey is also in the photo.

So, tonight’s good night wishes are from Miss Y – BHRR’s Cagney, the 7 month old Saint Pup.

Sean has not yet decided on their names…I think he is waiting until I pick them up on Sunday. 

Thanks Tracey for the great photo yet again and for today’s adventure update!

You have doing an amazing job with them to keep them social and interacting with humans plus other animals. Thank you! They remain in a maturing crucial social development stage plus pre-stranger danger age and you are giving them such a solid foundation!

‘They had a good day today. Took a trip to PetsMart and they picked out a Dino bone each. Left lots of goober on many staff and customers 
I tried to get a pic of them each chewing on an end of this toy but of course as soon as the camera comes out they stop! At least they are playing with it. Also finally a pic of Miss Y sitting still.’