UPDATE: BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey – the two 8 month old Saint Pups

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Bills To Date Between Alta Vista, Pharmacies, KAH etc.: $3,012.71

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BHRR’s Lacey(in picture)
*was on a great upswing until last night and then had a big vomit at just past 11 pm
*still having diarrhea
*continues on meds like sulcrate, famotidine, metronidazole, cerenia etc.
*refuses to eat the progut, so back on Forti Flora
*after a bit of a rough night, this afternoon is back to eating small amounts of Gastro wet/dry & a/d
*drinking yet urine is still concentrated
*energy level goes from being almost normal to quiet and subdued

BHRR’s Cagney
*passed a 5″ block of stool that had bits of tree pieces like twigs – long and narrow and a small irregular shaped object that is either a stone or piece of cement/concrete.
*explosive and now slightly bloody diarrhea
*after not vomiting since Saturday at Alta Vista Animal Emergency vomited once late last night – 11:30 pm and then again just before 12:30 AM
*continues on meds like sulcrate, famotidine, metronidazole, cerenia etc.
*does not like the progut yet also did not like the Forti Flora
*as of this afternoon, she is back to eating tiny amounts of a\d with a sprinkle of Gastro dry
*IV fluids required as she is not drinking well and urine is concentrated
*energy level is flat

I have dialogued in depth and many times over with their temp foster home re: possible causes of the toxin exposure and the partial obstruction and the Vets continue to treat the pups the best that they can….

The way they wag their tails slowly when they see me, shows me both how crappy they feel yet that they are also happy to see me…

We remain so grateful to all that have donated and/or shared to date and these pups really need their BHRR village/community to rally round them….they really do…

I have had so little to no sleep for some time now and I know I will not be able to rest until they are healthy again….breaks my heart…