BHRR’s Cagney(r) & BHRR’s Lacey(l) – (8 month old Saints) are at Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg today to 4 pm!

They are here to love on and thank everyone for helping to save them!!

Thank you Kayla and Global Pet Foods Hintonburg for this unforgettable and special opportunity to be here!! What a beautiful day we are having!

We have already gotten to visit with so many wonderful people and their pets! We have even gotten to love on BHRR’s Limerick and BHRR’s Sapphire also today!!

Grand Total Raised Today:
$298.30 – this includes a most generous online donation from a home that could not make it today
$5.00 USD
$9.45 Canadian Tire Money 

We are really humbled by today and there is now less than $400 remaining owed on their Bills. So touched by all that rallied so strongly around them when they were rushed into emerge. 

I also will be making a separate post re: BHRR’s Sambuca and I did not wish to post before having the chance to talk to so many of his fans in person today…having the ability and opportunity to share him with quite a few people today face-to-face meant a lot….what an incredibly inspirational Dane that has so many of his own Comfort Angels. 

Kayla & To Your Great Team – please accept my heartfelt thanks once more in having us at your beautiful location. 

Dawn, thanks for coming out and hanging with The Boerskins today. You are such a great person to have as part of our BHRR team/family.

Thank you to all of the awesome people – we had cars stopping, people crossing the road etc… – who dropped by to visit. 

Thank you to all of the fabu animals that came by too! BHRR’s Cagney had the best play with Stan and she says she would love a play date! ?

The Saint Ladies proved/showed to so many just how bomb proof they are – air brakes, sirens, strollers, wheelchairs – two were motorised, skateboards, bikes, people of all ages and kids and dogs, screams and car tires squealing and motorcycles plus more fazed them NOT one bit. The roads plus side walks were so busy and they did not have a care in the world other than hoping for some love from folks….and a play moment with another dog or twice or three!

They are rock solid – from wee babies to the very elderly, they were kind and gentle and so calm plus quiet. 

I even asked Kayla to do their nails this time so that they continue to be in the hands of others and BHRR’s Cagney stellar and BHRR’s Lacey once I had her lay down and go on her side – she actually began dozing off! 

These two girls deserve homes that will continue to let them shine…they are extremely social beings and when they are ready to be placed up for adoption, they will only be approved to right match forever loving homes that will ensure they get to be in the public loving and being loved on by others…..they are exquisite.